CASE Families living in Rhode Island in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Walter Warwick, Kent1864Rhode IslandHead
Julia Warwick, Kent1875EnglandWife
May Warwick, Kent1899Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 2}
James E Warwick, Kent1847MassachusettsHead66
Waitsetill [Waitstill 1920]Warwick, Kent1865MassachusettsWife
Westley Warwick, Kent1897MassachusettsSon
Leroy F (Forest) Warwick, Kent1908MassachusettsSon
Robert Warwick, Kent1893MassachusettsSon
Nora Warwick, Kent1884Rhode IslandDaughter-in-law
{Family 3}
Elizabeth B Newport Ward 1, Newport1851Rhode IslandHead
Elizabeth Newport Ward 1, Newport1868Rhode IslandNiece
{Family 4}
Joseph Jr Newport Ward 1, Newport1871Rhode IslandHead15
Lillian L Newport Ward 1, Newport1876Rhode IslandSister15b
{Family 5}
Plilip H Newport Ward 2, Newport1833MassachusettsHead
Mary E Newport Ward 2, Newport1841ConnecticutWife
{Family 6}
Mary B W Newport Ward 3, Newport1853Rhode IslandBoarder
{Family 7}
John M Newport Ward 3, Newport1846Rhode IslandHead
{Family 8}
Leon W Newport Ward 2, Newport1890PennsylvaniaNaval Student292
{Family 9}
Emey A [Emery]
Surname listed Cass
Newport Ward 2, Newport1892PennsylvaniaNavy298b
{Family 10}
Joseh [Jiseh]Little Compton, Newport1872Rhode IslandHead20b
Jennie G Little Compton, Newport1877Rhode IslandWife
{Family 11}
George H
Surnames listed Gase
Little Compton, Newport1878Rhode IslandHead
William ALittle Compton, Newport1834Rhode IslandFather
Elizabeth SLittle Compton, Newport1889Rhode IslandSister
{Family 12}
Abner B Little Compton, Newport1879Rhode IslandHead
Harriet M Little Compton, Newport1881Rhode IslandWife
Everett B Little Compton, Newport1906MassachusettsSon
Lloyd A Little Compton, Newport1909Rhode IslandSon
{Family 13}
Martha W Middletown, Newport 1842Rhode IslandHead
Philip B Middletown, Newport1884CaliforniaGrandson
{Family 14}
John E
Surnames listed Care
Central Falls Ward 1, Providence1876Rhode IslandHead
MinnieCentral Falls Ward 1, Providence1880Rhode IslandWife
WallaceCentral Falls Ward 1, Providence1901Rhode IslandSon
{Family 15}
Surnames listed Carr
Cranston Ward 2, Providence1846Rhode IslandAlmshouse211b
Mabel FCranston Ward 2, Providence1880Rhode IslandAlmshouse
{Family 16}
Nathan H East Providence, Providence1837MassachusettsHead
Amy East Providence, Providence1852EnglandWife
{Family 17}
Joseph P East Providence, Providence1867CanadaHead
Emily East Providence, Providence1869PennsylvaniaWife
William L East Providence, Providence1894Rhode IslandSon
Fred E East Providence, Providence1896Rhode IslandSon
Arthur W East Providence, Providence1897Rhode IslandSon
Florence G East Providence, Providence1906Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 18}
Esek LEast Providence, Providence1856MassachusettsHead221
Fanny G East Providence, Providence1855ConnecticutWife
Bertha East Providence, Providence1893Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 19}
Alice East Providence, Providence1850Rhode IslandHead
{Family 20}
George W East Providence, Providence1862Rhode IslandHead278b
Utlur W [Auther?]East Providence, Providence1891Rhode IslandSon
Eliza J East Providence, Providence1853MassachusettsWife
{Family 21}
Frank C [E]East Providence, Providence1870Rhode IslandHead
Lilie E East Providence, Providence1870Rhode IslandWife
{Family 22}
William E East Providence, Providence1873Rhode IslandHead284b
Lonanna M East Providence, Providence1877MassachusettsWife
Hazel E East Providence, Providence1895MassachusettsDaughter
Ernest E East Providence, Providence1897Rhode IslandSon
Mattie L East Providence, Providence1899Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 23}
Anthony M East Providence, Providence1871Rhode IslandHead
Ella F East Providence, Providence1874Rhode IslandWife
Mildred F East Providence, Providence1897Rhode IslandDaughter
Mabel E East Providence, Providence1907Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 24}
William S Pawtucket Ward 2, Providence1853Rhode IslandHead
Eliza Pawtucket Ward 2, Providence1856Rhode IslandWife
Harry Pawtucket Ward 2, Providence1899Rhode IslandSon
Ida J Pawtucket Ward 2, Providence1894Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 25}
James G Pawtucket Ward 4, Providence1857MassachusettsHead
Helen A Pawtucket Ward 4, Providence1862MassachusettsWife
{Family 26}
Daniel R Providence Ward 1, Providence1858New YorkHead
Anna R Providence Ward 1, Providence1886Rhode IslandDaughter
Helena Providence Ward 1, Providence1887MassachusettsDaughter
Rogers Providence Ward 1, Providence1889Rhode IslandSon
{Family 27}
George Providence Ward 1, Providence1848MassachusettsLodger
{Family 28}
Clarence M Providence Ward 2, Providence1871IndianaTeacher
Katharine M Providence Ward 2, Providence1874IndianaTeacher
{Family 29}
Philip Providence Ward 4, Providence1849Rhode IslandHead
Hattie Providence Ward 4, Providence1874Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 30}
Charles A Providence Ward 5, Providence 1854ConnecticutHead
Mary Providence Ward 5, Providence1861IrelandWife
Mary E Providence Ward 5, Providence1886Rhode IslandDaughter

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