James B. Harrell Male

Born: 5-Dec-1793 (Washington TN)
Died: 30-Apr-1872 (Holton, Ripley, IN)
Buried: Harrell Family Cemetery, later removed to Holton West Cemetery, due to the U.S. Army buying farm for the Jefferson Proving Ground installation.

James' Family:

1st Spouse: Suzannah Harris b. Feb 20, 1796 - married Sep 20, 1814, Shelby,,KY - d. 1835

Diadema Harrell b. 1807 in Washington, [county], Tennessee
Isaac Deacon Harrell
John Harrell b. 1812 in Shelby, [county], Kentucky
Richard Harrell b. 1814 in Shelby, [county], Kentucky
Joshua Harrell b.1815 in Shelby, [county], Kentucky
Malinda Harrell b. 1815 in Shelby, [county], Kentucky
Martha Ann Harrell b. 1817 in Shelby, [county], Kentucky
Amelia Harrell b. 1818 in Shelby, [county], Kentucky
Rachel Harrell b. 1821 in Shelby, [county], Kentucky
William Harrell b. 1824 in Shelby, [county], Kentucky
Hiram Harrell b. 1832 in [city], [county], Indiana

James' Family:

2nd Spouse: Mary (Polly) Malin married between 1832/3 and 1837

William Harrell
Katherine Harrell
Louisa Harrell
James H. Harrell
Samuel Harrell
Lindsay Harrell
Francis Marion Harrell
Daniel Dermitt Harrell
Comlydie Harrell
Lucy Ella Harrell
Malin Harrell  

James's Heritage

Parents: John David Harrell
Sofia (Cassia) Deacon


Notes: Headstone