CASE Families living in Missouri in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
John N
Surnames listed Cose
Savannah Ward 2, Andrew 1845IndianaHead104
Korcas A [Dorcas?]Savannah Ward 2, Andrew 1844IndianaWife
Clarence ESavannah Ward 2, Andrew 1885MissouriSon
{Family 2}
John FPlatte, Andrew 1877MinnesotaHead
Maggie MPlatte, Andrew 1880OhioWife
Aileen MPlatte, Andrew 1903MissouriDaughter
Wilfred CPlatte, Andrew 1909MissouriSon
{Family 3}
Orin S Platte, Andrew 1841OhioHead123
RachaelPlatte, Andrew 1846OhioWife
{Family 4}
ChesterBuchanan, Atchison 1891IndianaFarm Hand
{Family 5}
Peter LBuchanan, Atchison 1855IndianaHead
Clara EBuchanan, Atchison 1857IndianaWife
Verdie EBuchanan, Atchison 1889MissouriDaughter
{Family 6}
RoscoeBuchanan, Atchison 1882IndianaHead
IvaBuchanan, Atchison 1888MissouriWife
OscarBuchanan, Atchison 1909MissouriSon
{Family 7}
Lawrence E
Surname listed Cose
Buchanan, Atchison 1888IndianaFarm Hand150b
{Family 8}
Abraham HBuchanan, Atchison 1858IndianaHead150b
Martha AnnBuchanan, Atchison 1858IndianaWife
LulaBuchanan, Atchison 1891IndianaDaughter
BerthaBuchanan, Atchison 1893IndianaDaughter
SylvesterBuchanan, Atchison 1895IndianaSon
OvertBuchanan, Atchison 1899IndianaSon
GeorgeBuchanan, Atchison 1901IndianaSon
{Family 9}
AlfredBuchanan, Atchison 1885IndianaHead151
Eliza JBuchanan, Atchison 1888IowaWife
{Family 10}
William HBuchanan, Atchison 1872IndianaHead151
JuliaBuchanan, Atchison 1878KentuckyWife
Robt LBuchanan, Atchison 1898IndianaSon
Richard DBuchanan, Atchison 1900MissouriSon
CecilBuchanan, Atchison 1902MissouriSon
Walter MBuchanan, Atchison 1904MissouriSon
Iris FernBuchanan, Atchison 1910MissouriDaughter
{Family 11}
ElishaMonett Ward 2, Barry 1872ArkansasHead
NarcissaMonett Ward 2, Barry 1876ArkansasWife
PerleyMonett Ward 2, Barry 1902OklahomaDaughter
Roy BMonett Ward 2, Barry 1904OklahomaSon
Earl FMonett Ward 2, Barry 1906KansasSon
{Family 12}
Samuel J
Surnames listed Cass
Benton, Cedar 1877IowaHead
Magurite JBenton, Cedar 1862IllinoisWife
HazelBenton, Cedar 1893MissouriDaughter
Mary IBenton, Cedar 1847MissouriSister
Samuel CBenton, Cedar 1906MissouriSon
{Family 13}
James HWhite, Benton 1865MissouriHead
GeorgianaWhite, Benton 1871MissouriWife
Minnie AWhite, Benton 1896MissouriDaughter
EmogeneWhite, Benton 1900MissouriDaughter
Jennie MWhite, Benton 1901MissouriDaughter
{Family 14}
Frank BPoplar Bluff, Butler 1880IndianaHead
RosePoplar Bluff, Butler 1883IllinoisWife
MablePoplar Bluff, Butler 1898IndianaDaughter
MariePoplar Bluff, Butler 1905MissouriDaughter
ThelmaPoplar Bluff, Butler 1907MissouriDaughter
{Family 15}
Joseph PPoplar Bluff Ward 4, Butler 1838IndianaHead
Eliza JPoplar Bluff Ward 4, Butler 1847IndianaWife
Milo APoplar Bluff Ward 4, Butler 1881IllinoisSon
Earnest JPoplar Bluff Ward 4, Butler 1881IndianaSon
Birdie MPoplar Bluff Ward 4, Butler 1890MissouriDaughter-in-law
{Family 16}
CarolineCedar, Boone 1854MissouriSister
{Family 17}
Surnames listed Care
Cedar, Boone 1878MissouriHead
Lula ACedar, Boone 1885IllinoisWife
William RCedar, Boone 1910MissouriSon
{Family 18}
Surname listed Cass
Columbia Ward 1, Boone 1887MissouriBoarder
{Family 19}
Frederick CSt Joseph Ward 1, Buchanan 1874MissouriHead
Ollie DSt Joseph Ward 1, Buchanan 1874MissouriWife
Cyrine eSt Joseph Ward 1, Buchanan 1901ArkansasDaughter
Iris CSt Joseph Ward 1, Buchanan 1903ArkansasDaughter
Susie GSt Joseph Ward 1, Buchanan 1905MissouriDaughter
Ruth OSt Joseph Ward 1, Buchanan 1907MissouriDaughter
{Family 20}
Surname listed Cose
St Joseph Ward 2, Buchanan 1861Patient
{Family 21}
John C
Surnames listed Cass
St Joseph Ward 3, Buchanan 1862IowaBoarder
MinnieSt Joseph Ward 3, Buchanan 1866MissouriBoarder
{Family 22}
Alonzo RSt Joseph Ward 8, Buchanan 1865New YorkHead
Anna BSt Joseph Ward 8, Buchanan 1871IllinoisWife
Alonzo ESt Joseph Ward 8, Buchanan 1892MissouriSon
{Family 23}
Augusta LSt Joseph Ward 8, Buchanan 1849WisconsinHead
Paul LSt Joseph Ward 8, Buchanan 1880NebraskaSon
FannieSt Joseph Ward 8, Buchanan 1885KansasDaughter
{Family 24}
Suvial St Joseph Ward 5, Buchanan 1839New YorkHead34b
{Family 25}
Chas RSt Joseph Ward 5, Buchanan 1888ScotlandRoomer
{Family 26}
CalvinSt Joseph Ward 7, Buchanan 1888IowaRoomer218b
Charas [Charon?]St Joseph Ward 7, Buchanan 1887IowaLodger
{Family 27}
FelixBourbon, Callaway 1891KentuckyHired Man
{Family 28}
HenryBourbon, Callaway 1849IndianaHired Man
{Family 29}
James GSaint Aubert, Callaway 1837IndianaHead
Martha ASaint Aubert, Callaway 1857MissouriWife
BillieSaint Aubert, Callaway 1891MissouriDaughter
WillieSaint Aubert, Callaway 1894MissouriSon
{Family 30}
Brdt [George B per 1920]Summit, Callaway 1890MissouriHead265
Glyn [Glynn per 1920]Summit, Callaway 1889MissouriWife

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