CASE Families living in Deleware in 1910.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
EdwardRepresentative District 4, Kent 1873MarylandHead
Emma BRepresentative District 4, Kent 1889OhioWife
Maude LRepresentative District 4, Kent 1899DelawareDaughter
Roy ERepresentative District 4, Kent 1903DelawareSon
PearlRepresentative District 4, Kent 1905DelawareDaughter
EdnaRepresentative District 4, Kent 1906DelawareDaughter
ElmerRepresentative District 4, Kent 1909DelawareSon
{Family 2}
Harriett ADover, Kent 1851DelawareHead
WilkieDover, Kent 1881DelawareSon
{Family 3}
Surnames listed Chae
Representative District 6, Kent 1882DelawareHead
MarthaRepresentative District 6, Kent 1883DelawareWife
HellenRepresentative District 6, Kent 1901DelawareDaughter
ClydeRepresentative District 6, Kent 1902DelawareSon
CarlRepresentative District 6, Kent 1904DelawareSon
HenryRepresentative District 6, Kent 1906DelawareSon
MarthaRepresentative District 6, Kent 1908DelawareDaughter
{Family 4}
John BRepresentative District 8, Kent 1874DelawareHead
EthelRepresentative District 8, Kent 1884DelawareWife
ElizabethRepresentative District 8, Kent 1906DelawareDaughter
HazelRepresentative District 8, Kent 1908DelawareDaughter
JennieRepresentative District 8, Kent 1910DelawareDaughter
{Family 5}
William TRepresentative District 8, Kent 1839DelawareHead
Nester ARepresentative District 8, Kent 1846New YorkWife
{Family 6}
Joseph S
Surname listed Care
Representative District 8, Kent 1897DelawareBoarder
{Family 7}
Mary E
Surname listed Cash
Representative District 8, Kent 1846DelawareDaughter
{Family 8}
JohnFelton, Kent 1848DelawareHead
Lydia HFelton, Kent 1849DelawareWife
RoberFelton, Kent 1891DelawareSon
ClarenceFelton, Kent 1894DelawareSon
KatieFelton, Kent 1870DelawareDaughter
BateleeFelton, Kent 1894DelawareDaughter
{Family 9}
Thomas BFelton, Kent 1881DelawareHead
EthelFelton, Kent 1885DelawareWife
PaulineFelton, Kent 1903DelawareDaughter
John BFelton, Kent 1905DelawareSon
{Family 10}
Charles CRepresentative District 8, Kent 1837DelawareHead
Emma ARepresentative District 8, Kent 1838DelawareWife
LenaRepresentative District 8, Kent 1873DelawareDaughter
BerthaRepresentative District 8, Kent 1879DelawareDaughter
{Family 11}
William CRepresentative District 10, Kent 1859DelawareHead
AnnaRepresentative District 10, Kent 1863DelawareWife
Ella MRepresentative District 10, Kent 1887DelawareDaughter
Charles CRepresentative District 10, Kent 1891DelawareSon
{Family 12}
Joshua MRepresentative District 10, Kent 1889DelawareHead
Berthe JRepresentative District 10, Kent 1889DelawareWife
{Family 13}
SamuelRepresentative District 10, New Castle 1861 [1863]DelawareInmate15
{Family 14}
George WWilmington Ward 10, New Castle 1873DelawareHead
FlorenceWilmington Ward 10, New Castle 1880DelawareWife
EmmaWilmington Ward 10, New Castle 1898DelawareDaughter
MyrtleWilmington Ward 10, New Castle 1899DelawareDaughter
{Family 15}
Clarence MRepresentative District 1, Sussex 1848New JerseyHead
AnnieRepresentative District 1, Sussex 1861New JerseyWife
NathanielRepresentative District 1, Sussex 1889DelawareSon

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