CASE Families living in Tennessee in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
TildenOliver Springs, Anderson1874North CarolinaHead
ShulaOliver Springs, Anderson1879North CarolinaWife
ElizaOliver Springs, Anderson1897North CarolinaDaughter
NellieOliver Springs, Anderson1899North CarolinaDaughter
AbnerOliver Springs, Anderson1901North CarolinaSon
CliffordOliver Springs, Anderson1903North CarolinaSon
LeilaOliver Springs, Anderson1906TennesseeDaughter
Nannie BOliver Springs, Anderson1909TennesseeDaughter
{Family 2}
JohnCivil District 1, Bradley1894WisconsinStepson
{Family 3}
Surnames listed Carl
Jellico, Campbell1858North CarolinaHead
T AJellico, Campbell1873KentuckyWife
LauraJellico, Campbell1891KentuckyDaughter
{Family 4}
Joshua F
Surnames listed n
Civil District 7, Cocke1844North CarolinaHead
Roxana ECivil District 7, Cocke1855North CarolinaWife
{Family 5}
James W
Surnames listed Cose
Civil District 7, Cocke1877North CarolinaHead
MandyCivil District 7, Cocke1879TennesseeWife
James LCivil District 7, Cocke1906TennesseeSon
WilliamCivil District 7, Cocke1905TennesseeSon
RoyCivil District 7, Cocke1909TennesseeSon
{Family 6}
CharlesNashville Ward 6, Davidson1880OhioHead
FrancesNashville Ward 6, Davidson1880OhioWife
{Family 7}
William ECharlotte, Dickson1867KentuckyHead
Mary JCharlotte, Dickson1877KentuckyWife
Harry CCharlotte, Dickson1908TennesseeSon
GarlandCharlotte, Dickson1896KentuckySon
{Family 8}
Ward RCivil District 3, Fentress1876OhioHead
Mollie Civil District 3, Fentress1880TennesseeWife
Arthur ECivil District 3, Fentress1905TennesseeSon
DavisCivil District 3, Fentress1909TennesseeDaughter
{Family 9}
David A [R]Civil District 3, Fentress1850OhioBoarder
Hattie LCivil District 3, Fentress1860OhioBoarder
{Family 10}
JamesCivil District 8, Franklin1843EnglandHead
Robert JCivil District 8, Franklin1823OhioSon
{Family 11}
John HCivil District 2, Giles1843TennesseeHead18
Colurann [Cornelia Ann]Civil District 2, Giles1847South CarolinaWife
ClevelandCivil District 2, Giles1885TennesseeSon
John V Civil District 2, Giles1888TennesseeSon
Louie S [L] (should be "E")Civil District 2, Giles1892TennesseeSon
{Family 12}
Ernest S [L]Civil District 2, Giles1876TennesseeHead18
Rosia S [L]Civil District 2, Giles1886TennesseeWife
Aullie G [Willie]Civil District 2, Giles1906TennesseeDaughter
{Family 13}
Lendy [Sendy]Civil District 2, Giles1855TennesseeMother-in-law31b
{Family 14}
JohnCivil District 22, Giles1873TennesseeHead116b
AliceCivil District 22, Giles1888TennesseeWife
ElsieCivil District 22, Giles1902TennesseeSon
RoyCivil District 22, Giles1903TennesseeSon
JohnCivil District 22, Giles1905TennesseeSon
Georgia LCivil District 22, Giles1906TennesseeDaughter
HensieCivil District 22, Giles1907TennesseeSon
JsoeCivil District 22, Giles1908TennesseeSon
Katie KCivil District 22, Giles1910TennesseeDaughter
HermanCivil District 22, Giles1896TennesseeBoarder
KathaleenCivil District 22, Giles1897TennesseeBoarder
{Family 15}
OscarElkton, Giles1877TennesseeHead164b
Ida Elkton, Giles1878TennesseeWife
AlmaElkton, Giles1899TennesseeDaughter
AllineElkton, Giles1901TennesseeDaughter
CoreneElkton, Giles1903TennesseeDaughter
EdwardElkton, Giles1907TennesseeSon
ElbiaElkton, Giles1910TennesseeSon
{Family 16}
Duncan ECivil District 4, Hamilton1902TennesseeGrandson
Annie LCivil District 4, Hamilton1905TennesseeGranddaughter
{Family 17}
Jesse L
Surnames listed Casler
Civil District 4, Hamilton1861GeorgiaHead197
Nebicka [Rebekah]Civil District 4, Hamilton1873TennesseeWife
Jackson LCivil District 4, Hamilton1890GeorgiaSon
Annie LCivil District 4, Hamilton1893TennesseeDaughter
Sallie FCivil District 4, Hamilton1895TennesseeDaughter
AnnaCivil District 4, Hamilton1897TennesseeDaughter
Eliza ECivil District 4, Hamilton1901TennesseeDaughter
SusieCivil District 4, Hamilton1904TennesseeDaughter
Ransons [Ransom]Civil District 4, Hamilton1907TennesseeSon
EstillCivil District 4, Hamilton1907TennesseeSon
{Family 18}
William LCivil District 4, Hamilton1888GeorgiaHead
Blanch CCivil District 4, Hamilton1893TennesseeWife
Malcom BCivil District 4, Hamilton1909TennesseeSon
{Family 19}
J W [I W]Civil District 6, Hamilton1875OhioR R Camp
{Family 20}
JohnChattanooga Ward 1, Hamilton1830ConnecticutHead
{Family 21}
CurtisChattanooga Ward 2, Hamilton1884OhioLodger
{Family 22}
HubertChattanooga Ward 5, Hamilton1895TennesseeBrother-in-law
{Family 23}
Flora Civil District 1, Hardeman1867United States of AmericaInmate
{Family 24}
John ACivil District 7, Hardin1876TennesseeHead
Leona GCivil District 7, Hardin1870TennesseeWife
Ramon LCivil District 7, Hardin1904TennesseeSon
GilsieCivil District 7, Hardin1906TennesseeSon
{Family 25}
Charles ECivil District 5, Hawkins1882TennesseeHead
MarthaCivil District 5, Hawkins1860TennesseeMother
WilliamCivil District 5, Hawkins1892TennesseeBrother
ClydeCivil District 5, Hawkins1895TennesseeBrother
GlenCivil District 5, Hawkins1893TennesseeBrother
{Family 26}
HenryCivil District 5, Jackson1851TennesseeHead
Mary ECivil District 5, Jackson1882TennesseeWife
Telitha CCivil District 5, Jackson1890TennesseeDaughter
AliceCivil District 5, Jackson1897TennesseeDaughter
Sarah ECivil District 5, Jackson1899TennesseeDaughter
Govenor DCivil District 5, Jackson1905TennesseeSon
Mary CCivil District 5, Jackson1908TennesseeDaughter
Rosa NCivil District 5, Jackson1910TennesseeDaughter
{Family 27}
SarahCivil District 5, Jackson1860TennesseeHead
James HCivil District 5, Jackson1893TennesseeSon
{Family 28}
JessCivil District 13, Jackson1850TennesseeStepfather
ElizaCivil District 13, Jackson1856TennesseeMother
{Family 29}
AnnieCivil District 1, Jefferson1895TennesseeBoarder
{Family 30}
James ACivil District 1, Jefferson1859TennesseeHead
SallieCivil District 1, Jefferson1860TennesseeWife
WillCivil District 1, Jefferson1891TennesseeSon
DollieCivil District 1, Jefferson1894TennesseeDaughter
MaybellCivil District 1, Jefferson1896TennesseeDaughter
CarlCivil District 1, Jefferson1900TennesseeSon
ThomasCivil District 2, Jefferson1903TennesseeSon
RoseCivil District 2, Jefferson1899TennesseeDaughter

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