CASE Families living in Indiana in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
Byron B Smithfield, De Kalb1852Pennsylvania 381B
{Family 32}
Hartson Waterton, De Kalb1850 Indiana 427
{Family 33}
Margret Manchester, Dearborn1851Indiana 588
{Family 34}
Francis M Adams, Decatur1852Ohio 5
{Family 35}
David Jackson, Decatur1807Ohio 80
Nancy Jackson, Decatur1824Kentucky
Martha A Jackson, Decatur1838Ohio
William M Jackson, Decatur1840 Indiana
George Jackson, Decatur1856Indiana
{Family 36}
Charles R Muncie, Delaware1796New Jersey 515
Nancy A Muncie, Delaware1790 Virginia
{Family 37}
David H Muncie, Delaware1817Indiana 514
Abagail P Muncie, Delaware1819Ohio
Frank Muncie, Delaware1848Indiana
Lambert L Muncie, Delaware1850 Indiana
Austin C Muncie, Delaware1853Indiana
{Family 38}
Mary Muncie, Delaware1790 Kentucky 506B
{Family 39}
Elijah H Salem, Delaware1828Indiana 668
Loretta Salem, Delaware1829Indiana
Emmerson B Salem, Delaware1853Indiana
William H Salem, Delaware1855Indiana
Eliza Salem, Delaware1856Indiana
Rebecca C Salem, Delaware1860 Indiana
Edwin Salem, Delaware1865Indiana
{Family 40}
Elvira Bainbridge, Dubois1850 Indiana 1B
{Family 41}
Sulivan Benton, Elkhart1800 Connecticut 178
Abba Benton, Elkhart1810 Vermont
{Family 42}
Hiram Elkhart, Elkhart1846Wisconsin 307
Ida Elkhart, Elkhart1850 Ohio
{Family 43}
Benj Jefferson, Elkhart1814New York 387
Abigail Jefferson, Elkhart1819New York
Edna L Jefferson, Elkhart1852Indiana
Isaac Jefferson, Elkhart1839New York
Mary Jefferson, Elkhart1843Indiana
Arthur Jefferson, Elkhart1869Indiana
{Family 44}
Lewis Middlebury, Elkhart1807New York 420B
Mahetabel t Middlebury, Elkhart1811New York
Lewis F Middlebury, Elkhart1850 Indiana
Ester Middlebury, Elkhart1834New York
{Family 45}
John Middlebury, Elkhart1808New York 418B
Mary Middlebury, Elkhart1823Vermont
Eugene Middlebury, Elkhart1845Indiana
Ora Middlebury, Elkhart1862Indiana
{Family 46}
Joel Middlebury, Elkhart1831New York 429
Mary Middlebury, Elkhart1843New York
Frank H Middlebury, Elkhart1865Indiana
Helen Middlebury, Elkhart1868Indiana
{Family 47}
Uri Osolo, Elkhart1816New York 450B
Harriet M Osolo, Elkhart1817New York
Josephine Osolo, Elkhart1849Ohio
Rebecca Osolo, Elkhart1851Ohio
Loraine Osolo, Elkhart1853Ohio
Hermon Osolo, Elkhart1860 Michigan
{Family 48}
Abraham H Greenville, Floyd1818Indiana 182
Martha Greenville, Floyd1832Indiana
Peter L Greenville, Floyd1854Indiana
Mary E Greenville, Floyd1856Indiana
Abraham H Greenville, Floyd1858Indiana
Julia Ann Greenville, Floyd1860 Indiana
Nancy A Greenville, Floyd1862Indiana
George W Greenville, Floyd1865Indiana
Reuben E Greenville, Floyd1860 Indiana
{Family 49}
Thomas New Albany Ward 5, Floyd1840 Indiana 394
Isabelle New Albany Ward 5, Floyd1846Indiana
{Family 50}
Eunice P New Albany Ward 6, Floyd1807Ohio 431
{Family 51}
M L, Dr. Logan, Fountain1844Wisconsin 69B
{Family 52}
B L Brookville, Franklin1825Indiana 295
Martha A Brookville, Franklin1827Indiana
Lucy A Brookville, Franklin1865Indiana
{Family 53}
John L Brookville, Franklin1821Indiana 271
Mary A Brookville, Franklin1820 Pennsylvania
Joseph Brookville, Franklin1847Indiana
Alice Brookville, Franklin1848Indiana
Arthur Brookville, Franklin1850 Indiana
Charles Brookville, Franklin1852Indiana
Wiley Brookville, Franklin1858Indiana
Adalaide Brookville, Franklin1864Indiana
Carra Brookville, Franklin1866Indiana
{Family 54}
W S Brookville, Franklin1833Indiana 292B
Elmira Brookville, Franklin1840 Indiana
Clifford Brookville, Franklin1861Indiana
Lonna Brookville, Franklin1868Indiana
H H Brookville, Franklin1818Indiana
{Family 55}
George Brookville, Franklin1854Indiana 284B
{Family 56}
Peter Brookville, Franklin1836Indiana 272B
{Family 57}
James Fairfield, Franklin1852Indiana 318B
{Family 58}
William Highland, Franklin1825Indiana 336
Lucinda Highland, Franklin1828Ohio
William Highland, Franklin1860 Indiana
Leon Highland, Franklin1864Indiana
Clinton Highland, Franklin1867Indiana
{Family 59}
Alex Laurel, Franklin1824Ohio 372B
S M Laurel, Franklin1831Ohio
Lon Laurel, Franklin1854Indiana
Mary Laurel, Franklin1856Indiana
Wilbur Laurel, Franklin1857Indiana
Luella Laurel, Franklin1859Indiana
Lenora Laurel, Franklin1862Indiana
Ida Laurel, Franklin1864Indiana
Lizzie Laurel, Franklin1868Indiana
{Family 60}
Mercy Metamora, Franklin1818Indiana 382
{Family 61}
Elmore Metamora, Franklin1855Indiana 385
Kate Metamora, Franklin1865Indiana

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