" U & V " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
Udah, Lamira120
Underwood, Maria154
Upson, Mary98
Usher, Caroline32
Utley, Mary111
Van Auken, Catherine43
Van Auken, Mary75
Van Buren, Effingham Marshall182
Van Buren, Jessie182
Van Deman, Joseph72
Van Horn, Lucy145
Van Slyke, Jane40
Vary, Edwin106
Vary, Lyman106
Vastine, Ruth Ann107
Vey, Emily A.119
Viets, Allen D.159
Viets, Caroline114
Viets, David159
Viets, Deborah49
Viets, Eliza Candace134
Viets, Emeline Caroline150
Viets, John27, 49
Viets, Luke62, 150
Viets, Nancy A.62
Viets, Samuel Willis54
Viets, Seth94
Viets, Sophar25
Vincent, George Huntington127
Vining, Charles Horace76
Vining, Clarence Ruggles76
Vining, Dolly42
Vining, Elias14, 26, 46
Vining, Elmer14
Vining, Emily77
Vining, Eunice14
Vining, Gaius14
Vining, George35
Vining, Henry Jerome76
Vining, Horace Case76
Vining, John138
Vining, Mary Rosanna76, 170
Vining, Philomather14
Vining, Samuel14
Vining, Sarah138, 154
Vining, Thomas21, 47
Vining, Thomas A.14, 35, 76
Vining, William14
Vosburg, Emeline Adelia111
Vosburg, Henry Robert111
Vosburg, Mamie Louise111
Vroman, Maria21

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