CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
Anier W Canton, Hartford1847Connecticut 131
Fanny Canton, Hartford1848Connecticut
Ralph Canton, Hartford1869 Connecticut
{Family 62}
Jay Canton, Hartford1818Connecticut 131
Maria W Canton, Hartford1813Connecticut
Emma Canton, Hartford1856Connecticut
{Family 63}
Watson Canton, Hartford1817Connecticut 131
Lucinda Canton, Hartford1821Connecticut
Milvina Canton, Hartford1843Connecticut
Nellie L Canton, Hartford1863Connecticut
{Family 64}
Mason Canton, Hartford1847Connecticut 131
Marion Canton, Hartford1851Connecticut
{Family 65}
Orestus Canton, Hartford1826Connecticut 133B
Saphrona Canton, Hartford1825Connecticut
Auther Canton, Hartford1854Connecticut 134
Charles S Canton, Hartford1855Connecticut
Wert N Canton, Hartford1858Connecticut
Josephine Canton, Hartford1859Connecticut
Fredrick Canton, Hartford1860 Connecticut
Jennie E Canton, Hartford1862Connecticut
Lida M Canton, Hartford1865Connecticut
{Family 66}
Geo H Canton, Hartford1823Connecticut 133B
Ann Eliza Canton, Hartford1824Connecticut
Emma J Canton, Hartford1851Connecticut
Clarence Canton, Hartford1853Connecticut
Herbert Canton, Hartford1855Connecticut
Violetta A Canton, Hartford1860 Connecticut
Sarah Canton, Hartford1793Connecticut
{Family 67}
Geo J Canton, Hartford1836Connecticut 133B
Sarah R Canton, Hartford1839Connecticut
Cora R M Canton, Hartford1865Connecticut
Geo B Canton, Hartford1868Connecticut
Lucia Canton, Hartford1807Connecticut
{Family 68}
Ansel Canton, Hartford1791Connecticut 161B
Rachal Canton, Hartford1792Connecticut
{Family 69}
Gilbert Canton, Hartford1824Connecticut 161
Electa Canton, Hartford1824Connecticut
Delia Canton, Hartford1851Connecticut
Laura Canton, Hartford1856Connecticut
Mera Canton, Hartford1861Connecticut
{Family 70}
Geo A Canton, Hartford1839Connecticut 140
Anna M Canton, Hartford1838Pennsylvania
Eugene M Canton, Hartford1865Connecticut 140B
Flora A Canton, Hartford1867Connecticut
{Family 71}
Maria Canton, Hartford1810 Connecticut 137
{Family 72}
Solmon D Canton, Hartford1830 Connecticut 137
Lucy Canton, Hartford1824Massachusetts
Aurelia Canton, Hartford1856Connecticut
Hellen M Canton, Hartford1861Connecticut
{Family 73}
Henry H Canton, Hartford1820 Connecticut 137
Ruth Canton, Hartford1824Connecticut
{Family 74}
Calvin Canton, Hartford1806Connecticut 137
Polly Canton, Hartford1809Connecticut
{Family 75}
Irvin Canton, Hartford1825Connecticut 137
Sylvie Canton, Hartford1826Connecticut
Fredrick I Canton, Hartford1857Connecticut
Elmer Canton, Hartford1862Connecticut
Elizabeth N Canton, Hartford1864Connecticut
{Family 76}
Bethuel Canton, Hartford1805Connecticut 129B
Clemina Canton, Hartford1809Connecticut
Bainbridge Canton, Hartford1839Connecticut
{Family 77}
Samuel S Canton, Hartford1813Connecticut 129
Mary Canton, Hartford1816Connecticut
John L Canton, Hartford1848Connecticut
Julia Canton, Hartford1804Connecticut
{Family 78}
Morgan Canton, Hartford1812Connecticut 129
{Family 79}
Gideon M Canton, Hartford1821Massachusetts 129
Hannah L Canton, Hartford1829Massachusetts
Jessey (Jessy) O Canton, Hartford1793Connecticut
{Family 80}
Franklin Canton, Hartford1811Connecticut 131B
Lucie Canton, Hartford1822Connecticut
Hattie M Canton, Hartford1857Connecticut
Benjamin F Canton, Hartford1861Connecticut
{Family 81}
Sherman Canton, Hartford1850 Connecticut 131B
Eugene Canton, Hartford1854Connecticut
{Family 82}
Silus Canton, Hartford1820 Connecticut 160B
Mary B Canton, Hartford1830 Connecticut
Seymer I Canton, Hartford1849Connecticut
Harriett R Canton, Hartford1853Connecticut
Willard B Canton, Hartford1855Connecticut
Emma J Canton, Hartford1858Connecticut
Charles Canton, Hartford1869Connecticut
{Family 83}
Warren Canton, Hartford1836Connecticut 143B
Nancy Canton, Hartford1842New York
Fredrick W Canton, Hartford1863Connecticut
Nellie Canton, Hartford1869Connecticut
Datan Canton, Hartford1846Connecticut
{Family 84
Marshal Canton, Hartford1843Connecticut 129B
Ellen Canton, Hartford1843Connecticut
Inez Canton, Hartford1867Connecticut
{Family 85}
Joseph Canton, Hartford1799Connecticut 129B
Melissa Canton, Hartford1836Connecticut
{Family 86}
Margarett Canton, Hartford1838Connecticut 136B
Herbert Canton, Hartford1868Massachusetts
{Family 87}
Mary Canton, Hartford1838Connecticut 136
{Family 88}
Edward B East Granby, Hartford1828Connecticut 167
Mary A East Granby, Hartford1849Connecticut
{Family 89}
Henry A East Granby, Hartford1826Connecticut 167
Almira A East Granby, Hartford1842Connecticut
Harry W East Granby, Hartford1861Connecticut
Hattie M East Granby, Hartford1863Connecticut
Norwood T East Granby, Hartford1866Connecticut
Nettie M East Granby, Hartford1868Connecticut
{Family 90}
Satira East Granby, Hartford1799Connecticut 167B
{Family 91}
Norton East Granby, Hartford1816Connecticut 172
Charlotte E East Granby, Hartford1837Connecticut

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