" N " surnames from John Case and His Descendants
by Ruth Cost Duncan

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NamePage #
Nash, Martin S.112
Neale, Amarella M.110
Neale, Lavinia M.89
Neale, Richard89
Nearing, Emanuel17
Nearing, Henry81
Nearing, John78
Nearing, John H.17
Nearing, Laura78
Nearing, Miss16
Nellis, Jennie Olive177
Nellis, Oliver K.177
Nelson, Cynthia126
Nelson, Ellen Kate122
Nelson, Mabel Roxanna182
Nelson, Mephihosbeth182
Newberry, Annette186
Newberry, Samuel B.186
Newbury, Bessie Emily Weber149
Newbury, Lyman Paine149
Newcomb, Calvin85
Newell, Samuel D.110
Newell, Sarah146
Newton, Allen H.144
Newton, Charles Francis139
Newton, Dorothy May139
Newton, Dwight Francis139
Newton, Hannah1,97
Newton, Helen Adelaide139
Newton, Howard George139
Newton, Julia Amanda109
Newton, Kathryn Sara144
Newton, Kent Harwood144
Newton, Lemuel131
Newton, Louise Case139
Newton, Lucretia Malvina84
Newton, Nathaly Elizabeth144
Newton, Roswell144
Newton, Sarah131
Nichols, Burton A.164
Nichols, Charles112
Nichols, Eliza120
Nichols, Elizabeth121,173
Nichols, Hannah120
Nichols, Ira34
Nichols, Nathan173
Nichols, Sarah17
Nichols, Stephen121
Nickels, Amy Margaret169
Nickels, Charles Lemuel169
Nickels, Horace Emerson169
Nickels, Lemuel169
Nickels, Olive Mabel169
Niles, Ada31
Nisbet, William127
Noble, Averitt44
Noble, Bessie Louise143
Noble, Chester Tuller44
Noble, G. Kingsley144
Noble, Harriett A.157
Noble, Henry John43
Noble, Jonathan14,38
Noble, Laura Susanna44
Noble, Roswell43
Noble, Roswell Jay44
Norris, Katherine Lavinia173
Norris, Mary173
Norris, Peter56
Norris, Thomas173
North, Adna43
North, David Woodard89
North, Isaiah M.89,162
North, Lucinda43
North, Maria43
North, Merrills43
North, Nancy43
North, Rachel Edna162
North, Roxanna47
Northway, Ann15
Northway, Anne102
Northway, Ozias10
Norton, Job38
Norton, John Richard175
Norton, Laura101
Norton, Margaret Eliza156
Norton, Robert G.67
Norton, Sarah Lucy112
Norton, Wendell Phillips175
Nye, Mary103

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