CASE Families living in Georgia in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Otelia MMilledgeville Ward 1, Baldwin1885GeorgiaHead163
{Family 2}
George D Milledgeville Ward 1, Baldwin 1856GeorgiaHead163
Mary F Milledgeville Ward 1, Baldwin 1862GeorgiaWife
ClarkMilledgeville Ward 1, Baldwin 1884GeorgiaSon
Sarah E Milledgeville Ward 1, Baldwin 1890GeorgiaDaughter
Mattie S Milledgeville Ward 1, Baldwin 1886GeorgiaDaughter-in-law
Dorothy S Milledgeville Ward 1, Baldwin 1909GeorgiaGranddaughter
{Family 3}
Horace (Cabe?)Euharlee, Bartow 1877GeorgiaHead167b
Janie Euharlee, Bartow 1883GeorgiaWife
Rey Euharlee, Bartow 1902GeorgiaSon
Lama B [Laura]Euharlee, Bartow 1908GeorgiaDaughter
{Family 4}
William Euharlee, Bartow 1890GeorgiaBrother
{Family 5}
Edgar Rutland, Bibb 1892TexasNephew
{Family 6}
Elviro [Elvine](Elvis?)
Surnames listed Cax
Militia District 1316, Calhoun 1830GeorgiaHead106b
AllieMilitia District 1316, Calhoun 1860GeorgiaSon
CliffordMilitia District 1316, Calhoun 1883GeorgiaSon
IdaMilitia District 1316, Calhoun 1888GeorgiaDaughter
Blossie MMilitia District 1316, Calhoun 1902GeorgiaGranddaughter
Hattie LMilitia District 1316, Calhoun 1907GeorgiaGranddaughter
Minnie MMilitia District 1316, Calhoun 1909GeorgiaGranddaughter
{Family 7}
Fank P Chambers, Catoosa 1864MichiganHead
Alice E Chambers, Catoosa 1870GeorgiaWife
Charles F Chambers, Catoosa 1894GeorgiaSon
Essie W Chambers, Catoosa 1897GeorgiaDaughter
Clifford E Chambers, Catoosa 1905GeorgiaSon
{Family 8}
Charles E Militia District 1012, Dooly 1876GeorgiaHead
Thomas S Militia District 1012, Dooly 1876GeorgiaWife
James E Militia District 1012, Dooly 1900GeorgiaSon
{Family 9}
Samuel (Surname poss. Casen)Savannah Ward 1, Chatham 1888South CarolinaBrother-in-law28b
{Family 10}
Ele G [Erle]
Surname listed Cose
Savannah Ward 2, Chatham 1883New YorkHead
{Family 11}
G F Wild Cat, Cherokee 1836GeorgiaHead
{Family 12}
George W Trenton, Dade 1874GeorgiaHead
Elizabeth Trenton, Dade 1841TennesseeWife
{Family 13}
John L Trenton, Dade 1883GeorgiaHead
Lulu L Trenton, Dade 1866AlabamaWife
Maxie L Trenton, Dade 1893OhioDaughter
James C Trenton, Dade 1899TennesseeSon
Mary A Trenton, Dade 1901TennesseeDaughter
Julis A Trenton, Dade 1903GeorgiaSon
Frank T Trenton, Dade 1907GeorgiaSon
{Family 14}
Lowanza J Trenton, Dade 1848TennesseeHead247b
{Family 15}
Roscoe Trenton, Dade 1900GeorgiaGrandson
Glaydis Trenton, Dade 1902GeorgiaGranddaughter
Bonnie Trenton, Dade 1905GeorgiaGranddaughter
{Family 16}
Nichols [Nichlos]Rising Fawn, Dade 1898AlabamaStep Son267
{Family 17}
Annie Atlanta Ward 4, Fulton 1841VirginiaMother-in-law
{Family 18}
Surname listed Care
Atlanta Ward 6, Fulton 1867OhioLodger
{Family 19}
George W
Surnames listed Oree
Atlanta Ward 6, Fulton 1852IndianaBoarder
{Family 20}
Cornelius Black Hall, Fulton 1886PennsylvaniaSoldier
{Family 21}
Nathan Cuthbert, Randolph 1859GeorgiaHead
Susie Cuthbert, Randolph 1875GeorgiaWife
Henry Cuthbert, Randolph 1900GeorgiaSon
Johnnie Cuthbert, Randolph 1902GeorgiaSon
Willie Cuthbert, Randolph 1904GeorgiaSon
Bessie Cuthbert, Randolph 1905GeorgiaDaughter
Emma Cuthbert, Randolph 1907GeorgiaSon
{Family 22}
Surname listed Care
Militia District 1044, Worth 1893GeorgiaHired Hand
{Family 23}
Surname listed Cass
Bloodworth, Wilkinson 1902GeorgiaNiece

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