CASE Families living in Montana in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
B William Horse Prairie, Beaverhead1872?Servant
{Family 2}
Annie [Elmer]School District 41, Carbon1886USALaborer
{Family 3}
Delina [Selina]Great Falls Ward 4, Cascade1831CanadaHead
Henry J Great Falls Ward 4, Cascade1873MichiganSon
Mary Great Falls Ward 4, Cascade1877MichiganDaughter
John H Great Falls Ward 4, Cascade1893MichiganGrandson
Ellenor Great Falls Ward 4, Cascade1894MontanaGranddaughter
Gerald F Great Falls Ward 4, Cascade1896MontanaGrandson
{Family 4}
May E Gossett School District, Dawson1872MinnesotaHead
Cloughe L Gossett School District, Dawson1903MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 5}
John T
Surname listed Cass
Anaconda Ward 4, Deer Lodge1862MissouriHead
{Family 6}
Harry E
Surname listed Ence
Roundup School District, Fergus1883NebraskaSon
{Family 7}
Surnames listed Cale
Flathead Indian Reservation, Flathead1879KansasStepson156b
Florence CaleFlathead Indian Reservation, Flathead1881OregonDaughter
Albert Cale Jr.Flathead Indian Reservation, Flathead1902WashingtonGrandson
Arter CaleFlathead Indian Reservation, Flathead1902WashingtonGrandson
{Family 8}
George W
Surnames listed Cara
Kalispell, Flathead1876IllinoisHead
Sarah CaraKalispell, Flathead1873IowaWife
{Family 9}
Suella [Luella]
Surnames listed Lan
Drummond, Granite1880ConnecticutHead
Cora LanDrummond, Granite1892ColoradoSon
Lloyd LanDrummond, Granite1909ColoradoSon
{Family 10}
Joseph E
Surname listed Care
Rock Creek, Granite1842New JerseyHead
{Family 11}
R J [H J]
Surname listed Cast
Helena, Lewis and Clark1882MichiganHead
{Family 12}
Surname listed Carr
Helena, Lewis and Clark1888MichiganRoomer
{Family 13}
Charles Helena, Lewis and Clark1888EnglandHead
Charlott Helena, Lewis and Clark1886EnglandWife
George Helena, Lewis and Clark1898EnglandSon
Emily Helena, Lewis and Clark1899EnglandDaughter
Albert Helena, Lewis and Clark1905EnglandSon
{Family 14}
Surnames listed Cass
School District 40, Lewis and Clark1880IdahoHead
Sarah School District 40, Lewis and Clark1880ColoradoWife
Peter School District 40, Lewis and Clark1895ScotlandSon
Gary School District 40, Lewis and Clark1887ColoradoGrandson
{Family 15}
Joseph F
Surnames listed Cass
Missoula Ward 3, Missoula1869New YorkHead210
Marth D [Martha?]Missoula Ward 3, Missoula1836VermontMother
{Family 16}
Gertrude Missoula Ward 4, Missoula1885NorwaySister-in-law
{Family 17}
Caude E [Claude]
Surnames listed Lare
Livingston Ward 1, Park1885Rhode IslandHead
{Family 18}
James J Suce Creek School District, Park1869WisconsinHead
Nettie Suce Creek School District, Park1874NorwayWife
Laura M Suce Creek School District, Park1899MontanaDaughter
Della M Suce Creek School District, Park1900MinnesotaDaughter
George A Suce Creek School District, Park1903WashingtonSon
Abby J Suce Creek School District, Park1906MontanaDaughter
Joel Suce Creek School District, Park1834New YorkGrandfather
{Family 19}
Alphens H [Alpheus]Suce Creek School District, Park1858New YorkHead
Margaret F Suce Creek School District, Park1876IndianaWife
Walter J Suce Creek School District, Park1896MontanaSon
Leila H Suce Creek School District, Park1900MontanaDaughter
Harold A Suce Creek School District, Park1909MontanaSon
{Family 20}
George F Suce Creek School District, Park1866WisconsinHead
Minnie J Suce Creek School District, Park1880IndianaWife
Veda V Suce Creek School District, Park1899MontanaDaughter
Ester L Suce Creek School District, Park1901MontanaDaughter
Hazel L Suce Creek School District, Park1904MontanaDaughter
Joel J Suce Creek School District, Park1906MontanaSon
Myrtle E Suce Creek School District, Park1909MontanaDaughter
{Family 21}
Emma W Mill Creek School District, Park1851MinnesotaHead247
Kore M J Mill Creek School District, Park1892MontanaSon
{Family 22}
Lillian School District 40, Park1890IowaHead
{Family 23}
William W Gold Creek, Powell1867IowaHead
Francis D Gold Creek, Powell1868IllinoisWife
{Family 24}
Mills L Jocko, Sanders1869IowaHead
Minnie M Jocko, Sanders1867IowaWife
Edward C Jocko, Sanders1891IowaSon
Fred A Jocko, Sanders1896IowaSon
{Family 25}
John F Butte Ward 4, Silver Bow1874MichiganRoomer
{Family 26}
William Butte Ward 4, Silver Bow1866WisconsinHead
Anna Butte Ward 4, Silver Bow1868MichiganWife
{Family 27}
Joseph H
Surname listed Cose
Butte Ward 6, Silver Bow1859CaliforniaBoarder
{Family 28}
Abner School District 10, Teton1884OhioHead
Noria H School District 10, Teton1882NebraskaWife
Nellie J School District 10, Teton1903NebraskaDaughter
Elva M School District 10, Teton1907Canada Daughter

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