CASE Families living in Illinois in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
Howard Paxton, Ford1814New York 89B
Charlotte Paxton, Ford1815New York
Mortimer H Paxton, Ford1849New York
{Family 62}
David B Rogers, Ford1805New York 111B
Cynthia Rogers, Ford1826New York
{Family 63}
Samuel C Union, Fulton1828New Jersey 248B
Sarah A Union, Fulton1834New York
William H Union, Fulton1854New York
Lewis Union, Fulton1857Illinois
Anna D Union, Fulton1860 Illinois
Louesa Union, Fulton1862Illinois
Samuel C Union, Fulton1865Illinois
Mary E Union, Fulton1868Illinois
Viola H Union, Fulton1869Illinois
{Family 64}
Geo Carrollton, Greene1830 Ireland 34
Isabella Carrollton, Greene1833Ireland
Thomas Carrollton, Greene1856Illinois
William Carrollton, Greene1865Illinois
J R Carrollton, Greene1867Illinois
{Family 65}
Stephen Warsaw, Hancock1836New York 375B
Nancy J Warsaw, Hancock1845Illinois
Mary M Warsaw, Hancock1863Michigan
Margaret Warsaw, Hancock1865Illinois
Martin Warsaw, Hancock1867Illinois
Edmund Warsaw, Hancock1868Illinois
Baby Warsaw, Hancock1870Illinois
{Family 66}
Gidson W (Gideon) Wythe, Hancock1810 Connecticut 423B
Pricilla Wythe, Hancock1826Illinois
Wealthy Wythe, Hancock1845Illinois
Emma Wythe, Hancock1851Illinois
Oliver G Wythe, Hancock1854Illinois
William B Wythe, Hancock1856Illinois
Minnie O Wythe, Hancock1862Illinois
Frank Wythe, Hancock1867Illinois
{Family 67}
Kate Township 10 Range 6, Henderson1847Iowa 235
{Family 68}
Barney Galva, Henry1854Minnesota 422B
{Family 69}
Viola Geneseo, Henry1857Illinois 439
Harry Geneseo, Henry1862Illinois
{Family 70}
Henry Ashkum, Iroquois1837New York 238B
Martha Ashkum, Iroquois1822Connecticut
Chancy Ashkum, Iroquois1847New York
Ange Ashkum, Iroquois1847Ohio
Clara Ashkum, Iroquois1861New York
{Family 71}
R P Beaver, Iroquois1828Indiana 258B
Orra J Beaver, Iroquois1827Ohio
Mary J Beaver, Iroquois1852Indiana
Addie L Beaver, Iroquois1858Indiana
{Family 72}
David Martinton, Iroquois1811Canada 371
Milia Martinton, Iroquois1830 Canada
Anthony Martinton, Iroquois1852Illinois
Delia Martinton, Iroquois1854Illinois
George Martinton, Iroquois1857Illinois
Maggie Martinton, Iroquois1858Illinois
Rosa Martinton, Iroquois1862Illinois
Charlie Martinton, Iroquois1864Illinois 371B
{Family 73}
Joseph Martinton, Iroquois1844Canada 372
Eulada Martinton, Iroquois1850 Canada
Josephine Martinton, Iroquois1867Illinois
Joseph Martinton, Iroquois1869Illinois
{Family 74}
Levi Martinton, Iroquois1846New York 372B
Mary J Martinton, Iroquois1850 Illinois
George Martinton, Iroquois1868Illinois
Georgianna Martinton, Iroquois1870Illinois
{Family 75}
Frank Onarga, Iroquois1818Ohio 408
Ellen Onarga, Iroquois1818Ohio
Mary Onarga, Iroquois1850 Ohio
Jennie Onarga, Iroquois1852Ohio
Frank Onarga, Iroquois1856Ohio
{Family 76}
Joseph Killian Precinct, Jackson1831Germany 136B
Mahala Killian Precinct, Jackson1844Illinois
Mary Killian Precinct, Jackson1865Illinois
Eliza Killian Precinct, Jackson1867Illinois
{Family 77}
James Township 4 Range 2, Jefferson1818New Jersey 485B
Margarite Township 4 Range 2, Jefferson1829Ireland
{Family 78}
Thomas Township 6 Range 11, Jersey1809Rhode Island 671
Biddie A Township 6 Range 11, Jersey1820 North Carolina
{Family 79}
John B Township 7 Range 12, Jersey1825Pennsylvania 768B
Annie Township 7 Range 12, Jersey1827Scotland
John Township 7 Range 12, Jersey1858Illinois
Thomas A Township 7 Range 12, Jersey1861Illinois
Samuel G Township 7 Range 12, Jersey1864Illinois
{Family 80}
Mary Township 7 Range 12, Jersey1838New York 772
{Family 81}
William H Township 8 Range 12, Jersey1851Illinois 793B
{Family 82}
Geo Berreman, Jo Daviess1841Ohio 15B
Susan Berreman, Jo Daviess1852Pennsylvania
Julia Berreman, Jo Daviess1869Iowa
{Family 83}
Benj Stockton, Jo Daviess1833Indiana 298B
Elizabeth Stockton, Jo Daviess1832Michigan
Mary Stockton, Jo Daviess1854Wisconsin
Sarah Stockton, Jo Daviess1856Iowa
Phebe Stockton, Jo Daviess1858Minnesota
Benj Stockton, Jo Daviess1862Wisconsin
Jessie Stockton, Jo Daviess1869Illinois
{Family 84}
Rachel Aurora, Kane1786Connecticut 11B
{Family 85}
J S Aurora, Kane1843New York 115B
Alida Aurora, Kane1846Vermont
Nettie Aurora, Kane1867Illinois
Clara Aurora, Kane1869Illinois
{Family 86}
Maritt M Batavia, Kane1828Connecticut 204B
Sarah J Batavia, Kane1829Connecticut
Alice W Batavia, Kane1859Connecticut
Truman M Batavia, Kane1851Connecticut
Edward B Batavia, Kane1864Iowa
Henry P Batavia, Kane1868Illinois
{Family 87}
Ephraim Big Rock, Kane1818New York 215B
Malinda Big Rock, Kane1827Pennsylvania
Avery Big Rock, Kane1850 Illinois
Amy Big Rock, Kane1852Illinois
Sarah Big Rock, Kane1850 Illinois
Ida Big Rock, Kane1852Illinois
Elmer Big Rock, Kane1863Illinois
{Family 88}
M C St Charles, Kane1823Maine 458
Geo E St Charles, Kane1856Illinois
Lizzie St Charles, Kane1859Illinois
{Family 89}
Lucius Aroma, Kankakee1811New York 4B
Olive Aroma, Kankakee1820 New York
Mary Aroma, Kankakee1849Illinois
Ellen Aroma, Kankakee1852Illinois
William Aroma, Kankakee1862Illinois
{Family 90}
Evelynd Aroma, Kankakee1805New York 4B
Nancy Aroma, Kankakee1814Indiana
Camodore Aroma, Kankakee1850 Illinois
Christopher Aroma, Kankakee1853Illinois
Charles Aroma, Kankakee1860 Illinois
Mary Aroma, Kankakee1862Illinois
Ida Aroma, Kankakee1866Illinois
Edward Aroma, Kankakee1867Illinois
{Family 91}
Lucius Aroma, Kankakee1837Illinois 4B
Olive Aroma, Kankakee1850 Illinois
Capitola Aroma, Kankakee1869Illinois 5
Jessie Aroma, Kankakee1868Illinois
Sophrana Aroma, Kankakee1800 Massachusetts
{Family 92}
Oscar N Aroma, Kankakee1831New York 5
Emeline Aroma, Kankakee1840 Pennsylvania
Mary Aroma, Kankakee1864Illinois
Laura Aroma, Kankakee1867Illinois
Frank Aroma, Kankakee1868Illinois
{Family 93}
Cordes Aroma, Kankakee1841Pennsylvania 14
Clarinda Aroma, Kankakee1841Michigan

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