CASE Families living in Maine in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
GertrudeLewiston Ward 1, Androscoggin 1869 CanadaHead
Phila NLewiston Ward 1, Androscoggin 1891MaineDaughter
Henry GLewiston Ward 1, Androscoggin 1893MaineSon
George ALewiston Ward 1, Androscoggin 1895MaineSon
{Family 2}
CharlesBancroft, Aroostook 1835 CanadaFather-in-law
{Family 3}
Duglas BBlaine, Aroostook 1875 CanadaHead
Nettie CBlaine, Aroostook 1886 CanadaWife
Herold LBlaine, Aroostook 1906MaineSon
Keneth HBlaine, Aroostook 1908MaineSon
{Family 4}
William J
Surnames listed Cass
Easton, Aroostook 1862 CanadaHead
FrancesEaston, Aroostook 1873MaineWife
GertrudeEaston, Aroostook 1893MaineDaughter
MaryEaston, Aroostook 1896MaineDaughter
JamesEaston, Aroostook 1901MaineSon
CherterEaston, Aroostook 1903 CanadaSon
LeonEaston, Aroostook 1905MaineSon
DorothyEaston, Aroostook 1904MaineDaughter
HerbertEaston, Aroostook 1906MaineSon
ShebrickEaston, Aroostook 1909MaineSon
{Family 5}
HughFort Fairfield, Aroostook 1877 CanadaBoarder
{Family 6}
Surnames listed Casa
Presque Isle, Aroostook 1864MaineHead
AvaPresque Isle, Aroostook 1870MaineWife
BenicePresque Isle, Aroostook 1890MaineSon
HarryPresque Isle, Aroostook 1892MaineSon
HelenPresque Isle, Aroostook 1900MaineDaughter
JenaPresque Isle, Aroostook 1899MaineDaughter
RubyPresque Isle, Aroostook 1902MaineDaughter
JuiaPresque Isle, Aroostook 1905MaineDaughter
FloydPresque Isle, Aroostook 1907MaineSon
MyrtiePresque Isle, Aroostook 1908MaineDaughter
{Family 7}
Edward M
Surnames listed Clase
Presque Isle, Aroostook 1872MaineHead
CassiePresque Isle, Aroostook 1878MaineWife
Mildred GPresque Isle, Aroostook 1892MaineDaughter
AbbiePresque Isle, Aroostook 1898MaineDaughter
Gladys MPresque Isle, Aroostook 1900MaineDaughter
DoraPresque Isle, Aroostook 1902MaineDaughter
Alice LPresque Isle, Aroostook 1904MaineDaughter
Nellie CPresque Isle, Aroostook 1906MaineDaughter
Not NamedPresque Isle, Aroostook 1910MaineSon
{Family 8}
Allen BFort Williams, Cumberland 1879MissouriLodger
{Family 9}
Amos H
Surnames listed Chae
Standish, Cumberland 1860MaineHead
Laura GStandish, Cumberland 1868New YorkWife
Harriet CStandish, Cumberland 1889MaineDaughter
Mannie SStandish, Cumberland 1893MaineDaughter
George LStandish, Cumberland 1896MaineSon
Louise JStandish, Cumberland 1903MaineDaughter
{Family 10}
Georgia EPortland Ward 4, Cumberland 1886MaineLodger
{Family 11}
Louise H Portland Ward 5, Cumberland 1877MaineLodger
{Family 12}
Charles ARangeley, Franklin 1873ItalyHead
Mabel ARangeley, Franklin 1881 CanadaWife
C FranklinRangeley, Franklin 1909CanadaSon
{Family 13}
Mrs. John S Rockland Ward 3, Knox 1834MaineHead
{Family 14}
Anna WRockland Ward 4, Knox 1850 New York Head
Charles FRockland Ward 4, Knox 1875MaineSon
{Family 15}
William WRockland Ward 4, Knox 1860MaineHead
{Family 16}
Pamelia A Kenduskeag, Penobscot 1831MaineHead
{Family 17}
Punben Le [Reuben L]Embden, Somerset 1865MaineHead87b
e Le [Carrie L]Embden, Somerset 1876MaineWife
Roy BEmbden, Somerset 1895MaineSon
Ruby BEmbden, Somerset 1900MaineDaughter
{Family 18}
Oliver H
Surname listed Cass
Cornville, Somerset 1850 MaineHead
{Family 19}
L ECherryfield, Washington 1851 CanadaBoarder
George ACherryfield, Washington 1862MaineBoarder
{Family 20}
{Family 21}
Irving WLubec, Washington 1866MaineHead
Mary DLubec, Washington 1871MaineWife
{Family 22}
Julia ALubec, Washington 1834MaineHead
Wendell PLubec, Washington 1871MaineSon
{Family 23}
Fredrich M Lubec, Washington 1879MaineHead
Clara MLubec, Washington 1882MaineWife
Carrol MLubec, Washington 1900MaineSon
Ethel ALubec, Washington 1901MaineDaughter
Otto WLubec, Washington 1904MaineSon
Ella BLubec, Washington 1909MaineDaughter
{Family 24}
AlminaLubec, Washington 1855MaineHead
{Family 25}
Vinton ALubec, Washington 1883MaineHead
Minnie JLubec, Washington 1883MaineWife
Calvin ELubec, Washington 1904MaineSon
Phillie CLubec, Washington 1905MaineDaughter
Lelia LLubec, Washington 1907MaineDaughter
{Family 26}
Joseph BLubec, Washington 1850MaineHead
Ida ELubec, Washington 1856MaineWife
{Family 27}
Eugene W
Surnames listed COSE
Lubec, Washington 1879MaineHead
Cora BLubec, Washington 1879MaineWife
Flora ELubec, Washington 1897MaineDaughter
Vera MLubec, Washington 1900MaineDaughter
Marian JLubec, Washington 1903MaineDaughter
Marlone WLubec, Washington 1908MaineDaughter
{Family 28}
Harry E
Surnames listed COSE
Lubec, Washington 1874MassachusettsHead
Emma ALubec, Washington 1871MaineWife
{Family 29}
Stephen HLubec, Washington 1835MaineHead152
Eliza JLubec, Washington 1852MaineWife
{Family 30}
Almeda JLubec, Washington 1834MaineMother-in-law
{Family 31}
Olive B Trescott, Washington 1886MaineDaughter
Herman LTrescott, Washington 1906MaineGrandson
{Family 32}
Jean Baptiste
Surnames listed CARI
Biddeford Ward 2, York 1844Canada FrenchHead
MargueriteBiddeford Ward 2, York 1848Canada Wife
JosephBiddeford Ward 2, York 1883MaineSon
FabiolaBiddeford Ward 2, York 1888MaineDaughter

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