CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 92}
Ann J East Hartford, Hartford1824Connecticut 183B
Alice East Hartford, Hartford1849Connecticut
{Family 93}
Austin East Hartford, Hartford1813Connecticut 203B
Louisa East Hartford, Hartford1824Connecticut
Andrew A East Hartford, Hartford1843Connecticut
Chas H East Hartford, Hartford1853Connecticut
Sarah East Hartford, Hartford1782Connecticut
{Family 94}
Horatio East Hartford, Hartford1807Connecticut 200
{Family 95}
James East Hartford, Hartford1796Connecticut 181
Jerusha East Hartford, Hartford1815Connecticut
{Family 96}
Amos Farmington, Hartford1818Connecticut 346
Nancy Farmington, Hartford1818Connecticut
Ellis Farmington, Hartford1844Connecticut
{Family 97}
Richard Farmington, Hartford1817Connecticut 329
Eliza Farmington, Hartford1805Connecticut
{Family 98}
Charles Farmington, Hartford1842Connecticut 359B
Rachel Farmington, Hartford1845Connecticut
Arthur Farmington, Hartford1867Connecticut
{Family 99}
John Glastonbury, Hartford1800 Connecticut 404
{Family 100}
Jairus Granby, Hartford1802Connecticut 408
Mary T Granby, Hartford1809Connecticut
{Family 101}
Oscar D Granby, Hartford1839Connecticut 408
Fannie R Granby, Hartford1845Maine
Willie O Granby, Hartford1868Connecticut
Genie P Granby, Hartford1870Connecticut
{Family 102}
Dennison Granby, Hartford1812Connecticut 408
Sarah A Granby, Hartford1820 Connecticut
Burt F Granby, Hartford1865Connecticut
Almira Granby, Hartford1785Massachusetts
{Family 103}
Lewis W Granby, Hartford1837Connecticut 421B
Angenette Granby, Hartford1837Connecticut
Herman Granby, Hartford1862Connecticut
Ella J Granby, Hartford1865Connecticut
Wesley S Granby, Hartford1868Connecticut
Sylvia Granby, Hartford1846Connecticut
Henry Granby, Hartford1804Connecticut
{Family 104}
Naboth Granby, Hartford1790 Connecticut 425
Lavinnia Granby, Hartford1795Connecticut
{Family 105}
Julia E Granby, Hartford1846Connecticut 425
Jessie M Granby, Hartford1868Connecticut
{Family 106}
Arlon Granby, Hartford1828Connecticut 425
Lucy J Granby, Hartford1833Connecticut
Fred B Granby, Hartford1858Connecticut
Luna E Granby, Hartford1860 Connecticut
Arvid D Granby, Hartford1867Connecticut
{Family 107}
Lewis Granby, Hartford1833Connecticut 425
Elmena Granby, Hartford1837Connecticut
Lucian Granby, Hartford1859Connecticut
Minnie Granby, Hartford1863Connecticut
Lucia Granby, Hartford1798Connecticut
Bester Granby, Hartford1842Connecticut
{Family 108}
Orrin Granby, Hartford1825Connecticut 425
Susan H Granby, Hartford1845Massachusetts
Orrin Granby, Hartford1861Connecticut
Noah Granby, Hartford1783Connecticut
Norris Granby, Hartford1814Connecticut
Charles Granby, Hartford1858Connecticut
{Family 109}
Hiram Granby, Hartford1805Connecticut 424
Eunice H Granby, Hartford1808Connecticut
George R Granby, Hartford1848Connecticut
Roxanna Granby, Hartford1841Connecticut
Charles B Granby, Hartford1843Connecticut
Asa H Granby, Hartford1847Connecticut
{Family 110}
Hector Granby, Hartford1827Connecticut 411
Caroline Granby, Hartford1830 Massachusetts
Mayland R Granby, Hartford1857Massachusetts
Carlton H Granby, Hartford1865Connecticut
{Family 111}
Daniel Granby, Hartford1835Connecticut 423B
{Family 112}
Francis Granby, Hartford1821Connecticut 412
Martha N Granby, Hartford1829Connecticut
Celia F Granby, Hartford1855Connecticut
Dennis Granby, Hartford1858Connecticut
Luther Granby, Hartford1864Connecticut
{Family 113}
Marther T Granby, Hartford1831Connecticut 422
Gertrude Granby, Hartford1842Connecticut
Henry M Granby, Hartford1860 Connecticut
Nellie Granby, Hartford1863Connecticut
Thomas Granby, Hartford1865Connecticut
{Family 114}
Edwin Granby, Hartford1817Connecticut 422
{Family 115}
Eli J Granby, Hartford1822Connecticut 416B
Julia A Granby, Hartford1818Connecticut
Richard J Granby, Hartford1854Connecticut
Clara A Granby, Hartford1858Connecticut
{Family 116}
Rhoda Granby, Hartford1807Connecticut 426
{Family 117}
Walter Granby, Hartford1862Connecticut 424B
{Family 118}
Uriah Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1828Connecticut 396
Adaline M Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1831Connecticut
Clara J Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1857Connecticut
Wm B Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1862Connecticut 396B
Herbert M Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1863Connecticut
Frank W Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1869Connecticut
{Family 119}
Orville P Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1815Connecticut 329B
Enetine c Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1818Connecticut
James H Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1849Connecticut
Albert M Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1854Connecticut 330
Fred E Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1862Connecticut
{Family 120}
C H Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1841Connecticut 434
{Family 121}
Samuel Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1812Massachusetts 342
Marilla E Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1818New York
Chas W Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1850 Connecticut
Emily J Hartford Ward 1, Hartford1855Connecticut

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