CASE Families living in Virginia in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Thomas Pungoteague, Accomack1874VirginiaHead
Bettie Pungoteague, Accomack1868VirginiaWife
{Family 2}
Surname listed Gase
Pungoteague, Accomack1898VirginiaNephew
{Family 3}
Nellie Pungoteague, Accomack1894VirginiaServant
{Family 4}
Lee F
Surname listed Casl
Pungoteague, Accomack1900VirginiaGranddaughter
{Family 5}
Henry Pungoteague, Accomack1874VirginiaHead
Mary Pungoteague, Accomack1880VirginiaWife
George H Pungoteague, Accomack1899VirginiaSon
William Lee Pungoteague, Accomack1901VirginiaSon
Roland Pungoteague, Accomack1908VirginiaSon
Bettie Pungoteague, Accomack1910VirginiaDaughter
{Family 6}
Surname listed Care
Pungoteague, Accomack1874VirginiaHead
{Family 7}
Richard R Charlottesville, Albemarle1863VirginiaHead
Minnie D Charlottesville, Albemarle1873VirginiaWife
Robert C Charlottesville, Albemarle1901VirginiaSon
Margarett G Charlottesville, Albemarle1903VirginiaDaughter
Vriginia A Charlottesville, Albemarle1907VirginiaDaughter
{Family 8}
Mattie Clover Hill, Appomattox1862VirginiaHead
John W Clover Hill, Appomattox1892VirginiaSon
James Clover Hill, Appomattox1896VirginiaSon
Maren Clover Hill, Appomattox1898VirginiaSon
Amy J Clover Hill, Appomattox1901VirginiaDaughter
{Family 9}
John W
Surname listed Kare
Charlottesville Ward 1,
Charlottesville (Independent City)
{Family 10}
Virginia R Charlottesville Ward 2, Charlottesville
(Independent City)
Lillie E Charlottesville Ward 2, Charlottesville
(Independent City)
Maude V Charlottesville Ward 2, Charlottesville
(Independent City)
{Family 11}
Surnames listed Cose
Providence, Fairfax1879VirginiaHead
SophiaProvidence, Fairfax1883PennsylvaniaWife
LloydProvidence, Fairfax1904PennsylvaniaSon
BlancheProvidence, Fairfax1905PennsylvaniaDaughter
MargaretProvidence, Fairfax1907PennsylvaniaDaughter
ClarenceProvidence, Fairfax1909MarylandSon
ClarenceProvidence, Fairfax1885VirginiaBrother
{Family 12}
Agnes R
Surnames listed Care
Lee, Fauquier1876OhioHead
Walter ELee, Fauquier1902VirginiaSon
Mary FLee, Fauquier1892VirginiaDaughter
{Family 13}
Floyd Shawnee, Frederick1895VirginiaServant
{Family 14}
F D Zion, Greensville1857OhioHead
Elley Zion, Greensville1867OhioWife
Frank Zion, Greensville1893OhioSon
Leonard Zion, Greensville1896OhioSon
{Family 15}
Harry Zion, Greensville1889KansasHead
{Family 16}
George MT Gilead, Loudoun1866VirginiaHead
Rosa MT Gilead, Loudoun1868VirginiaWife
Raymond MT Gilead, Loudoun1891VirginiaSon
Syril MT Gilead, Loudoun1893VirginiaDaughter
Dewey MT Gilead, Loudoun1900VirginiaSon
Wheeler MT Gilead, Loudoun1900VirginiaSon
{Family 17}
John L MT Gilead, Loudoun1874VirginiaHead
Maggie D MT Gilead, Loudoun1874VirginiaWife
Dorothy R MT Gilead, Loudoun1904VirginiaDaughter
{Family 18}
Pink [Pine]
Surnames listed Cose
Norfolk Ward 4, Norfolk (Independent City)1882North CarolinaBrother-in-law
LillieNorfolk Ward 4, Norfolk (Independent City)1882North CarolinaSister
ClarenceNorfolk Ward 4, Norfolk (Independent City)1905North CarolinaNephew
{Family 19}
Dona Richmond Lee Ward,
Richmond (Independent City)
1875South CarolinaServant
{Family 20}
D T Richmond Monroe Ward,
Richmond (Independent City)
1904North CarolinaNephew
{Family 21}
Surnames listed Call
New Garden, Russell1859VirginiaHead
Mary CNew Garden, Russell1859VirginiaWife
John ENew Garden, Russell1886VirginiaSon
W DouglassNew Garden, Russell1890VirginiaSon
Manly RNew Garden, Russell1893VirginiaSon
Saml MNew Garden, Russell1895VirginiaSon
James LNew Garden, Russell1897VirginiaSon
Mary BlanieNew Garden, Russell1901VirginiaDaughter
Emma HazelNew Garden, Russell1903VirginiaDaughter
{Family 22}
Lydney [Sydney]
Surnames listed Cane
Appalachia, Wise1860New YorkHead
AddieAppalachia, Wise1875VirginiaWife
{Family 23}
Harney F [Harvey]
Surnames listed Crase
Stonega, Wise1873KentuckyHead
Lizzie BStonega, Wise1873KentuckyWife
Allie MStonega, Wise1893KentuckyDaughter
Patrick CStonega, Wise1895KentuckySon
Zara EStonega, Wise1897KentuckySon
Clara LStonega, Wise1899KentuckyDaughter

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