CASE Families living in South Carolina in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
William Georges Creek, Barnwell1845South Carolina 265B
Sarahann Georges Creek, Barnwell1844South Carolina
Jane Georges Creek, Barnwell1867South Carolina
Sarah Georges Creek, Barnwell1869South Carolina
{Family 2}
Erwin Cleavlan, Greenville1838South Carolina 538B
Jane Cleavlan, Greenville1828North Carolina
Berry (Perry)Cleavlan, Greenville1857South Carolina
Rachel Cleavlan, Greenville1859South Carolina
Alis Cleavlan, Greenville1861South Carolina
Thoritt (Meritt)Cleavlan, Greenville1866South Carolina
{Family 3}
Robert Cleavlan, Greenville1815South Carolina 538B
Aley C Cleavlan, Greenville1831South Carolina
John Cleavlan, Greenville1856South Carolina
FordCleavlan, Greenville1858South Carolina
ElizaCleavlan, Greenville1861South Carolina
Robert Cleavlan, Greenville1863South Carolina
{Family 4}
Jas Spartanburg, Spartanburg1849South Carolina 593
JuliaSpartanburg, Spartanburg1851South Carolina
{Family 5}
John Spartanburg, Spartanburg1829South Carolina 593B
Susan Spartanburg, Spartanburg1839South Carolina
James Spartanburg, Spartanburg1859South Carolina
Margaret Spartanburg, Spartanburg1865South Carolina
Martha Spartanburg, Spartanburg1868South Carolina
{Family 6}
Tony Mayesville, Sumter1840 South Carolina92B
Anna W Mayesville, Sumter1850 South Carolina
Lavenia Mayesville, Sumter1859South Carolina
Moses Mayesville, Sumter1864South Carolina
Hannah J Mayesville, Sumter1867South Carolina
Maria Mayesville, Sumter1870South Carolina

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