CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 32}
John Canton, Hartford1814Connecticut 132B
Tersey Canton, Hartford1836Massachusetts
Richard Canton, Hartford1854Connecticut
James Canton, Hartford1856Connecticut
Uriah Canton, Hartford1857Connecticut
Lorinda Canton, Hartford1859Connecticut
Oliver Canton, Hartford1862Connecticut
Jane Canton, Hartford1864Connecticut
Nellie Canton, Hartford1866Connecticut
Lewis Canton, Hartford1868Connecticut
Willie Canton, Hartford1869Connecticut 133
{Family 33}
Miron Canton, Hartford1816Connecticut 133
Edgar M Canton, Hartford1846Connecticut
Viola M Canton, Hartford1850 Connecticut
Herbert S Canton, Hartford1858Connecticut
{Family 34}
Lucian B Canton, Hartford1815Connecticut 133
Mary E Canton, Hartford1821Connecticut
Frances H Canton, Hartford1856Connecticut
Hubert W Canton, Hartford1860 Connecticut
Mary F Canton, Hartford1862Connecticut
Clifford M Canton, Hartford1866Connecticut
{Family 35}
Dwight Canton, Hartford1818Connecticut 133
Emaline Canton, Hartford1824Connecticut
Agusta Canton, Hartford1854Connecticut
Abbie Canton, Hartford1855Connecticut 133
{Family 36}
Plinny Canton, Hartford1813Connecticut 133
Susan T Canton, Hartford1816Connecticut
Elener S Canton, Hartford1840 Connecticut
Ida M Canton, Hartford1864Connecticut
{Family 37}
Anson M Canton, Hartford1840 Connecticut 132
Lucia Canton, Hartford1843Connecticut
Tracy Canton, Hartford1869Connecticut
{Family 38}
Stiles Canton, Hartford1820 Connecticut 132
Julia A Canton, Hartford1822New York
Jairus B Canton, Hartford1858Connecticut
Francis W Canton, Hartford1865Connecticut
{Family 39}
Catharine Canton, Hartford1857Connecticut 132
Francis H Canton, Hartford1861Connecticut
Charles S Canton, Hartford1864Connecticut
Geo F Canton, Hartford1869Connecticut
{Family 40}
Huldah Canton, Hartford1816Connecticut
Laura Canton, Hartford1851Connecticut
{Family 41}
Salmon D Canton, Hartford1811Connecticut 132
Ketura Canton, Hartford1811Connecticut
Ketura Canton, Hartford1791Connecticut
{Family 42}
Levi Canton, Hartford1822Connecticut 132
Eunice Canton, Hartford1822Connecticut
Asa L Canton, Hartford1860 Connecticut
Rosa Canton, Hartford1864Connecticut
{Family 43}
Wm W Canton, Hartford1834Connecticut 132
Eliza E Canton, Hartford1832Connecticut
Ellen E Canton, Hartford1865Connecticut
Mary A Canton, Hartford1867Connecticut
{Family 44}
Harry Canton, Hartford1810 Connecticut 132
Betty Canton, Hartford1832Connecticut 132B
Welthy Canton, Hartford1820 Connecticut
{Family 45}
Asa Canton, Hartford1829Connecticut 142
Orlie Ann Canton, Hartford1844Connecticut
Emma Canton, Hartford1859Connecticut
Edda Canton, Hartford1861Connecticut
Bertie Canton, Hartford1868Connecticut
{Family 46}
Julius Canton, Hartford1818Connecticut 142
Susan H Canton, Hartford1819New York
Addalade Canton, Hartford1857Connecticut
Artemus Canton, Hartford1858Connecticut
{Family 47}
Agustus H Canton, Hartford1823Connecticut 142B
Sarah J Canton, Hartford1832Massachusetts
Luderne Canton, Hartford1856Connecticut
Edward L Canton, Hartford1865Connecticut
{Family 48}
Worthington Canton, Hartford1842Connecticut 139B
Ellen Canton, Hartford1844Massachusetts
Adella Canton, Hartford1864Connecticut
{Family 49}
Orville Canton, Hartford1810 Connecticut 138B
Hellen Canton, Hartford1812Connecticut
Albert Canton, Hartford1843Connecticut
{Family 50}
Milton Canton, Hartford1801Connecticut 138B
Eunice Canton, Hartford1801Connecticut
{Family 51}
Everett Canton, Hartford1813Connecticut 130
Emaly H Canton, Hartford1818Connecticut
Antonett Canton, Hartford1838Connecticut
Luisa E Canton, Hartford1849Connecticut
{Family 52}
Lester Canton, Hartford1807Connecticut 130
Palina Canton, Hartford1813Connecticut
Elizer Canton, Hartford1845Connecticut
Dow Canton, Hartford1851Connecticut
Ellis Canton, Hartford1848Connecticut
Sherman Canton, Hartford1856Connecticut
{Family 53
Ruzzell Canton, Hartford1790 Connecticut 130
Cintha Canton, Hartford1793Connecticut
Watson Canton, Hartford1817Connecticut
Edmond Canton, Hartford1822Connecticut
Cintha Canton, Hartford1825Connecticut
Henry Canton, Hartford1831Connecticut
Mary E Canton, Hartford1835Connecticut
{Family 54
Aurel Canton, Hartford1830 Connecticut 130B
Warren Canton, Hartford1837Connecticut
John Canton, Hartford1847Connecticut
Catharin Canton, Hartford1805Connecticut
Julia M Canton, Hartford1840 Connecticut
Martha Canton, Hartford1849Connecticut
{Family 55}
Sidney Canton, Hartford1830 Connecticut 130B
Martha Canton, Hartford1785Connecticut
Savella Canton, Hartford1825Connecticut
{Family 56}
Ambrose Canton, Hartford1805Connecticut 130B
Jane Canton, Hartford1810 Connecticut
Francis Canton, Hartford1850 Connecticut
{Family 57}
Chester Canton, Hartford1812Connecticut 130B
Rhoda Canton, Hartford1816Connecticut
Rachel Canton, Hartford1844Connecticut
Wilson Canton, Hartford1848Connecticut
Frank Canton, Hartford1853Connecticut
Fred Canton, Hartford1853Connecticut
{Family 58}
Lydia Canton, Hartford1820 Connecticut 131
Georgianah Canton, Hartford1854Connecticut
Charles Canton, Hartford1856Connecticut
Walter Canton, Hartford1858Connecticut
Edna Canton, Hartford1862Connecticut
{Family 59}
Loren Canton, Hartford1829Connecticut 131
Jane R Canton, Hartford1840 Connecticut
Jennie S Canton, Hartford1865Connecticut
{Family 60}
Neri Canton, Hartford1805Connecticut 131
Sarah Canton, Hartford1804Connecticut

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