CASE Families living in Vermont in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Luman Bristol, Addis1800 New Hampshire 36
Sarah Bristol, Addis1805Vermont
{Family 2}
Peter Middlebury, Addison1840 New York 158B
Julia Middlebury, Addison 1840 Canada
Etta Middlebury, Addison1862Canada
Emma Middlebury, Addison1867Vermont
{Family 3}
Abigail Arlington, Bennington1798Vermont 327
{Family 4}
Matthew Arlington, Bennington1834New York 327
Clomana Arlington, Bennington1845Vermont
{Family 5}
Wm H Arlington, Bennington1838New York 327
Emily Arlington, Bennington 1844Canada
Martha Arlington, Bennington 1868Vermont
{Family 6}
Charles Bennington, Bennington1832Vermont358B
Henrietta Bennington, Bennington1842Vermont
Jennie Bennington, Bennington 1868Vermont
{Family 7}
Mary Bennington, Bennington 1837Vermont 400B
{Family 8}
Day Readsboro, Bennington1825Vermont 513
Ann Readsboro, Bennington1826Vermont
Orville Readsboro, Bennington1849Vermont
Rufus Readsboro, Bennington1847Vermont
Amos Readsboro, Bennington1862Vermont
{Family 9}
AnnaShaftsbury, Bennington1848Maine 543
{Family 10}
Lucinda Burlington, Chittenden1824Canada 404
{Family 11}
Uzal Burlington, Chittenden1838Canada 373B
Rebecca Burlington, Chittenden 1846Pennsylvania
Helen Burlington, Chittenden1861Vermont
Antoni (Antoin)Burlington, Chittenden1863Vermont
Josephine Burlington, Chittenden1865Vermont
Frederick Burlington, Chittenden1868Vermont
Emma Burlington, Chittenden1863Vermont
{Family 12}
Albert Highgate, Franklin1857Vermont 303B
{Family 13}
William Richford, Franklin1829Vermont 335B
Jane Richford, Franklin1829Canada
Austin Richford, Franklin1863Vermont 336
Sarah Richford, Franklin1864Vermont
{Family 14}
Addison Cambridge, Lamoille1826Vermont 73B
Eliza Cambridge, Lamoille1837Vermont
{Family 15}
Anson Cambridge, Lamoille1827Vermont 79
Jane Cambridge, Lamoille1830Vermont
{Family 16}
Romeo H Cambridge, Lamoille1822Vermont 69
Jane Cambridge, Lamoille1826Vermont
Martha J Cambridge, Lamoille1850 Vermont
{Family 17}
Benjamin Charleston, Orleans26Vermont 74B
Phebe Charleston, Orleans 1791Vermont
{Family 18}
Chauncey S Brandon, Rutland1816Vermont 317B
Lydia Brandon, Rutland1830 Vermont
{Family 19}
Lewis Fair Haven, Rutland1835New York 441B
Salina Fair Haven, Rutland 1839New York
Lizzey Fair Haven, Rutland 1860 Canada
{Family 20}
Daniel Ira, Rutland1852New York 458
{Family 21}
Layfaette Ira, Rutland1857 Vermont 458
{Family 22}
Albert B Rutland, Rutland1825Vermont331
Amelia C Rutland, Rutland1834Canada
Margaret H Rutland, Rutland1855New York
Jessie J Rutland, Rutland1857New York
{Family 23}
Henry Rutland, Rutland1856Vermont 705
{Family 24}
Harrison Wallingford, Rutland1825Vermont 780
Lucinda Wallingford, Rutland1840 Vermont
Jane Wallingford, Rutland1866Vermont
Lydia Wallingford, Rutland1868Vermont
{Family 25}
Charles Barre, Washington1850 Vermont 2B
{Family 26}
H Brattleboro, Windham1815New York 362B
{Family 27}
Hubbard Hartford, Windsor1805Vermont339
Ann B Hartford, Windsor1840 Vermont
Hurburt Hartford, Windsor1866Vermont
{Family 28}
Chas M Woodstock, Windsor1814Vermont 656
Isabella Woodstock, Windsor1824Vermont
Ella T Woodstock, Windsor1848Vermont
Ora Woodstock, Windsor1856Vermont
Edwin Woodstock, Windsor1858Vermont
George BWoodstock, Windsor1861Vermont
Abby M Woodstock, Windsor1863Vermont 656B
Norman R Woodstock, Windsor1864Vermont
Amelia Woodstock, Windsor1825Vermont

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