CASE Families living in Illinois in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Daniel Mckee, Adams1832Kentucky 280B
Levisa Mckee, Adams1840 Illinois
Martha Mckee, Adams1858Illinois
Mary Mckee, Adams1859Illinois
Sarah Mckee, Adams1862Illinois
Elizabeth Mckee, Adams1867Illinois
Annie Mckee, Adams1869Illinois
{Family 2}
Joseph Quincy Ward 2, Adams1840 New York 444
{Family 3}
Cynthia Cairo, Alexander1860 Missouri45
Jack Cairo, Alexander1852Missouri
{Family 4}
Eliphalet Belvidere, Boone1817Connecticut 330B
Charlotte Belvidere, Boone1818Connecticut
Edwin Belvidere, Boone1843Connecticut
Myra Belvidere, Boone1850 Connecticut
{Family 5}
Wm Belvidere, Boone1841Connecticut 328
Kate Belvidere, Boone1840 Connecticut
Rachel Belvidere, Boone1844Connecticut
{Family 6}
Mary Ann Belvidere, Boone1830 Massachusetts 328
Seth Belvidere, Boone1800 Massachusetts
{Family 7}
John Flora, Boone1805New York 416
{Family 8}
Chas Flora, Boone1849Illinois 429B
Lotta Flora, Boone1850 Indiana
{Family 9}
Martha Mineral, Bureau1806Massachusetts 403B
Samuel Mineral, Bureau1850 Ohio
{Family 10}
Gilbert Mineral, Bureau1844Ohio 401
{Family 11}
Harland P Salem, Carroll1846Iowa 215
Alice Salem, Carroll1846Missouri
{Family 12}
Thomas Chandlerville, Cass1854Illinois 374
{Family 13}
Catharine Richmond, Cass1833Ireland 439
Nathan Richmond, Cass1861Illinois
O C Richmond, Cass1863Illinois
Thomas Richmond, Cass1792Ireland
Thomas Richmond, Cass1859Illinois
Robert Richmond, Cass1843Ireland
{Family 14}
Joseph Virginia, Cass1822Ireland 451
Mary Virginia, Cass1830 Ireland
Thomas Virginia, Cass1853Illinois
Philip Virginia, Cass1855New York
Joseph Virginia, Cass1857New Jersey
William Virginia, Cass1864Illinois
Mary Virginia, Cass1866Illinois
{Family 15}
Thomas Virginia, Cass1851New York 450B
{Family 16}
Gee H Champaign, Champaign1807New York 37
Eliza Champaign, Champaign1807New York
Hiram Champaign, Champaign1828New York
Olive Champaign, Champaign1846New York
George C Champaign, Champaign1848New York
{Family 17}
James F Middletown, Champaign1846Michigan 172
Ruth Middletown, Champaign1850 Ohio
Blanch Middletown, Champaign1870Illinois
{Family 18}
George Rantoul, Champaign1860 Connecticut 232B
{Family 19}
John H Sadorus, Champaign1806New York 270B
Fannie Sadorus, Champaign1815New York
Henry Sadorus, Champaign1843Indiana
Sarah Sadorus, Champaign1846Indiana
{Family 20}
Chas M M Stanton, Champaign1835New York 352B
M C Stanton, Champaign1846Kentucky 353
Eliza Stanton, Champaign1868Illinois
John Stanton, Champaign1845Illinois
Mary Stanton, Champaign1848Ohio
William Stanton, Champaign1866Illinois
Willis Stanton, Champaign1866Illinois
Amelia A Stanton, Champaign1868Illinois
{Family 21}
Henry C Urbana, Champaign1832Ohio 407B
Josiphine Urbana, Champaign1842Indiana
Effee B Urbana, Champaign1866Illinois
{Family 22}
James Urbana, Champaign1820 Ohio 404
Matilda Urbana, Champaign1837Connecticut
Charles F Urbana, Champaign1856Illinois
Effie O Urbana, Champaign1862Illinois
{Family 23}
Isaac Pana, Christian1832Indiana 124
Martha Pana, Christian1834Indiana
William Pana, Christian1856Indiana
Lavina Pana, Christian1860 Indiana
Mattie Pana, Christian1867Indiana
Clinton Pana, Christian1869Illinois
{Family 24}
Zophar Carlyle, Clinton1804Ohio 270
Mary Carlyle, Clinton1819Kentucky
Edward Carlyle, Clinton1842Illinois
Hardin Carlyle, Clinton1844Illinois
Zophar Jr.Carlyle, Clinton1847Illinois
Warren Carlyle, Clinton1849Illinois
Ellen Carlyle, Clinton1850 Illinois
Leonard Carlyle, Clinton1853Illinois
Mary Carlyle, Clinton1855Illinois
Eckstein Carlyle, Clinton1858Illinois
{Family 25}
J P Charleston, Coles1838North Carolina 43
Susan Charleston, Coles1844North Carolina
Lucy Charleston, Coles1861North Carolina
Laura Charleston, Coles1866Illinois
{Family 26}
P B Charleston, Coles1834North Carolina 43
Martha Charleston, Coles1843Mississippi
Mary Charleston, Coles1853Mississippi
Frances Charleston, Coles1855Mississippi
Robert Charleston, Coles1861Mississippi
Mary Charleston, Coles1810 Georgia
{Family 27}
May Charleston, Coles1856Ohio 74
{Family 28}
Abijah B Chicago Ward 1, Cook1826Vermont 11B
Maria F Chicago Ward 1, Cook1826New York
Frances M Chicago Ward 1, Cook1848New York
Luellyn T Chicago Ward 1, Cook1855Illinois
Edward W Chicago Ward 1, Cook1864Illinois
{Family 29}
John Chicago Ward 1, Cook1847New York 68
{Family 30}
Thomas L Chicago Ward 1, Cook1832Connecticut 76

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