CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 150}
Frank Manchester, Hartford1834Connecticut 24B
Carrie Manchester, Hartford1840 Connecticut
{Family 151}
Henry Manchester, Hartford1839Connecticut 43
Selina Manchester, Hartford1839New York
Chas H Manchester, Hartford1869Connecticut
{Family 152}
Wells Manchester, Hartford1841Connecticut 43
Carrie E Manchester, Hartford1847Massachusetts
{Family 153}
Williard Manchester, Hartford1843Connecticut 43
Marietta Manchester, Hartford1846Connecticut
Mary Manchester, Hartford1870Connecticut
{Family 154}
Mary Manchester, Hartford1808Massachusetts 43B
Fredk Manchester, Hartford1844Connecticut
{Family 155}
Danford V Manchester, Hartford1832Connecticut 36B
Laura Manchester, Hartford1830 Connecticut
{Family 156}
Lamina L New Britain, Hartford1823Connecticut 99B
Justin L New Britain, Hartford1852Connecticut
Cromwell O New Britain, Hartford1846Connecticut
{Family 157}
Salome New Britain, Hartford1816Connecticut 97B
Edward H New Britain, Hartford1839Connecticut
{Family 158}
Jennie E New Britain, Hartford1846Connecticut 1 29
{Family 159}
Vistor H New Britain, Hartford1842Connecticut 139
Julia New Britain, Hartford1846England
Walter C New Britain, Hartford1865Connecticut
{Family 160}
Hiram Plainville, Hartford1810 Connecticut 200B
{Family 161}
A G Simsbury, Hartford1816Connecticut 223B
Melinda Simsbury, Hartford1817Connecticut
Wheeler Simsbury, Hartford1844Connecticut
Anna Simsbury, Hartford1847Connecticut
Theron Simsbury, Hartford1812Connecticut
Abby Simsbury, Hartford1846Connecticut
{Family 162}
Jab Simsbury, Hartford1806Connecticut 240B
Abigal Simsbury, Hartford1805Connecticut
{Family 163}
Samuel H Simsbury, Hartford1806Connecticut
Almira Simsbury, Hartford1811Connecticut 236B
Willie Simsbury, Hartford1848Connecticut
{Family 164}
John V Simsbury, Hartford1810 Connecticut 236B
Melvina Simsbury, Hartford1822New York
{Family 165}
Elam Simsbury, Hartford1801Connecticut 236B
Ruth Simsbury, Hartford1806Connecticut
John E Simsbury, Hartford1842Connecticut
Charles B Simsbury, Hartford1846Connecticut
{Family 166}
Arden G Simsbury, Hartford1845Connecticut 235
Marion Simsbury, Hartford1850 Connecticut
{Family 167}
Ralph Simsbury, Hartford1836Connecticut 231
Mary A Simsbury, Hartford1841New York
Hattie Simsbury, Hartford1852Connecticut
Dwight Simsbury, Hartford1869Connecticut
Japhet H Simsbury, Hartford1796Connecticut
Aseneth Simsbury, Hartford1796New Hampshire
Branard Simsbury, Hartford1850 Connecticut
{Family 168}
Thos R Simsbury, Hartford1809Connecticut 225
Cornelia Simsbury, Hartford1825New York
Josephine C Simsbury, Hartford1853Connecticut
Thos T Simsbury, Hartford1856Connecticut
Fanny H Simsbury, Hartford1859Connecticut
Charles M Simsbury, Hartford1867Connecticut
{Family 169}
Ruth Simsbury, Hartford1833Connecticut 225
{Family 170}
Chas Z Simsbury, Hartford1833Connecticut 241B
Mary Simsbury, Hartford1834New York
Lela Simsbury, Hartford1861Kansas
{Family 171}
Chester Simsbury, Hartford1799Connecticut 222B
Serepta F Simsbury, Hartford1804Connecticut
Sidney Simsbury, Hartford1834Connecticut
{Family 172}
Marvin Simsbury, Hartford1827Connecticut 222B
Maria Simsbury, Hartford1832Connecticut
MarySimsbury, Hartford1854Connecticut
Henry Simsbury, Hartford1856Connecticut
Willie Simsbury, Hartford1858Connecticut
Nettie S (L?) Simsbury, Hartford1861Connecticut
Frank Simsbury, Hartford1863Connecticut
Charles Simsbury, Hartford1866Connecticut
{Family 173}
David Simsbury, Hartford1854Connecticut 234B
{Family 174}
Norris Simsbury, Hartford1818Connecticut 224B
Mary Simsbury, Hartford1842Massachusetts
Wm Simsbury, Hartford1851Connecticut
Frank Simsbury, Hartford1860 New York
{Family 175}
Gaylor Simsbury, Hartford1795Connecticut 244B
Hetty Simsbury, Hartford1795Connecticut
{Family 176}
Jeramiah Simsbury, Hartford1827Connecticut 223
Larinda Simsbury, Hartford1837Connecticut
Perter Simsbury, Hartford1866Connecticut
George Simsbury, Hartford1868Connecticut
Norman Simsbury, Hartford1869Connecticut
{Family 177}
Georgia Simsbury, Hartford1854Connecticut 231B
{Family 178}
Harvey E Simsbury, Hartford1820 Connecticut 230
Jenett Simsbury, Hartford1833Connecticut
{Family 179}
Salon Simsbury, Hartford1826Connecticut 226B
Laura Simsbury, Hartford1820 Connecticut
Howard Simsbury, Hartford1854Connecticut
{Family 180}
Wm C Simsbury, Hartford1836Connecticut 246B
Margarett Simsbury, Hartford1837Connecticut
Wm S Simsbury, Hartford1863Connecticut
{Family 181}
Phelinda Simsbury, Hartford1808Connecticut 233B
{Family 182}
Robert Simsbury, Hartford1859Connecticut 229B
{Family 183}
Venila Simsbury, Hartford1869Connecticut 237
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