CASE Families living in Illinois in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
Mr. Chicago Ward 10, Cook1844New York 501B
{Family 32}
John Chicago Ward 10, Cook1845New York 489B
{Family 33}
H Chicago Ward 11, Cook1840 New York 4B
{Family 34}
William Chicago Ward 12, Cook1822England 286
Emma Chicago Ward 12, Cook1825England
Clara Chicago Ward 12, Cook1850 Wisconsin
Emily Chicago Ward 12, Cook1854Illinois
Henry Chicago Ward 12, Cook1859Illinois
{Family 35}
Joseph Chicago Ward 12, Cook1851Connecticut 296
{Family 36}
Charles H Chicago Ward 13, Cook1829Vermont 453B
Laura P Chicago Ward 13, Cook1828Vermont
Lucelia Chicago Ward 13, Cook1856Illinois
Charles L Chicago Ward 13, Cook1850 Massachusetts
{Family 37}
Elisha Chicago Ward 13, Cook1833Connecticut 384
Jane E Chicago Ward 13, Cook1835Connecticut
John M Chicago Ward 13, Cook1852New York
Charles E Chicago Ward 13, Cook1854New York
Elmer G Chicago Ward 13, Cook1865Iowa
{Family 38}
Benjamn Chicago Ward 14, Cook1830 England 584B
Elizabeth Chicago Ward 14, Cook1834England
Charles Chicago Ward 14, Cook1858Illinois
Adaline Chicago Ward 14, Cook1863Illinois
{Family 39}
Simon Chicago Ward 14, Cook1839New York 579
{Family 40}
M D Chicago Ward 17, Cook1829New York 215
{Family 41}
M W Chicago Ward 2, Cook1820 Illinois 175
{Family 42}
Ellen Chicago Ward 20, Cook1836Canada 451B
Antoinette Chicago Ward 20, Cook1856Michigan
Benjamin Chicago Ward 20, Cook1859Michigan
{Family 43}
L W Chicago Ward 20, Cook1845Connecticut 437
{Family 44}
Salmon P Chicago Ward 4, Cook1825Connecticut 60
Francis M Chicago Ward 4, Cook1836Ohio
Ella Chicago Ward 4, Cook1857Illinois
Ida Chicago Ward 4, Cook1860 Illinois
John Chicago Ward 4, Cook1863Illinois
Lulu Chicago Ward 4, Cook1865Illinois
Frank Chicago Ward 4, Cook1866Illinois
{Family 45}
Rufus G Chicago Ward 5, Cook1829New York 170B
Clara A Chicago Ward 5, Cook1827New York
Jennie Chicago Ward 5, Cook1851New York
Frankie Chicago Ward 5, Cook1863Illinois
{Family 46}
Milton W Chicago Ward 5, Cook1830 New York 168B
Ella Chicago Ward 5, Cook1835Pennsylvania
Walter Chicago Ward 5, Cook1861Illinois
1 Day old baby (May??) Chicago Ward 5, Cook1870Illinois
{Family 47}
Jonathan Chicago Ward 7, Cook1845New York 173B
{Family 48}
Eleanor Chicago Ward 8, Cook1836England 213
Ellen Chicago Ward 8, Cook1856England
William Chicago Ward 8, Cook1859England
Thomas Chicago Ward 8, Cook1862Canada
{Family 49}
Catharine Chicago Ward 9, Cook1820 New York 249B
Selena Chicago Ward 9, Cook1845Illinois
{Family 50}
William Lemont, Cook1825Pennsylvania 298B
Ellen Lemont, Cook1832New York
Frank Lemont, Cook1853Illinois
Florence Lemont, Cook1857Illinois
Horace Lemont, Cook1860 Illinois
Howard Lemont, Cook1862Illinois
{Family 51}
Thirlow Lyons, Cook1840 New York 364
{Family 52}
Samuel S Proviso, Cook1829Connecticut 543
Fannie Proviso, Cook1839Connecticut
Mary Proviso, Cook1857Connecticut
Fannie Proviso, Cook1859Connecticut 543B
Allie Proviso, Cook1861Connecticut
Kittie Proviso, Cook1863Connecticut
{Family 53}
Charles G Proviso, Cook1830 Indiana 547
Hariet Proviso, Cook1835New York
Clarence Proviso, Cook1855Indiana 547B
Hattie Proviso, Cook1864Indiana
{Family 54}
Sanford Thornton, Cook1811New York 591B
Almira Thornton, Cook1814Rhode Island
{Family 55}
Chester Franklin, DeKalb1835Maine 409
Caroline Franklin, DeKalb1842New York
{Family 56}
George South Grove, DeKalb1835Pennsylvania 573
Ellen South Grove, DeKalb1837Illinois
Francis South Grove, DeKalb1869Illinois
{Family 57}
James Arcola, Douglas1817Ohio 213
Margaret Arcola, Douglas1820 Ohio
Joseph Arcola, Douglas1847Ohio
James Arcola, Douglas1849Ohio
Roda Arcola, Douglas1852Ohio
Sidney Arcola, Douglas1855Ohio
Lydia Arcola, Douglas1855Ohio
Ella Arcola, Douglas1856Ohio
Alfred Arcola, Douglas1858Ohio
Wm Arcola, Douglas1840 Ohio
Mally Arcola, Douglas1850 Ohio
{Family 58}
Levi Wayne, DuPage1823Connecticut
Anna Wayne, DuPage1832New York 526
Evada Wayne, DuPage1860 Illinois
Martha Wayne, DuPage1864Illinois
Nellie Wayne, DuPage1866Illinois
John Wayne, DuPage1869Illinois
{Family 59}
Nathaniel Wayne, DuPage1833New York 526
Harriett Wayne, DuPage1832New York
Hellen Wayne, DuPage1864Illinois
Louis Wayne, DuPage1866Illinois
{Family 60}
Peter York, DuPage1832Prussia 569B
Constancie York, DuPage1840 Hesse / Hessen
John York, DuPage1866Illinois

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