Lookups from Privately Owned
Resources and Publications

If you have publications you would like to list here, please so that your data can be added.

This page contains Privately Owned publications, Out-of-print publications, ALL published records, etc., that are in the possession of rooters who are willing to donate time and effort to do surname lookups. Each rooter who has graciously offered these lookups is stated at the beginning of each section by name and the word Submission following the name. Then at the end of the section the rooter's first name and email address are stated again.

Please direct any and all queries to the person who submitted the information for this page, not to me. I don't own any genealogical books, documents, etc., and can not help with any of the following, other than to present the document names and the rooters who own them.

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Robin Taylor Submission 12-02-10

I own a copy of:

"Early Marriages, Wills, and some Revolutionary War Records of Botetourt County, Virginia"

"The Civil War in the Smokies"

"Cades Cove, The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community 1818-1937"

"A History of Blount County, Tennessee 1795-1955"

I can do look ups for members.

Email: Robin


Collier Smith Submission 07-31-08

"James Hart and his Descendants" by Charles Gerton Hart, 1976. Genealogical study of Hart families. Ca. 1750 to 1970s. Good name index.

"The Heritage of Lauderdale County, Alabama" 1999. Brief narratives of hundreds of county families, from the early 1800s to the 1990s, with surname index.

"Ellis County (Texas): A Photo History" by Ellis County Museum, Inc., 1993. Little text, but captions contain many names of local people, in the period from ca. 1847 to 1950s. No index, so lookups are tedious.

"Mary's People - The Buckelews" by Gerry Green, 1985. Genealogical study of Buckelew/Buckalew families. Good name and place indices.

Email: Collier


Jill Mason Submission 09-23-06

10,000 Vital Records of Central NY 1813-1850
10,000 Vital Records of Western NY 1809-1850
10,000 Vital Records of Eastern NY 1777-1834

Email: Jill


Wanda Submission 08-09-06

Native American books:

The captured. Scott Zesch. This book contains some names and info about Whites that were captured by Indians in Texas.

Dawes Final Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes.

Guion Miller Roll Index.

1924 Baker Roll.

1900 Indian census list

Surname Books:
Moore Records of South Carolina, 1694-1865. Jane Revill. This is a book for the surname Moore. It lists wills and deeds of Moore individuals in each county in South Carolina. This book only contains the surname Moore. You must provide me a first name (do not request all the Moore's in so and so county). This book is not indexed, please do not request a look up without providing the county.

Wise Records of Fannin county, GA

Sullivan - Mashburn family of North Carolina and Georgia. Edna Simpson. Records and trees of the Sullivan and Mashburn surnames.

Georgia records:
1790 Tax list for Glynn county, Ga

Burke County, Ga Tax list

Fannin Co , GA World War I Draft Registration Cards

Early Gilmer county, Ga marriage records

Early Floyd county, Ga marriage records

Wilkes County, Ga Tax list

Coweta County Chronicles for One Hundred Years... by Mary G. Jones & Lily Reynolds. 887 pgs. Coweta county first settler's list

Georgia Pension Roll of 1835 by Duff Green.

Putnam County, Ga. Slave owners and Tax list

1845 Tax Roll Forsyth County, GA

Columbia County Georgia 1805 Tax list and 1806 Tax list

Early Records of EFFINGHAM COUNTY, 1794 Military list (GA)

Freedman Records of Atlanta and Dekalb county, Georgia

Taylor County Military Census-1863 (GA)


UPSON COUNTY GA Poor School Records 1845

Walton county 1820 Tax index

Email: Wanda


Jeanette Lawson Submission 08-04-06

I can do lookups in a publication:
( Abstracts of Sumner County, Tennessee )
Land, Slaves and Other Courthouse Transactions 1803 - 1863

Email: Jeanette


Patti Kilbourne Submission 07-08-06

I have the publications:

Footprints Across Woods County (Oklahoma)
Woods County Rural Cemeteries (Oklahoma)
The History of Stevens County & Its People (Kansas)

Email: Patti


Michael S. Dobson Submission 06-23-06

Family Information:
Dobson-Shirely families of Central, Pickens County, SC

CD-Rom Look-up
1880 Census - Pickens/Richland counties, SC
1910 Census - Pickens/Orangeburg counties, SC
1930 Census - Hurricane County, SC
1930 Census - Pickens/Richland Counties, SC

Central, Yesterday and Today 1873-1973 by Mattie May Morgan-Allen (South Carolina), Faith Printing, 1973. Reminisces of the township of Central, SC, including names and dates of prominent citizens.

Mosby's Rangers. James J. Williamson, Kenyon, 1896. Journal of John S. Mosby's Rangers, by a charter member of the Confederate 43rd Batallion Virginia Calvary, as told through letters and offical records. "There are more portraits of individual Confederate soldiers than in any other Southern unit in history." Will look up names and (if found) email scanned images of information and/or photographs.

The Children of Pride. Robert Manson Myers, Yale University Press, 1972. Taken from the family papers of the Rev. Charles Colcock Jones (1804-1863) of Liberty County, Georgia. 287 pages of names and information in an 1845-page volume. "A leisurly account of Georgia life befor, during and after the Civil War."

Email: Michael


Kathy Dunn Submission 05-19-05

The Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall by Garrison Kent Hall, New England Historical Society
Ancestry and Descendants of Ashbel Hollister 1885, New England Brule County History, South Dakota Hjartdalsoga, Band I-IV, Hjartdal, Tuddal & Sauland, Telemark, Norway



Georgia Bristol Submission 09-16-03

I am willing to do look ups in "Marriages of Patrick Co., VA. 1791-1850" and "Tombstone Inscriptions of the Cemeteries of Patrick Co., VA"



Carolyn La Porte Submission 02-17-03

I have the following books which I would be happy to do look-ups in.

1. History and Genealogy of the Milk-Milks Family by Grace Croft

2. The Olmsted Family - Genealogy of the Olmsted Family in America -compiled by Henry King Olmsted, M.D., revised and completed by Rev. Geo. K. Ward, A.M. covers 1632 - 1912

3. Stephens-Milks Ancestry - by Grace G. Sweek - ancestry of Leander Stephens,b. 1771 CT his wife Susannah Palmer b. 1772 NY and Ezra Milks b. 1781 NY

4. Milks-Stephens Family - by Reta Nielsen

Email: Carolyn


Michelle Korgis-Fitzpatrick Submission 02-10-03

I have written some articles on the history of Christian County in Missouri and I am compiling a book on the history of Christian County. I would be willing to do look up for others who are interested in Christian County, MO.

Email: Michelle


Lisa Lloyd Submission 01-26-03

I have "HISTORY OF BLAINE COUNTY, NEBRASKA", which includes a complete index of names.

Email: Lisa


Miriam Dapra Submission 11-15-02

I have a copy of the 7th edition of "Who's Who in the West", (copyright 1960) and am willing to do look-ups in it.

It covers the following states only: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming. (It contains people who lived in those states at the time the information for publication was gathered. It does NOT restrict itself to people who were born in those states.)

It contains brief biographical information (some or all of the following: job held at time of publication, birth date/place, parents, including mother's maiden name, schooling, spouse, date of marriage, children, job history, club membership, office address, home address).

Please note that the vast majority of the entries in the book are for people born between 1890 and 1920. There are very few listings for people who were born outside those dates.

Please put "Who's Who" lookup in the subject line of your email, and give me the full name, date of birth (probable date is okay), and name of spouse if known. Other information (such as where the person lived or what he did for a living) will be helpful in making sure I give you the information for the correct person.

Email: Miriam


Gerri DeCosta Submission 09-24-02

I have The Descendants of William Shurtleff and will do lookups.

Email: Gerri


Carol Valladares Submission 05-29-02

I have for lookups:
Etowah County, AL cemetery books.

Email: Carol


Crystal Burton Submission 05-25-02

I have for lookups:
BIDWELL Family History

Email: Crystal


Shelley Murphy Submission 12-26-01

I have:
Jefferson County, West Va, Tombstone Inscription Book 1680-1980, and will do look ups. It has cemeteries/headstone listings.

Email: Shelley


Glenda Thompson Submission 09-21-01

I have for lookups:
The DAR Centennial Patriot Index Books & updates. The books contain names of Revolutionary Patriots, both men and women whose service between 1775-1783 has been established by NSDAR.

Must send full name of ancestor; spouse's name if known; any dates and place of residence.

Email: Glenda


Mary Shorter Majesty Submission 08-27-01

I have for lookups:
The History of Essex County, VA book SETTLERS SOUTHERNERS AMERICANS. I will look up names and events. Please list the book when you email.

Email: Mary


Sherry Levoy Submission 07-09-01

I have 2 books on the history of the Kanawha Valley and early family of William Morris and Elizabeth Stepp.
  • Morris and Jarretts of WV
  • Pioneers and their homes on the upper Kanawha.

Email: Sherry


Carol Skaggs Submission 07-03-01

I own "The Kingdom of Kings, the History of Kings County, California." Kings was first part of Fresno Co., then Tulare Co., became a separate co. in 1893. This history was written for the centennial and covers 1850 thru present. It has a list of early settlers and their children. It has an index of items/names in the book, and a list of people who were interviewed for contributions to the book.

Email: Carol


Jody McCoy Submission 04-18-01

Will do lookups in:
  • Adams Genealogies; Descendants of Robert Adams & William Adams of MA
  • A List of Some Descendants of Mr. Edward Woodman in Newbury MA
  • Descendants of Nathaniel Clarke of Newbury MA
  • Cemetery Inscriptions Prior to 1800 from Haverhill MA
  • Genealogy of the Early Generations of the Coffin Family in New England
  • Sutherland & McEvoy City Directory & Business Mirror for Atchinson KS 1859-1860

Please put LOOKUP in the subject line. Most of these books are not indexed so please give me a little time to research.

Email: Jody


Jill Knutson Submission 04-06-01

I have access to:
Belvidere Cemetery records in Belvidere, Boone County, IL.

Email: Jill


Kathy Baker Submission 02-26-01

I can do look ups in the following cemetery books for Putnam County, Ohio:
  • Liberty Township (includes McConnell Cemetery, Old Center/South Center Cemetery, New Center/North Center Cemetery)
  • Greensburg Township (includes Brower Simon, Brower Verhoff, Crow Cemetery, Landis Cemetery, Myers Cemetery, St. Isadore (Cuba) Cemetery, Kirkendall Cemetery, Asa Varner/Jacob Varner, William Varner Cemetery)
  • Ottawa Township (includes St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery, Glandorf)
  • Ottawa Township (includes Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery-Ottawa, Holy Family Cemetery-New Cleveland, Riley Creek Cemetery, Pomeroy Cemetery, Pierman Cemetery, Pioneer/United Brethren Cemetery)
  • Palmer Township (includes Kieferville Cemetery, North Creek United Methodist Cemetery, St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery-North Creek, St. Nicholas Catholic Cemetery-Miller city, Wing Cemetery

Email: Kathy


Joan Field Submission 02-19-01

Will do look-ups in the following books:
Saints and Strangers - Pilgrim Fathers, families, friends and foes author: George Willison
Wheat Genealogy, Vol. 1, 1903 and Vol. 2, 1960, emigration from Southwark, London to Concord, Mass. author: Silas Carmi Wheat
Planck Family, emigrated from Wurtemburg, Germany to Mohawk Valley, New York State author: Nellie Plank
Syracuse, New York, Telephone Directory 1936-1937

Please list which publication in Subject Line

Email: Joan


Robert Shotzberger Submission 02-18-01

I will do look ups in the book(s):
Death records of Fluvanna County 1853-1896
Virginia edition of the Compendium of the Confederate Armies ( No rosters)

LOUISA COUNTY VIRGINIA DEATH RECORDS 1853-1896 compiled by Janice Ambercrombie

Email: Robert


E. Alan Long Submission 12-30-00

I have available to do lookups in:
Marriages of Benton County, Arkansas, 1860-1877 (this is Book A)
1860 Federal Census of Benton County, Arkansas.

Please put BENTON CO, AR, LOOKUP in subject line. Benton County is not to be confused with the city of the same name.

Email: E. Alan


Mary Ann Allen Submission 12-29-00

I have books, will gladly do lookups:
"Historic Memory Hill Cemetery" Milledgeville,Ga.- Burials listed for 1804 to 1997
Our Children's Ancestors by Sarah Cantey Whitaker Allen Pub. 1937 in Georgia
Whitaker of Hesley Hall Grayshott Hall and Palermo by Robert Sanderson Whitaker Pub 1907 in London
The Rennolds-Reynolds Family of England and Virgina 1530 1948 by Stephen Fredrick Tillman Pub 1948 in Washington D.C.

Email: Mary Ann


Chuck McCardie Submission 11-30-00

I have:
Annals of Platte County by W.M. Paxton. It basically covers from Plattes origin in 1839 to 1897. It is very well indexed with names. It also list monthly info on crops, elections, renegades, hangings, murders, indian treaties, fires, etc.

Happy to do lookups as time permits.

Email: Chuck


Maggie Hornsby Submission 11-05-00

Books I have and can do look ups in (All are Ontario, Canada):
  • The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West - Home District 1808-1836
  • The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West - Home District 1835-1843
  • The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West - Home District 1843-1849
  • Index to The Mount Forest Confederate (Newspaper) from 1870-1874
  • Index to The Mount Forest Confederate (Newspaper) from 1875-1878
  • A History Of Dundalk, Ontario (1840-1987)
  • A Historical Sketch of Township of Proton, Ontario (1857 - 1982)
  • A History of Glenelg Township, Grey Co., Ontario (pre 1837 - 1985)
  • The History of Grey County (First Published in 1931; updated 1999)
  • Grey County Marriages (1858-1869)
  • Grey County Deaths (Pre 1869 - 1879)
  • Grey County Births (Pre 1869 - 1874)
  • Grey County Marriages (1873-1879)
  • Ontario Directory for 1851 (Business Owners)
  • History of the County of Bruce (First published in 1906)
  • Bruce County Marriages (1869-1873)
  • Simcoe County Marriages (1858-1869)
  • The History of Simcoe County (First Published in 1948)
  • List of Post Offices in County Of Simcoe (1830-1967)
  • A Green & Pleasant Place ~ Creemore, Simcoe County, Ontario
  • The Bridges of Creemore Mills (1832-1871)
  • A Glimpse of Creemore's Past (Printed 1989)
  • Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Glenelg Township, Grey County
  • Ebenezer Cemetery, Con 2, SDR Lot 29, Glenelg Twp., Grey County
  • Hilts Methodist Cemetery, Egremont Township, Grey County
  • Old Presbyterian Cemetery, Maxwell Ontario, Osprey Twp, Grey County
  • St. Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery, Maxwell, Osprey Twp., Grey County
  • Old Pioneer Cemetery, West of Maxwell, Osprey Twp., Grey County
  • Maxwell Union Cemetery, Osprey Twp., Grey County
  • Smith's Cemetery, Conc 10, 10th Sideroad, Culross Twp., Bruce County

Email: Maggie


R. L. Cooke Submission 10-07-00

I will do look ups for Quaker researchers in:

W. W. Hinshaws EAQG Vols. I, N. Carolina; II, Philadelphia, Pa.; IV, Ohio; V, Ohio -

Willard Hiess's EAQG, Vol VII, Indiana, (Part One & Part Six only)

I have access to Hinshaws Vol. III, New York and Vol. VI, Virginia, pub. 1950.

Email: R.L.


Kathy Baker Submission 09-25-00

I can do look ups in the following books (these are all for Putnam County, Ohio)

  • Putnam County, Ohio One-Room Schools, published by the Putnam County Historical Society, Kalida, Ohio, 1985
  • Portrait & Biographical Record Putnam County (Ohio), 1896
  • Putnam County Centennial History, 1834-1934
  • The Combined 1880 History and 1895 Atlas of Putnam County, Ohio
  • Putnam County Pioneer Reminiscences, 1878-1887

*Please, just a name or two at a time.

Email: Kathy


Pam Lovejoy Submission 08-07-00

I have:
"The Early History of Greene County, Indiana"
I Well Remember by Mildred Uland (stories)
"Jonus Uland I, Elizabeth Bingham and James Buffalo Tree Va-In"
"Cemeteries of Eastern Greene Co Indiana" revised edition 1994
"Greene Co Indiana 1885-1989"
I also have a current phone book

I have bits and pieces of census, WPA listings, various other information I have collected on my names. My names for Greene Co Indiana are: Bays, Bingham, Brassfield, Fry-Frye, Mcculough, Martindale, Royal, Sparks, Terrell, Uland and Workman.

I would be most happy to do lookups from any info I have.

Email: Pam


Chris Duclos Submission 05-23-00

I have from the Tay Valley (Scotland) Family History Society for lookups:

"Angus Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855 Volume 3" (Includes cemeteries at Barry, Benvie, Fowlis Easter, Invergowrie, Liff, Lundie, Monifieth, Monikie, Murroes, Strathmartine and Tealing - all in Angus County Scotland)
"Angus Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855 Volume 4" (Includes cemeteries: The Howff, Constitution Road, Western, St. Peter's, St. Andrew's, Roodyards and Eastern in Dundee; Lochee Road and Balgay in Liff & Benvie; Old Mains in Strathdighty; Parish Church in Trottick; and Old Burial Ground, St. Aidans and Barnhill in Broughty Ferry
"The kirkyard at Murroes". This includes the pre-1855 monuments plus a section on the more "modern" areas of the cemetery.

Email: Chris


Dorothy Scott Cote Submission 05-16-00

I have:
Biography of John Wesley Scott,from Blandburg, Cambria Co.Pa., who was an Editor, Writer, and Newspaperman for several newspapers in Cambria, Clearfield and Blair Counties in the 1800's.

Email: Dorothy


Pamela Dollarhide Submission 05-07-00

I would be happy do do look-ups from:
1870 U.S. Federal Census & Mortality Schedule of Whiteside County, Illinois transcribed by Neva Baar, Joyce Snyder, Virginia Bush & Linda Nelson.

Email: Pamela


Gail Holdeman Submission 04-23-00

I have for lookups:
HOLDEMAN: Genealogical and Biographical Record of the Descendents of Christian and Christianna (Buzzard) HOLDEMAN. By Edwin Weaver, Ella Holdeman. Lists families from 1788-1973 in two volumes. Indexed.

BUTLER: The Nebraska Pioneer, William and Jane (STARR)BUTLER. By Melda Shippey. Lists families from 1750's to 1973. I have complete newsletters edited by Mrs. Shippey from 1970 to 1995, companion to this book. Indexed.

Ancestors, Relatives and Descendents of Samuel Wolf MOHLER by R. G. Mohler (1990). Families from 1750's to 1990 in the Wolf, Kemper, Gleim, Groff, and Sensenig families. No index. Need approximate dates to search generational lines.

Email: Gail


Orin Reams Submission 04-23-00

I have:
History of the Seventh Field Artillery, 1917-1919. Willing to do lookups in the book published in 1929 that recounts the service of the Seventh Regiment, Field Artillery, First Division, A.E.F. A listing of the officers and men that service in Europe is provided. Short biographies of officers that served in the regiment, as well as those that were personally decorated and those that were killed.

Email: Orin


Mary C. Blood Submission 04-04-00

I have:

"The Social Recorder of Virginia," copyright 1928, 212 pages, contains alphabetical and geographical indices of names, including names of children and organizations the member belonged to. Put "lookup" in email subject line. Limit two names per email; one email per week.

"National Society Daughters of the Barons of Runnymede," copyright 1937, 369 pages, with member names, 1937 address, lineage and brief family history back to England. Also includes sketches of American immigrant ancestors -- royal surety barons of the Magna Carta from whom descent is proven, with coats of arms and pictures of family seats (castles. Will do lookups for family information and will scan coats of arms and photos if available. Limit two names per email; one email per month.

Maryland Revolutionary Records copyright 1967, compiled by Harry Wright Newman, 155 pages. Data obtained from 3,050 pension claims and bounty land applications; includes 1,000 marriages of Maryland soldiers (alphabetized by groom only) and a list of 1,200 proved services of soldiers and patriots from other states. Limit two names per email; one email per week.

Please be patient; my time is limited.

Email: Mary


Sandy Fuller Volak Submission 03-20-00

I am willing to do a look up in:
The Damon Family of Reading, Massachusetts by Richard A. Damon, Jr., published 1999

Email: Sandy


Michelle Brack Submission 03-10-00

I would be glad to do look ups in this book,:
" Marriage and Death Notices from Pendleton (S.C.) Messenger 1807-1851.

Email: Michelle


Margaret McCleskey Submission 03-02-00

I will do look ups in:
Descendants of James and Joseph McCleskey, Soldiers of the Revolution, The Texas Group.
This book covers descendants of James and Joseph McCleskey who moved to Texas in the late 1800's. Some other names mentioned are Morton, Kiker, Jones, Wood, Jackson.

Email: Margaret


Sandy Schmitz Submission 02-23-00

I can do lookups in the following books and records:
Brokenburn, the Journal of Kate Stone, by Florence McKoin. Carroll and Madison Parish, Louisiana during 1861 - 1868.
"A Place to Remember, East Carroll Parish, La. 1832-1976"
"Between the Rivers: A West Carroll Chronicle." History of West Carroll Parish, LA.
(All 3 books have many names (some biographies) of the people living in the area during those times.)
"East Carroll Parish marriages": Husband, Wife, and date married, Early 1800's thru 1900.
Many East Carroll Parish, LA. cemetery lists through mid 1900's.

Census Records: 1830 & 1840 Catahoula, Concordia, Ouachita, Caldwell, Carroll, Maddison, & Union Parishes in Louisiana.
1850(whites), 1860(whites), 1870(whites), 1880(whites), 1900(whites)

Visit my homepage for Indexes to books: http://www.cswnet.com/~sschmitz/

Email: Sandy


Paul Gwynn Submission 02-08-00

I have a copy of, and would be more than happy to lookup information for others in this publication::
The History of the Gwin Family (Gwin, Gwinn, Gwyn, Gwynn, Gwynne, Guin, Guinn, Wynn, Wynne) by Jesse Blaine Gwynn.

Email: Paul


Debbie Dufresne Submission 02-01-00

I have for lookups:
Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700 (includes both supplements)

Email: Debbie


Doris Ménard Submission 12-10-99

I have for lookups:
National Dictionary of French Canadian

Email: Doris


Mary Jane Johnson Submission 10-24-99

I have for Garfield Co. Nebraska:
The "Garfield County Round-up"
The "Garfield County Round-up #2"
and will be glad to do lookups.

Email: Mary Jane


Cidney Engberg Submission 10-19-99

I have for lookups:
Columbia County NY Gravestone Inscriptions by A.L. Divine. This is just an index of names who are all buried in the larger cemeteries of Columbia Co., only gives the cemetery where the name was found, NO DATES.
Settlers and Residents Vol. 3 Part 1 from the town of Livingston, Columbia Co. NY. by Arthur C.M. Kelly. 1710-1899. This has an index of names and has some tax records, some church records, snippits of marriage, births and deaths. Otsego Co. NY
Early Families of Otsego County NY Vol. 1 by Martha Reamy - has a names index and has some 2-3 generation familys to just a marriage.
A Collection of Abstracts from Otsego Co. NY. Newspaper Obituaries 1808-1875 compiled by Gertrude Audrey Barber. has names index, gives approx. death date and newspaper it appered in.
At Rest in Unadilla, Otsego Co. NY by Shirley B. Goerlich - has names index and covers all cemeteries in the town of Unadilla, has some historys of families, 1850 census for that town, Veterans with marked graves and Postmasters for 1801-1987.
Please put as subject, Columbia Co. or Otsego Co. lookup

Email: Cidney


Christine Caldwell Submission 10-19-99

I have the book:
The Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families by Samuel Kreibel Brecht. It lists families who fled from religious persecution in Silesia and arrived in Philadelphia, PA in the years 1771-1737.
Please put Look-up in subject line.

Email: Christine


Pam Parsons Submission 10-15-99

I will do lookups from the book:
They Called Stafford Home, The Development of Stafford County, Virginia, from 1600 to 1865 by Jerrilynn Eby

Email: Pam


Carolyn E. Barrett Submission 10-02-99

I can do lookups in the following:
History and Genealogy of the Family of Deacon Lovel Parker who emigrated from Barkhamsted, CT to Kinsman, OH in the year 1816. Compiled by Rufus H. and L.N. Parker in 1898. This book covers many generations of Parkers from 1643-1898. Three brothers emigrated from Wales to New Haven, CT in 1643. This book shows the generations decended from Edward Parker.

Email: Carolyn


Anne Midwinter Submission 10-02-99

I can do look-ups in my three volumes of:
The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography -short biographies of about 1800 mildly prominent (mayors, leading citizens ec) New Zealanders between 1769 and 1920. They don't have to be famous to be in here. My great-grandfather is featured because he started the local brass band!

Email: Anne


Marty Harper Submission 08-15-99

Louisiana researchers:
I have the Catahoula Parish and the Concordia Parish cemeteries. Please put LOOKUP in the subject and be sure to include the Parish and all known information.

Email: Marty


Donna Rush Lamb Submission 08-11-99

I have a copy of the out of print book entitled:
Hiatt-Hiett, Genealogy and Family History, 1699-1949 complied and edited the William Perry Johnson. This book has 1013 pages and has a all person index. Would be glad to do look-ups.

Email: Donna


Linda S Mayer Submission 08-11-99

I am willing to do lookups from the following publications:
Abstracts of Wills & Inventories of Bath Co VA 1791-1842 by Jean Randolph Bruns
Abstracts of Bath Co VA Will books 5 and 6 - 1843-1875 by Holly Wanless Cochran
Survey of Cedar Hill Cemetery with the Original Locust Hill Cememtery, published by Allegheny Highlands Geneological Soc. 1994

Email: Linda


Victoria Smith Submission 08-11-99

Descendants of JAMES & THANKFUL TENNEY of UPSHUR CO., WV - I have many death certificates for these descendants as well as notes made from the Upshur Co. courthouse records. I would be willing to scan these records and send them to anyone who is interested. I would also be willing to do look ups in these records. My collection includes female descendants with married surnames other than Tenney.

Email: Victoria


Jackie Corby Submission 07-23-99

I have and wil do lookups in:
Annals of Warren by Cyrus Eaton (1605-1876)
History of Union, Maine by Sibly
History of Industry, Maine by William Collins Hatch (1787-1893)

Email: Jackie


Margaret Heinek Submission 07-18-99

I have several books on Western North Carolina and will be glad to check to see if anyones name is there. Burke Co, Buncombe Co., Toe River area of Mitchell Co. and Yancey Co, NC.

Email: Margaret


Anna Palmer Submission 07-18-99

I will do 1 or 2 surnames per email look-ups as time permits:
PI0NEER FAMILIES OF MISSOURI by BRYAN AND ROSE covers St Charles, Audrain, Montgomery, Callaway and a little bit of Lincoln.

Email: Anna


Katherine Butler Submission 06-18-99

I have and would be glad to do lookups in:
History of Franklin and Grand Isle County, VT by LC Aldrech

Email: Katherine


Elaine Rethford Submission 06-06-99

I have: The Book of Chicagoans published 1911, which is a biographical dictionary of leading LIVING men in the City of Chicago in 1911. Full biographies include date and place of birth, parents (including mother's maiden name), children's names, education, history of employment and clubs and associations. These were wealthy and important men of the time.

Email: Elaine


Pam Cost Submission 05-31-99

I have compiled some records on some private cemeteries in Brooke County, West Virginia. I'd be willing to look for your ancestors.

Email: Pam


Dave Cost Submission 05-24-99

I have written a book which is out of print now on the COST family THE DESCENDANTS OF THOMAS COST. Early family in N.C. and ALA. Will do look up for your Cost family

Email: Dave


Gerri DeCosta Submission 05-22-99

I have the 2-volume set of the:

"Descendants of William Shurtleff by Benjamin Shurtleff, (revised 1976 by Roy L. Shurtleff). Over 12 generations covered (from 1624-1960's). Lots of Mayflower connections. Would be willing to do 5 lookups at a time.

Email: Gerri


Noel Wilder Submission 05-18-99

I own a copy of the following book and I will be happy to look up Wilder's in the SW United States. Please send as much info that you can: Wilder Families in The Southeastern United States by William Murtha Wilder

Email: Noel


Karin Goudy Submission 05-11-99

I own a two volume work on the Goudy family and would be willing to do lookups. The book is organized by location and there is no Goudy etc. name index. I would need to know what state and county or country the person is looking in.

A Family History Comprising the Surnames of Gade-Gadie-Gaudie-Gawdie-Gawdy-Gowdy-Goudy-Goudey-Gowdey-Gauden-Gaudern- and the Variant Forms From A.D. 800 to A.D.1919 by Hon. Mahlon M. Gowdy

Email: Karin


Laura Gentner Dunwald Submission 04-30-99

I have Terry Charles PEET's book and I will look up up to 5 names at one time:

John Peet 1597-1684 of Stratford, Connecticut & his Descendants

Email: Laura


Debbie Adams Submission 04-16-99

I have the following, and would be glad to do look-ups:

OLD LUTHERAN CHURCH RECORDS 1757 --- 1848 LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA (A compilation by Mrs. G. David Koch 1969) Primarily "Old Pilgrim Lutheran"
CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS, DAVIDSON (OLD ROWAN) CO., NORTH CAROLINA (A compilation by Mrs. G. David Koch 1970). Index includes: Abbots Creek Primitive Baptist - Abandoned Cem. near Beacon Light - Beck Church Cemetery - Bethany Church Cemetery - Bethany Meth.(or) Tysinger - Bethel (Private Cemetery) - Betheseda Meth. Church Cemetery - Beulah Reformed Church - Black (or) Heath (Private) - Brummell Private Cemetery - Brushy Fork Baptist - Byerly- Tussy Cemetery - Cameron Family Private Cemetery - Canaan Methodist Chruch - Private Cemetery (Cecil?) - Cedar Grove Baptist - Cedar Springs - Clinard Private Cemetery - Cross Private Cemetery - Fairgrove Methodist - Foushee Family Cemetery - Friedberg Moravian - Gallimore Family Cemetery - Gilchrist-Finch Family Cemetery - Heath(or Black) Private Cemetery - Hebron Reformed Church - Hedricks Grove Reformed Church - Holly Grove Lutheran Church - Holme Cemetery - Immanuel Church Cemetery - Jersey Baptist Church - Jerusalem Church Cemetery - Lebanon Lutheran Church Cemetery - Linwood Methodist Church - Midway Methodist Church - Miller Family Cemetery - Owens Family Cemetery - Pilgrim Church (Old) - Pilgrim Lutheran Church - Pine Hill Methodist Church - Piney Woods Meeting House - Plesant Grove Methodist Church - Reeds Baptist Church Cemetery - Roberts Cemetery - Shady Grove Methodist Church - Smith Family Cemetery - Spring Hill Methodist Church - St. Lukes Cemetery - Tussy-Byerly Cemetery - Tysinger (or Bethany Meth.) - Vernon Baptist church - Wagoner Family Cemetery - Walser Family Cemetery - Wesley's Chapel Cemetery - Workman Private Cemetery - Yarbroug Cemetery

Email: Debbie


Margaret Hallisey Submission 04-16-99

I will do lookups in:

Bouton,Boughton and Farnam Families by Willis A. Boughton c. 1949. Traces Boughton (and alternate spellings) from 1635, John Bouton, to 1948. It is fairly complete for surname Boughton, less so for Farnam.

Email: Margaret


Terry Milholland Submission 04-16-99

I have the following books available for look up:

Gabriel Richard Ellis His Ancestry, His Life, His Descendants by Wesley Crosby Ellis; This book includes Civil War and other experiences of Gabriel R. Ellis.

Who's Who in Alabama - Volume III, With Notable Women, 1972 - 1973

Email: Terry


Betty Ann Lee Submission 03-30-99

I have for lookups:

LENT (van Lent) Family History in the U.S. 1638 - 1902 by Nelson Burton Lent

Email: Betty


Mary K. Holterman Submission 03-30-99

I have:

A Genealogical History of the Ficklin Family in America (with some account of the family in England), compiled by Walter Homan Ficklin and published in 1912. Associated names by marriage were Bruce, Banks, Corbin, Bowens, Fewell, Fitzhugh, Gilbert, Grant, Hansford, Schilcotte, Taliaferro and Thornton. This book is indexed.
I also have some updated history available about my particular Ficklin line.

Email: Mary Please put Look-up in the Subject line.


Steven R. Frady Submission 03-08-99

I have & will gladly do lookups as time allows:

cardfile of the 1861-1877 Grand Register of the Virginia Fire Department (Virginia City, Nevada)
Membership information for the 1877-1913 Virginia Exempt Fire Association.
Some limited membership information for the 1863-1938 Gold Hill Fire Department (south of Virginia City).
Some limited membership information for the Virginia Paid Fire Department (Virginia City, Nevada).
Burial and obituary information for persons buried in the Virginia Exempt Fire Association Cemetery in Virginia City.

Email: Steve


Barbara Master Submission 02-04-99

I have:
LODZ GHETTO: Inside a Community Under Siege Compiled & edited by Alan Adelson & Robert Lapides. 1989, Viking Pub.
The Chronicle of the LODZ GHETTO: 1941-1944 Edited by Lucjan Dobroszycki. 1984, Yale U. Press.

Email: Barbara and she asks: "Leave your E-mail with subject line saying Look-up Lodz. Give me time to respond."


Sylvia Harper Nelson Submission 01-31-99

I have a copy of that I would be happy to do lookups in:
The Records of The First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of the Town of Glen, organized as The First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of the Town of Charlestown (Charleston), Montgomery County, New York, on March 18, 1795. The book consists of records copied from the original church register now in the collections of the Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives, Old Court House, Fonda, NY. The dates run from 1805 through 1879.

Email: Sylvia


Brenda Armstrong Submission 01-11-99

I have two books that I would be willing to look up 1-2 names per book:
Pioneer Famlies of Northwestern New Jersey by William C. Armstrong
A Geneological record of the Descendants of Nathan Armstrong.

Email: Brenda In the subject line type"Brenda" so that I know its for me and I won't delete it.


Georgia Bristol Submission 01-09-99

I have the following and will be happy to do look-ups:
1880 Census for Greene Co., TN. by Sistler
1880 Census for Blount Co., TN. by Sistler
Cemetery Records in Blount Co., TN. by Edith B. Little
Munford Cemetery in Tipton Co., TN.
Desoto Co., MS. Cemetery Inscriptions by Desoto Co. Genealogy Society
Desoto Co., MS. Death Notices by Desoto Co. Genealogy Society
White Marriage Records for DeSoto Co. - 1893-1923 by Desoto Co. Genealogy Society
Marriage Records for Blount Co., TN. 1795-1915 by Edith B. Little
Marriage Records for Tipton Co., TN. 1840-1843
Marriage Records for Greene Co., TN. 1783-1868 by Burgner
Marriage Records for Lincoln Co., TN. 1838-1880 by Marsh
Marriage Records for Franklin Co., TN. 1838-1875 by Burks
1870 Census for Franklin Co., TN.
1850 Census for Blount Co., TN.
1850 Census for Cocke Co., TN.
1880 Census for Overton Co., TN.
1880 Census for Knox Co., TN.
1880 Census for Tipton Co., TN.
1850 Census for Lauderdale Co., TN.
Marriage Records for Knox Co., TN. 1792-1837

Email: Georgia


Rick Dexter Submission 01-04-99

I will do look-ups in:
Iroquois County History Volume 1, 1985, Iroquois County Historical Society, Watseka, Illinois.

Email: Rick


Al Rosenfield Submission 01-02-99

I will do look-ups in:
Parish Register of Chesham, 1538-1636. Chesham is in Buckingamshire, UK

Email: Al


Jim Conboy Submission 12-27-98

I will do look-ups in:
The Conboys of Susquehanna County Pennsylvania, by the submitter, and contains approximately 500 names which are either Conboy or related surnames. Among the names referenced in the text are: CONBOY, SANDERSON, FOSTER, CLARK, LEEHAN, WHEATON, and HICKEY.

Email: Jim


Gail Holdeman Submission 12-05-98

I will do look-ups in:
HOLDEMAN Descendants:Descendants of Christian and Christianna (Buzzard) HOLDEMAN, by Edwin L. Weaver, 1937
BUTLER/STARR: Nebraska Pioneer by Melda Shippey, 1973
BUTLER/STARR: Butler Newsletters, 1970-1995 by Melda Shippey, ed.

Please put LOOK-UP in subject line. Give me a few days to look because I work long hours four days a week.
Email: Gail


Helen D'All Submission 10-26-98

I will do lookups in the following records:
History of the 83rd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-1863 by Amos M. Judson, Captain of Company 'E'. (This book is not indexed so bear with me).

Shelby Foote's three volumes on the Civil War. This series does not give names but has a complete record and description of battles, dates, numbers of casualties etc which may be of interest to anyone whose ancestors fought in the Civil War.

Email: Helen


Richard Moberly Submission 10-24-98

I have the following publications and will do lookup's for specific individuals:

Holt County, Missouri - Births 1883-1893
Holt County, Missouri - Marriages 1860-1870
Holt County, Missouri - Marriages 1871-1880
Holt County, Missouri - Death Notices from area Newspapers 1857-1899
Holt County, Missouri - Special Census of 1876
Holt County, Missouri - "Gone Home" - Directory of the deceased & Items of History 1837-1981
Kanawha County, Virginia - Personal Property Tax Lists 1806 and 1809

Email: Richard


Sharon Trosan Submission 10-21-98

I have:
History of Cambria County Pennsylvania, 3 volume set, by Storey. Lists thousands of names in the Cambria area. Includes rosters for Civil War regiments.
Cemetery Transcriptions of:
St Paul's Lutheran Church, Allison Park (Pittsburgh) PA
St Francis Catholic Church Cemetery, Johnstown, PA
History of the Ohio National Guard and Ohio Volunteers of 1898. Not indexed by name, so be as specific as possible.

Email: Sharon


Mary Stewart MacKenzie Submission 10-18-98

I have and will do lookups in:
LEDBETTERS FROM VIRGINIA by Roy C. Ledbetter, et al
LANIER by Louise Ingersoll

Email Mary and put LOOKUP in the subject line please.


John Ballard Submission 09-10-98

I have:
Bebb Genealogy: The Descendants of William Bebb and Martha Hughe by Herbert Bebb (Chicago, 1944). Mainly OH and including many Joneses and Evanses of Van Wert County.

Email: John for further info


Marta Metcalf Submission 08-20-98

I have two family histories available for lookups:
1) Kelloggs in the Old World and the New by Timothy Hopkins published 1903
2) Genealogy of the Bergey Family by David Hendricks Bergey published 1925

Email: Marta


Alice Ramer Rice Bratcher Submission 08-11-98

I have the following books I will look up one or 2 last names on a request:
Knox County, Tennessee Marriage Records 1792--1900 by Roscoe Carlisle d'Armand and Viriginia Carlisle d'Armand
Grayson County, Kentucky Cemetery Books
Butler County, Kentucky Cemetery Book
Ohio County, Kentucky Cemetery Books
Please put LOOKUP in the SUBJECT LINE and give approximate years

Email Alice


Rick Libbey Submission 07-09-98

I have:
The Libby Family in America - 1602-1881 by Charles T. Libby. Pub. in 1882. The genealogy of the Libby Family as compiled by Charles T., from John Libby 'The Immigrant' 1602-1682, to 1881, by which time the family had spread throughout North America. Contains MANY surnames.
The Libby Family in America - 1882-1982 compiled by the 'John Libby Family Association' and pub. in 1993. This second volume, of two books, continues the saga of the Libby Family and a HUDGE number of related families.
The Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire by Noyes, Libby and Davis. Includes many New England surnames up to about 1700.
Genealogical Abstracts From New Hampshire Mercury 1784 - 1788, by Robert Scobie. Many surnames and dates from this NH. newspaper.

Email Rick


Joan Johnson Submission 07-05-98

I have:
The Book of Persons buried at Sylvania Cemetery and many of their descendants. This was an old farming community. which was comprised of sections of Mt. Pleasant, Yorkville, Racine & Somers townships, in Racine and Kenosha, WI. Familes arrived here ca. 1837, 11 years before statehood.

Email: Joan


Lynn (Scott) Kutch Submission 03-30-98

I have a book with the following:
John Bishop of Whitburn, Scotland
Robert Hamilton Bishop of Oxford, Ohio
Ebenezer Bishop of McDonough County, Illinois
John Scott of Ireland
Compiled by: Stanley R. Scott and Robert Montgomery, 1951

Email: Lynn


Alan H. Roberts Submission 02-28-98

I have:
McCoy History & Genealogy published in 1904 by Lycurgous McCoy which chronicles the immigration of William McCoy and his family in 1772 from Scotland thru Washington Co., PA and westward; lists over 340 individuals from this line. Connects with many other immigrants from Scotland & Ireland.
The Welti_Weldy Family Five Generations of Descendants of Peter Weldy, Mennonite Settlers, Who Came to Pennsylvania in 1727"
compiled by Paul Gifford
The History of the Descendants of John Hottel
Will do look-ups as time permits.
Email: Al


Leon F. Wilson Submission 01-10-98

I keep the Bourland Society records on my computer. The books "The Bourlands In America and "The Loving Families In America are out of print. I keep these books up to date with all the additional submissions. I will give the ancestry and enter any submission of descendants.
I also have descendants of Christopher Pickle 1750 VA-1814 Knox Co TN. and am compiling all descendants. Will furnish "tree" information.
I have descendants from James Goss 1716-1778
Email: Leon Wilson


Nancy Wilson Submission 11-24-97

I have:
History of O'Brien County, Iowaby D.A.W.Perkins, written 1897. It would be very helpful if you would check the index of this book which appears on the Rootsweb O'Brien County site (www.rootsweb.com/~iaobrien ) to see if your names are in the book. If so, please include the page number with your request. Follow the link under "Miscellaneous Listings" and select "Index to 1897 History." Thank you!
The Wades - The History of a Family by Zada Wade Beadles, which traces the line of Zachary Wade and Mary Hatton Wade, from Maryland to Tennessee.
Who's Who in America, Volumes 17 (1932-33) and 18, (1934-35)..
Email: Nancy


Lynn Smith Submission 11-17-97

I have the following books I am willing to do lookups in:
1850 census of Queen Anns Co Maryland
1800 census of Queen Anns Co Maryland
Tombstones of Queen Anns Co Maryland Volume 1
Caroline Co Maryland 1850 census
Obituaries in Maryland Newspapers QueenAnnes Co MD1898-1899
Obituaries in Maryland newspapers QueenAnnes Co Md May 1851-Oct 1853
Obituaries in Maryland Newspapers QueenAnnes Co MD 1920-1921
Email: Lynn


Peggy van Wunnik Submission11-17-97

I have:

The alphabetic and chronological membership roster of the Sunset Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas, from its chartering in 1927 to 1994 (shortly before its dissolution.) Would be glad to research for anyone tracking their Dallas Presbyterian ancestors.

1969 Dallas Cole's directory (the "criss-cross" directory) of Dallas residents, showing surname listings and also all Dallas street addresses.
Email: Peggy


Carol Holt Submission

Marriage Records of Franklin County, Tennessee 1838-1875 Transcribed by Billie and Hall Burks
Cemetery Records of Franklin County, Tennessee (up through approximately 1984) by Volunteers in the Franklin County Historical Society
Franklin County, Tennessee Marriages for 1884-1903
Email: Carol


Jackie Bull Rish Submission

Rolls and Lists of Connecticut Men in the Revolution 1775 - 1783 - Connecticut Historical Society
Hartford, CT Land Records, Births Marriages and Deaths - Vol 2 only -
Litchfield and Morris (Connecticut) Tombstone Inscriptions
Genealogical Notes - Contributions to the Family History of some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusets, by Nathaniel Goodwin
The History of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut, by Stiles
Email: Jackie Bull Rish


Lois Faye Submission

I have several books that I would love to share information from:

1860 Mortality Schedules of Texas
Early Texas Birth Record 1838-1878
A pictoral History of Polk Co., Texas
Liberty, Liberty Co., and the Atascosito District
1870 Census Libery County Texas
Hardin County (Texas) History
Hardin Co., Tx index to Probate Cases 1867 -1939
Hardin Co., Tx Marriage Records 1858 -1899
Tyler County Census 1860
Some Early Southeast Texas Families
Brazoria Co., Republic of Texas Marriage records 1829 -1844
Brazoria County Texas Index to Probate Cases 1832 -1939

All I request is a little time to do the lookups, as I work full time and this is my favorite hobby.
Email: Lois


Eddi Morton Submission

I have a "books" of genealogy info on the Teter, Six, and Wilbur lines and hundreds of affiliated families that settled in Marion Co. Iowa. I would be glad to help anyone in their search.
Eddi Morton


Sean Bagby Submission

The Descendants of Cornelis Aertsen Van Schaick, volumes 1-3, compiled by Melwood Van Scoyoc, and I am willing to do lookups for anyone who requests them. There are about 200 variations of the Van Schaick name, all verified by Melwood Van Scoyoc.
My e-mail address is


Barb Boese Submission

Connell Genealogy by the Connell Cousins. William Connell s/o Ann Crawford and James Connell Desc. VA/PA/Ind and now all over.
Portrait and Biographical Album of Coles County, Illinois.
Ripley County, Indiana History vols 1 & 2

Email: Barb


Jan Johnson Submission

The House of Franciscus contains more than 1000 names of descendents of Christophel Franciscus (b. 1680 in Germany and arrived in PA in 1709). Descendents settled primarily in PA, VA, KY, TN, MO, and MT. In addition, I can refer queries about the descendents of Henry Francisco the The Francisco Researcher.
I also have a REALLY good resource for those looking for info on Burgett/Burghardt lines.

Email Jan


Faye Moran Submission

1759 Rowan Co NC Tax List
1776 Census, Frederick Co MD
1850 Census, Forsyth Co NC
1860 Census, Forsyth Co NC
"Marylanders to the Carolinas"
Several volumns of "The Forsyth Co Genealogical Society Journal"
"St John's & St George's Parish Registes 1696-1851 (MD)
"Baltimore Inhabitants 1763-1774" (MD)
"Marylanders to Kentucky"
Maryland Militia in Rev. War
Maryland Eastern Shore Vital REcords 1726-1750
Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records 1751-1775
Maryland Eastern Shore Vital REcords 1648-1725
Harford County Patriots (MD)
"Pioneers of Old Monocacy" (MD)
Almost all of the "Cemetery Records of Forsyth Co NC"

Faye requests that a person please state "what record they want researched." ** I suggest that the RECORD NAME be put in the subject line.**

Email Faye


Pat Place Submissions

The Mattingly Family in Early America by Msgr. Herman E. Mattingly. Covers the Mattingly family, along with some related families, in St. Mary's County, MD from 1664 to around 1800.
Traditions and Genealogy, Lamentably Imperfect, of the Mattingly Family, 1663-1918 by Fr. Julius F. Mattingly. This covers 2 branches of Mattingly families, 1 in Ohio and 1 in Kentucky, from appr. 1750 to 1918.
The Descendants of Henry Mattingly by Msgr. Herman E. Mattingly. This book corrects inaccuracies of the Ohio Mattingly family in the prior "Traditions and Genealogy" book.
The Descendants of Joseph Mattingly and Hessina Hinton by Joseph F. Mattingly and Eliza Mattingly Kelly. This book chronicles another branch of a Mattingly family in KY.

Email Pat


Robert L. Smith Submission

OWSLEY COUNTY, KY Records Robert L. Smith has the following databases available for lookups: Census Records from 1850-1880 and 1900-1920. Birth Records from 1843-1930 (appr. 15,000). Marriage Records from 1843-1940 (appr. 14,000). Rooters are requested to limit their queries to specific full names, ie; Hannah Smith instead of `all Smiths'.

Email Robert


Joe Downing Submission

Deed Abstracts, 1789-1820 Mason Co., KY by Western Heraldry Organization. A 2 volume set. Rooters take note! Limit requests to 2 names only, per query, and include first name with the surname. Per J. Downing.
Madison Co. VA Marriages, 1792-1850 by Vogt & Kethley
Benton County, MO3 Vol History by White.

Email Joe


Cecil VanDyke Submission

FLINN, FLYNN, AND KIN - Rutherford County, North Carolina compiled by Mary A. Taylor.

Email Cecil


Volunteer LookerUppers in Vital Records
I am a volunteer vital records looker-upper here in San Diego, California. I can access the marriage and death records for anyone needing this type of assistance. Email Judy Sheinbein


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