CASE Families living in Virginia in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Catlin Marshall, Buckingham1828Pennsylvania 339
Virginia Marshall, Buckingham1841Virginia
Richard R Marshall, Buckingham1862Virginia
Ann D Marshall, Buckingham1865Virginia
LilianMarshall, Buckingham1869Virginia
{Family 2}
Sarah E Eastern Division, Campbell1812Virginia110
Malcomb A Eastern Division, Campbell1869Virginia
{Family 3}
Samuel Northern Division, Loudoun1825Virginia 105B
{Family 4}
James H Tanners Creek, Norfolk1843Virginia489B
Alice Tanners Creek, Norfolk1850 Virginia
{Family 5}
Dorins (Darius)Monroe Ward, Richmond
1838Virginia 389
{Family 6}
A Berkeley, Spotsylvania1840 Virginia292B
E C Berkeley, Spotsylvania1845Virginia
RosaBerkeley, Spotsylvania1864Virginia
D Berkeley, Spotsylvania1867Virginia
Willie Berkeley, Spotsylvania1869Virginia

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