CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 252}
Andrew Ansonia, New Haven1841Connecticut 97
{Family 253}
Helen Meriden, New Haven1830 Connecticut 314B
{Family 254}
Erastus E New Haven Ward 1, New Haven1847Connecticut 35B
{Family 255}
Frederick M New Haven Ward 1, New Haven1842Connecticut 54
Nellie New Haven Ward 1, New Haven1844Connecticut
Frederick M New Haven Ward 1, New Haven1868Connecticut 54B
{Family 256}
James C New Haven Ward 1, New Haven1830 Connecticut 90B
Julia New Haven Ward 1, New Haven1830 Connecticut
{Family 257}
Ariel New Haven Ward 4, New Haven1824Ohio 369
Emeline M New Haven Ward 4, New Haven1833Connecticut
{Family 258}
Charles A New Haven Ward 4, New Haven1854Connecticut 327B
{Family 259}
Michael New Haven Ward 5, New Haven1830 Ireland 430B
Margaret New Haven Ward 5, New Haven1835Ireland
John New Haven Ward 5, New Haven1852Massachusetts
Michael New Haven Ward 5, New Haven1854Connecticut
{Family 260}
Carrie New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1855New York 553
{Family 261}
Oliver F New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1821Connecticut 573B
Charlotte C New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1824Connecticut
Morris H New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1856Connecticut
{Family 262}
Dwight B New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1844Connecticut 520
Julia A New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1847Connecticut
Clara M New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1867Connecticut
{Family 263}
Edwin New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1822Massachusetts 519
Frances A New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1833New York
{Family 264}
Harlin New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1791Connecticut 519
Phebe New Haven Ward 6, New Haven1799Connecticut 519B
{Family 265}
William W New Haven Ward 7, New Haven1844Connecticut 595B
Ida H New Haven Ward 7, New Haven1849Vermont
Mary J New Haven Ward 7, New Haven1868Connecticut
Emma L New Haven Ward 7, New Haven1869Connecticut
{Family 266}
Triman New Haven Ward 8, New Haven1840 Connecticut 637
Caroline New Haven Ward 8, New Haven1833Connecticut
{Family 267}
James R Waterbury, New Haven1810 Connecticut 818B
Pamelia M Waterbury, New Haven1825Connecticut
Ella A Waterbury, New Haven1851Connecticut
Charles M Waterbury, New Haven1860 Connecticut
{Family 234}
James C Colchester, New London1824Connecticut 23B
Rhoda A Colchester, New London1842Connecticut
James S Colchester, New London1859Connecticut
{Family 268}
Rufus Groton, New London1793Connecticut 209B
Sarah C Groton, New London1822Connecticut
Edwin W Groton, New London1857Connecticut
{Family 269}
Luther Norwich, New London1805Connecticut 626B
Launie M Norwich, New London1835Connecticut
Anna E Norwich, New London1837Connecticut
Luther R Norwich, New London1838Connecticut
{Family 270}
William T Norwich, New London1832Connecticut 622B
Mary A Norwich, New London1831Connecticut
William S Norwich, New London1855Connecticut
Charles H Norwich, New London1858Connecticut
Edward R Norwich, New London1866Connecticut
{Family 271}
Samuel B Norwich, New London1821Connecticut 624
Eliza A Norwich, New London1829Connecticut
Louisa M Norwich, New London1845Connecticut
Josephine E Norwich, New London1848Connecticut
Samuel D Norwich, New London1857Connecticut
{Family 272}
Elizabeth R Norwich, New London1820 Connecticut 624
Sarah E Norwich, New London1848Connecticut
Jannie M Norwich, New London1850 Connecticut
Hallie L Norwich, New London1852Connecticut
Georgianna Norwich, New London1855Connecticut 624B
{Family 273}
George Norwich, New London1841Connecticut 458B
Eva Norwich, New London1844New York
Elizabeth Norwich, New London1867Connecticut
Eva Norwich, New London1869Connecticut
{Family 274}
Herman Norwich, New London1847Connecticut 452
Maggie Norwich, New London1850 Ireland
George Norwich, New London1870Connecticut
{Family 275}
Jennie Norwich, New London1861Connecticut 457B
Georgie Norwich, New London1869Connecticut
{Family 276}
Samuel Norwich, New London1791Connecticut 623
Sally Norwich, New London1794Connecticut
{Family 277}
Chas W Preston, New London1845Connecticut 678B
Louisa Preston, New London1847Connecticut
Anna Preston, New London1868Connecticut
{Family 278}
John W Stonington, New London1798Rhode Island 793
Almira Stonington, New London1800 Connecticut
{Family 279}
Celia Bolton, Tolland1856Connecticut 8
{Family 280}
Charles Coventry, Tolland1848Connecticut 31B
{Family 281}
Francis Coventry, Tolland1825Massachusetts 40
Eliza Coventry, Tolland1828Massachusetts
Edwin Coventry, Tolland1855Maine
{Family 282}
Henry Coventry, Tolland1823Connecticut 47
Laura Coventry, Tolland1793Connecticut
Emily Coventry, Tolland1828Connecticut
Maria Coventry, Tolland1832Connecticut
{Family 283}
Abbie Mansfield, Tolland1842Connecticut 110B
{Family 284}
Nancy A Stafford, Tolland1817New York 162B
Emma A Stafford, Tolland1855Connecticut
{Family 285}
Cynthia Tolland, Tolland1778Connecticut 190B
{Family 286}
Seneca V Union, Tolland1797Rhode Island 201B
Marcia Union, Tolland1810 Connecticut
Lewis Union, Tolland1851Connecticut
{Family 287}
Benjamin R Union, Tolland1844Connecticut 201B
Hannah E Union, Tolland1839Connecticut
Susie E Union, Tolland1868Connecticut
{Family 288}
Rachel H Vernon, Tolland1807Connecticut 235B
{Family 289}
Alice Plainfield, Windham1866Connecticut Indian 464B
{Family 290}
Sylvanus Putnam, Windham1809Rhode Island 546
Jane Putnam, Windham1809Connecticut
Maria Putnam, Windham1834Connecticut
Walde N Putnam, Windham1849Connecticut
{Family 291}
Amelia Thompson, Windham1817Connecticut 629B
{Family 292}
Rufus J Thompson, Windham1833Rhode Island 629B
Margaret Thompson, Windham1835Rhode Island
John A Thompson, Windham1866Connecticut
{Family 293}
Lucinda Windham, Windham1830 Connecticut 733B
{Family 294}
Thomas Woodstock, Windham1834Connecticut 766
Lurana Woodstock, Windham1843Connecticut 766B

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