CASE Families living in Illinois in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 94}
Hattie Ganeer, Kankakee1850 Illinois 55
{Family 95}
Harmon C Kankakee, Kankakee1824New York 129B
Harriet Kankakee, Kankakee1830 Connecticut
George Kankakee, Kankakee1855Illinois
Ettie Kankakee, Kankakee1861Illinois
Frederick Kankakee, Kankakee1869Illinois
{Family 96}
Albert C Kankakee, Kankakee1843Illinois 101B
Martha J Kankakee, Kankakee1839Indiana
{Family 97}
Spencer Momence, Kankakee1822New York 184
Anna Momence, Kankakee1839Illinois
Alfred Momence, Kankakee1859Illinois
{Family 98}
Christopher Otto, Kankakee1853Illinois 206
{Family 99}
Norman Rockville, Kankakee1817Connecticut 251B
Stella Rockville, Kankakee1828Connecticut
Howard Rockville, Kankakee1850 Connecticut
{Family 100}
Alice Lisbon, Kendall1856Illinois 388B
{Family 101}
Ida Little Rock, Kendall1852Illinois 425B
{Family 102}
John W Copley, Knox1845Illinois 48
Hanna J Copley, Knox1844Ohio
James Copley, Knox1865Illinois
Margarett Copley, Knox1867Illinois
Jefferson D Copley, Knox1868Illinois
Charles T Copley, Knox1868Illinois
{Family 103}
Andrew J Knoxville, Knox1829New York 286B
Julia Knoxville, Knox1834New Jersey
{Family 104}
Orlando Knoxville, Knox1839Indiana 298B
Mary Knoxville, Knox1847Illinois
Leta Knoxville, Knox1868Illinois
Elizabeth Knoxville, Knox1810 New Jersey
{Family 105}
Sarah Knoxville, Knox1840 Ohio 303B
Cecilia A Knoxville, Knox1861Illinois
Charles Knoxville, Knox1863Illinois
{Family 106}
Adda Ontario, Knox1850 New York 338
Permelia Ontario, Knox1809New York
{Family 107}
Ishmeal Victoria, Knox1798Pennsylvania 476
Mary Victoria, Knox1801Pennsylvania
{Family 108}
John Victoria, Knox1838Pennsylvania 475
Calista Victoria, Knox1843Pennsylvania
Mary L Victoria, Knox1857Illinois
John J Victoria, Knox1861Illinois
James K P Victoria, Knox1863Illinois
{Family 109}
Joseph G Shields, Lake1798New York 660
Mary A Shields, Lake1802New York
{Family 110}
Maria Wauconda, Lake1836England 708
George A Wauconda, Lake1856Illinois
Clement Wauconda, Lake1858Illinois
Herbert Wauconda, Lake1860 Illinois
{Family 111}
William M Waukegan, Lake1815New York 777B
Matilda Waukegan, Lake1825New York
Charles Waukegan, Lake1847New York
Catherine Waukegan, Lake1856Illinois
Fred Waukegan, Lake1861Illinois
{Family 112}
Carrie Northville, LaSalle1864Illinois 472B
{Family 113}
Henry C Ophir, LaSalle1838Pennsylvania 481B
Melissa Ophir, LaSalle1846Ohio
{Family 114}
Hariet Ottawa, LaSalle1842Pennsylvania 587
{Family 115}
Chancy Wyoming, Lee1803Connecticut 501
Franklin Wyoming, Lee1840 Pennsylvania
Cynthia Wyoming, Lee1847Ohio
Stella Wyoming, Lee1869Illinois
Miriam Wyoming, Lee1830 Pennsylvania
Alvin Wyoming, Lee1832Pennsylvania
Harriet Wyoming, Lee1843Pennsylvania
{Family 116}
Edwin Wyoming, Lee1834Pennsylvania 507
Julia Wyoming, Lee1838Pennsylvania
Mary Wyoming, Lee1859Illinois
Sarah Wyoming, Lee1861Illinois
{Family 117}
Rachel Decatur, Macon1841Ohio 373B
{Family 118}
Erastus Macon, Macon1832Kentucky 521
Adline Macon, Macon1838Illinois
Mary Macon, Macon1859Illinois
Julia Macon, Macon1861Illinois
Adline Macon, Macon1866Illinois
Fredrick Macon, Macon1868Illinois
Margret Macon, Macon1869Illinois
{Family 119}
Edward F Maroa, Macon1842Illinois 542B
Anna L Maroa, Macon1846New Jersey
Archer M Maroa, Macon1867Illinois
Clarance Maroa, Macon1869Illinois
Charles A Maroa, Macon1870Illinois
{Family 120}
Matthew Township 12 Range 8, Macoupin1848Illinois 318

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