CASE Families living in Louisiana in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
OlaPolice Jury Ward 2, Bienville 1889TexasCousin
{Family 2}
Clarence Police Jury Ward 3, Caddo 1892LouisianaHead
Lucy Police Jury Ward 3, Caddo 1897LouisianaWife
{Family 3}
RosaShreveport Ward 2, Caddo 1878TexasSister-in-law
{Family 4}
Jno Cass Jennings, Calcasieu 1864IowaBoarder195b
{Family 5}
William SJennings, Calcasieu 1870IndianaHead
MableJennings, Calcasieu 1878LouisianaWife
AliceJennings, Calcasieu 1903LouisianaDaughter
EthelJennings, Calcasieu 1904LouisianaDaughter
William LJennings, Calcasieu 1907LouisianaSon
{Family 6}
Surnames listed Cass
Jennings, Calcasieu 1837IndianaHead
Lizzie MJennings, Calcasieu 1880WisconsinDaughter
RuthJennings, Calcasieu 1885WisconsinDaughter
{Family 7}
Surnames listed Cose
Police Jury Ward 8, DE Soto 1872LouisianaHead
AnniePolice Jury Ward 8, DE Soto 1874LouisianaWife
EricPolice Jury Ward 8, DE Soto 1894LouisianaSon
Luke Police Jury Ward 8, DE Soto 1896LouisianaSon
EvePolice Jury Ward 8, DE Soto 1898LouisianaDaughter
BlanchPolice Jury Ward 8, DE Soto 1901LouisianaSon
DarliePolice Jury Ward 8, DE Soto 1904LouisianaDaughter
BuriePolice Jury Ward 8, DE Soto 1907LouisianaDaughter
{Family 8}
AgnesPolice Jury Ward 4, East Baton Rouge 1899CaliforniaProtege
{Family 9}
Surname listed Call
Police Jury Ward 6, East Carroll 1909LouisianaGranddaughter
{Family 10}
NormandJackson, East Feliciana 1839USA?
{Family 11}
Willaim [William]Police Jury Ward 8, Iberville 1892LouisianaSon121b
{Family 12}
Surnames listed Care
Police Jury Ward 3 Lafourche 1875LouisianaHead
LydiaPolice Jury Ward 3, Lafourche 1875LouisianaWife
HenryPolice Jury Ward 3, Lafourche 1906LouisianaSon
LouisePolice Jury Ward 3, Lafourche 1907LouisianaDaughter
LydiaPolice Jury Ward 3, Lafourche 1909LouisianaDaughter
{Family 13}
JohnPolice Jury Ward 1, Lincoln 1870LouisianaHead
{Family 14}
Charles New Orleans Ward 3, Orleans 1879LouisianaBoarder
{Family 15}
Frank ENew Orleans Ward 3, Orleans 1880WashingtonBoarder
{Family 16}
AdaNew Orleans Ward 3, Orleans 1851WisconsinBoarder
{Family 17}
Charles WNew Orleans Ward 10, Orleans 1881LouisianaHead
KizzieNew Orleans Ward 10, Orleans 1884North CarolinaWife
LavadiaNew Orleans Ward 10, Orleans 1903LouisianaDaughter
LouiseNew Orleans Ward 10, Orleans 1854MississippiMother
RuthNew Orleans Ward 10, Orleans 1875LouisianaSister
{Family 18}
SamuelNew Orleans Ward 10, Orleans 1882LouisianaBoarder
{Family 19}
LewisNew Orleans Ward 11, Orleans 1870LouisianaLodger
{Family 20}
BurtonNew Orleans Ward 17, Orleans 1848IndianaHead
MaryNew Orleans Ward 17, Orleans 1855AlabamaWife
{Family 21}
Surnames listed Cose
Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita 1843MississippiHead
PerryPolice Jury Ward 2, Ouachita 1884MississippiSon
AllenPolice Jury Ward 2, Ouachita 1887MississippiSon
{Family 22}
Maortial [Marshel/Marshal]Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita 1901LouisianaSon-in-law?45b
Louie [Louis]Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita 1902LouisianaSon-in-law?
Ollie [Allie]Police Jury Ward 2, Ouachita 1905LouisianaDaughter-in-law?
{Family 23}
Davis M Police Jury Ward 3, Pointe Coupee 1877MississippiBoarder
{Family 24}
WilliamRigollette, Rapides 1876MichiganHead
AnnieRigollette, Rapides 1889TexasWife
HowardRigollette, Rapides 1909LouisianaSon
{Family 25}
Surname listed Baker
Police Jury Ward 6, Red River 1891LouisianaLodger
{Family 26}
Jewbel E Police Jury Ward 5, Sabine 1881LouisianaHead
Frankie DPolice Jury Ward 5, Sabine 1884TexasWife
Herman EPolice Jury Ward 5, Sabine 1908TexasSon
{Family 27}
J JosephPolice Jury Ward 8, St Landry 1860LouisianaBoarder
{Family 28}
JeromePolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1889LouisianaHead
AnniePolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1886TexasWife
Thelma LPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1907LouisianaDaughter
Loyd SPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1909LouisianaSon
{Family 29}
AmandaPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1890LouisianaGranddaughter
{Family 30}
JohnPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1856LouisianaHead
SaraPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1862LouisianaWife
JohnPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1884LouisianaSon
WillyPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1886LouisianaSon
JessiePolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1888LouisianaSon
EthelPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1890LouisianaDaughter
ErnestPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1892LouisianaSon
FrankPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1894LouisianaSon
GeorgePolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1896LouisianaSon
BerthaPolice Jury Ward 2, St Martin 1891LouisianaDaughter

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