CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Charles W Bridgeport, Fairfield1849 New York 86B
{Family 2}
Thomas Bridgeport, Fairfield1838 Connecticut 71B
Sarah M Bridgeport, Fairfield1845 Connecticut
Jessie L Bridgeport, Fairfield1860 Connecticut
{Family 3}
Robena Bridgeport, Fairfield1840 Rhode Island 56B
William Bridgeport, Fairfield1868 Connecticut
{Family 4}
William Bridgeport, Fairfield1840 Connecticut 277B
{Family 5}
J B Easton, Fairfield1817 Connecticut 438B
Susan A Easton, Fairfield1820 Connecticut
Frances Easton, Fairfield1843 Connecticut
Susan Easton, Fairfield1865 Connecticut
{Family 6}
Marian Easton, Fairfield1865 Connecticut 438B
James Easton, Fairfield1850 Connecticut
{Family 7}
Henry Norwalk, Fairfield1832New York 743
Ann Norwalk, Fairfield1836 New York
William Norwalk, Fairfield1860 New York
Elma Norwalk, Fairfield1863 Connecticut
Mary Norwalk, Fairfield1869 Connecticut
{Family 8}
Chester N Norwalk, Fairfield1818 Connecticut 791B
Harriet N Norwalk, Fairfield1824 Connecticut
Charles Norwalk, Fairfield1849 Connecticut
{Family 9}
Lucy A Norwalk, Fairfield1828 Connecticut 871B
{Family 10}
Nathan L Avon, Hartford1809 Connecticut 11B
Abby W Avon, Hartford1814 Connecticut
Nathan B Avon, Hartford1839 Connecticut
{Family 11}
Norton Avon, Hartford1811 Connecticut 4B
Electa Avon, Hartford1811 Connecticut
{Family 12}
Jay Avon, Hartford1811 Connecticut 10
Mary Avon, Hartford1816 Connecticut
Emerson J Avon, Hartford1850 Connecticut
Carrie M Avon, Hartford1847 Connecticut
Edwd N Avon, Hartford1854 Connecticut
{Family 13}
Roger N Avon, Hartford1842Pennsylvania 5B
Hattie E Avon, Hartford1843 Connecticut
{Family 14}
Phineas Berlin, Hartford1824 Connecticut 39B
Lucy Berlin, Hartford1822Connecticut
Etta Berlin, Hartford1851 Connecticut
Fanny Berlin, Hartford1860 Connecticut
{Family 15}
Elihu H Bloomfield, Hartford1800 Connecticut 57
Emeline Bloomfield, Hartford1816 Connecticut
Hezekiah E Bloomfield, Hartford1845 Connecticut
{Family 16}
Elihu B Bloomfield, Hartford1830 Connecticut 57
Mariette Bloomfield, Hartford1831 Connecticut
Myron J Bloomfield, Hartford1861 Connecticut
Jane L Bloomfield, Hartford1863 Connecticut
Burton O Bloomfield, Hartford1867 Connecticut 57B
{Family 17}
Curtis H Bloomfield, Hartford1823 Connecticut 56
Eliza H Bloomfield, Hartford1821 Connecticut
Alfred C Bloomfield, Hartford1849 Connecticut
Elva M Bloomfield, Hartford1861 Connecticut
Geo H Bloomfield, Hartford1865 Connecticut
{Family 18}
Hezekiah H Bloomfield, Hartford1796 Connecticut 56
William G Bloomfield, Hartford1834 Connecticut 56B
{Family 19}
Adella Bloomfield, Hartford1855 Ohio 53
{Family 20}
Zelah Bloomfield, Hartford1800 Connecticut 47
Jennette Bloomfield, Hartford1803 Connecticut
Maggie C Bloomfield, Hartford1844 Connecticut
{Family 21}
George Bloomfield, Hartford1835 Connecticut 60
{Family 22}
Hosea Bloomfield, Hartford1825 Connecticut 63B
Sarah Bloomfield, Hartford1825 Ireland
{Family 23}
William W Bloomfield, Hartford1808 Connecticut 46
Lucy A Bloomfield, Hartford1835 Connecticut
{Family 24}
Augustus R Bristol, Hartford1807 Connecticut 99B
Priscilla E Bristol, Hartford1814 Vermont
Georgiana Bristol, Hartford1839 Vermont
{Family 25}
Alvinsa h Bristol, Hartford1835 Connecticut 99B
Amelia Bristol, Hartford1837 Connecticut
Lavinia Bristol, Hartford1857 Connecticut
Mary Bristol, Hartford1798 Connecticut
{Family 26}
Leveret G Bristol, Hartford1810 Connecticut 71
Margaret A Bristol, Hartford1816 Connecticut
{Family 27}
Merrill Bristol, Hartford1858 Connecticut 102
{Family 28}
Elbert Bristol, Hartford1828 Connecticut 64B
Ellen A Bristol, Hartford1840 Connecticut
John R Bristol, Hartford1866 Connecticut
Mary Bristol, Hartford1869 Connecticut
{Family 29}
George Burlington, Hartford1829 New York 126
Clarissa Burlington, Hartford1835 Connecticut
Clarence Burlington, Hartford1855 Connecticut
Hubert Burlington, Hartford1860 Connecticut
Edward Burlington, Hartford1863 Connecticut
{Family 30}
Harriet Burlington, Hartford1807 Connecticut 125B
Lucy Burlington, Hartford1837 Connecticut
{Family 31}
Emory Burlington, Hartford1840 Connecticut 114
Sarah Burlington, Hartford1841 Connecticut

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