CASE Families living in Illinois in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
DanielFreeport, Stephenson401810Massachusetts255b
SusanFreeport, Stephenson351815Pennsylvania
ElizaFreeport, Stephenson171833Ohio
{Family 62}
AaronWaddams, Stephenson401810New York313b
ClarissaWaddams, Stephenson381812New York
HiramWaddams, Stephenson281822New York
ElizabethWaddams, Stephenson641786New York
ClarissaWaddams, Stephenson171833New York
EllenWaddams, Stephenson3/121850Illinois
{Family 63}
Edwin LNot Stated, Tazewell371813New York49b
AmeliaNot Stated, Tazewell221828Connecticut
FlorenceNot Stated, Tazewell10/121850Illinois
{Family 64}
Neil MNot Stated, Tazewell401810England41
{Family 65}
LucrasPekin, Tazewell311819New York110b
Ann RPekin, Tazewell301820New Hampshire
LumanPekin, Tazewell621788Connecticut
{Family 66}
Dona FTremont, Tazewell311819New York136b
Delany CTremont, Tazewell211829New York
WilliamTremont, Tazewell31847Illinois
EdwinTremont, Tazewell21849Illinois
{Family 67}
George ATremont, Tazewell301820New York137b
HarriettTremont, Tazewell271823New York
IrreneTremont, Tazewell21848Illinois
{Family 68}
Herry (Henry)District 21, Vermilion211829New York243b
LouisaDistrict 21, Vermilion211829Canada
{Family 69}
Jonathan WNot Stated, Wabash521798New York411b
Teressa JNot Stated, Wabash421808New York
David MNot Stated, Wabash181832Illinois
Chancy CNot Stated, Wabash171833Illinois
JuliaNot Stated, Wabash141836Illinois
John NNot Stated, Wabash121838Illinois
CatharineNot Stated, Wabash91841Illinois
Charles HNot Stated, Wabash61844Illinois
Theodore ANot Stated, Wabash41846Illinois
Jonathan CNot Stated, Wabash11849Illinois
{Family 70}
CharlesDistrict 37, Whiteside271823New York388
MargaretDistrict 37, Whiteside231827New York
{Family 71}
Joseph DLockport, Will121838New York17b
{Family 72}
E EMomence, Will401810Connecticut96
NancyMomence, Will221828Iowa
Harriet AMomence, Will11849Illinois
{Family 73}
AmonButler, Winnebago341816New York360
Mary JButler, Winnebago251825New York
Charles SButler, Winnebago11849Illinois
David LButler, Winnebago1/121850Illinois

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