CASE Families living in Illinois in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 151}
Henry Jacksonville Ward 2, Morgan1824Connecticut 483
{Family 152}
Clara R Jacksonville Ward 4, Morgan1851Illinois 547B
{Family 153}
Julia Byron, Ogle1819Pennsylvania 199
Julia Byron, Ogle1855Illinois 199B
Philo Byron, Ogle1859Illinois
Harriet Byron, Ogle1861Illinois
{Family 154}
Clarinda Eagle Point, Ogle1831Connecticut 228
Luna Eagle Point, Ogle1855Illinois
Orpha Eagle Point, Ogle1857Illinois
Elmer Eagle Point, Ogle1862Illinois 228B
{Family 155}
Elijah B Flagg, Ogle1846New York 238
Francis Flagg, Ogle1848New Jersey
Jemamy Flagg, Ogle1867Illinois
Ida Flagg, Ogle1869Illinois
{Family 156}
Emry W Mcdina, Peoria1818Connecticut 201B
Clarance E Mcdina, Peoria1851Illinois
{Family 157}
Jerome H Medina, Peoria1821New York 201
Albert Medina, Peoria1847Illinois
Charles Medina, Peoria1848Illinois
Flora Medina, Peoria1853Illinois
Ervin Medina, Peoria1860 Illinois
Clara E Medina, Peoria1850 Illinois
{Family 158}
Stephen Peoria Ward 1, Peoria1838Illinois 275B
{Family 159}
Eusley Radnor, Peoria1848Illinois 24B
Georgiana Radnor, Peoria1847New York
{Family 160}
Sarah L Salem, Pike1862Illinois 278B
{Family 161}
Henry S Black Hawk, Rock Island1835Illinois 58
Jane Black Hawk, Rock Island1840 New York
Mary Black Hawk, Rock Island1861Illinois
Charles Black Hawk, Rock Island1869Illinois
{Family 162}
Mary Coal Valley, Rock Island1859Illinois 100B
{Family 163}
John Coe, Rock Island1819Pennsylvania 115
Lousia Coe, Rock Island1830 Maryland
Theadore Coe, Rock Island1849Pennsylvania
Andrew Coe, Rock Island1852Pennsylvania
Albert Coe, Rock Island1858Illinois
Ida Coe, Rock Island1860 Illinois
Edwd Coe, Rock Island1867Illinois
Franklin Coe, Rock Island1870Illinois
{Family 164}
Charles Cordova, Rock Island1804New York 132B
Mary Cordova, Rock Island1806New York
James Cordova, Rock Island1830 New York
Jennie Cordova, Rock Island1845New York
Chas G Cordova, Rock Island1852New York
{Family 165}
Oscar Drury, Rock Island1857Ohio 148
{Family 166}
Charls H Rock Island Ward 3, Rock Island1815Vermont 359
Margarett Rock Island Ward 3, Rock Island1821Pennsylvania
Charles Rock Island Ward 3, Rock Island1848Illinois
Sophia M Rock Island Ward 3, Rock Island1847Illinois
{Family 167}
David Zuma, Rock Island1821New York 384B
Martha Zuma, Rock Island1825New York
Frank Zuma, Rock Island1851New York
Milton Zuma, Rock Island1853New York
Elmer Zuma, Rock Island1861New York
Martha Zuma, Rock Island1855New York
{Family 168}
David Frederick, Schuyler1829New York 110
Milton Frederick, Schuyler1826New York
{Family 169}
James Township 15 Range 14, Scott1842Virginia 365B
Susana Township 15 Range 14, Scott1848Illinois
Frances Township 15 Range 14, Scott1868Illinois
Mary Township 15 Range 14, Scott1870Illinois
{Family 170}
Dudley Winchester, Scott1831Ohio 239B
Olive Winchester, Scott1833Ohio
Clarence Winchester, Scott1853Ohio
Ida Winchester, Scott1854Ohio
{Family 171}
Clinton Township 3 Range 6, St Clair1838Illinois 211
Catharine Township 3 Range 6, St Clair1847Scotland
Mary Township 3 Range 6, St Clair1868Illinois
Lucian Township 3 Range 6, St Clair1869Illinois
{Family 172}
Eli West Jersey, Stark1835Pennsylvania 478B
Eliza West Jersey, Stark1840 Pennsylvania
Enoch West Jersey, Stark1863Illinois
Alonzo West Jersey, Stark1866Illinois
Allen West Jersey, Stark1869Illinois
{Family 173}
Lucius Pekin, Tazewell1821New York 240
Anna R Pekin, Tazewell1825New Hampshire
Anna L Pekin, Tazewell1852Illinois
Laura L Pekin, Tazewell1853Illinois
Horace L Pekin, Tazewell1856Illinois
{Family 174}
Pardon C Sand Prairie, Tazewell1837New York 297
Eliza Sand Prairie, Tazewell1839Ohio
Thomas Sand Prairie, Tazewell1865Illinois
{Family 175}
Edward Tremont, Tazewell1813New York 311B
Amelia Tremont, Tazewell1823Connecticut
Edwin Tremont, Tazewell1855Illinois
Milo Tremont, Tazewell1857Illinois
Flora Tremont, Tazewell1860 Illinois
Nellie Tremont, Tazewell1862Illinois
Effie Tremont, Tazewell1868Illinois
Henry Tremont, Tazewell1838Illinois
{Family 176}
George Tremont, Tazewell1819New York 327
Harriett Tremont, Tazewell1822New York
Clarra Tremont, Tazewell1860 Illinois
{Family 177}
John Anna, Union1848Illinois 388
{Family 178}
Wm Carroll, Vermilion1816Kentucky 41
Mary Carroll, Vermilion1828Kentucky
Charles Carroll, Vermilion1851Kentucky
Fannie Carroll, Vermilion1857Illinois
Susan Carroll, Vermilion1859Illinois
Melissa Carroll, Vermilion1862Illinois
Thomas Carroll, Vermilion1864Illinois
Wm Carroll, Vermilion1866Illinois
James Carroll, Vermilion1869Illinois
{Family 179}
Louisa Newell, Vermilion1830 Canada 276
Sarah Newell, Vermilion1851Illinois
Mary Newell, Vermilion1853Illinois
Lewis Newell, Vermilion1858Illinois
Henry Newell, Vermilion1859Illinois
Frank Newell, Vermilion1862Illinois
Nicholas Newell, Vermilion1865Illinois
{Family 180}
Chauncy Lick Prairie, Wabash1832Illinois 453B
Margaret Lick Prairie, Wabash1851Indiana
Alice Lick Prairie, Wabash1869Illinois
{Family 181}
Theresa Lick Prairie, Wabash1808New York 453B
Clark Lick Prairie, Wabash1850 Illinois

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