CASE Families living in Rhode Island in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Charles D Coventry, Kent1828Rhode Island 131B
Waity (Waisy)Coventry, Kent1827Rhode Island
Mary L Coventry, Kent1857Rhode Island
{Family 2}
Parmelia East Greenwich, Kent1835New York 189
{Family 3}
Garner West Greenwich, Kent1814Rhode Island 347B
Lydia P West Greenwich, Kent1826Rhode Island
{Family 4}
Abner Little Compton, Newport1789Massachusetts 379
Lydia F Little Compton, Newport1834Ohio
Moses S Little Compton, Newport1862Rhode Island
{Family 5}
William A Little Compton, Newport1834Rhode Island 379
Frances P Little Compton, Newport1847Rhode Island
Cynthia T Little Compton, Newport,1868Rhode Island
PriscillaLittle Compton, Newport1824Rhode Island
{Family 6}
John Newport Ward 1, Newport1811Rhode Island 403
Ann W Newport Ward 1, Newport1816Rhode Island
John H Newport Ward 1, Newport1836Rhode Island
Daniel J Newport Ward 1, Newport1838Rhode Island
Joseph Newport Ward 1, Newport1843Rhode Island
Benjamin Newport Ward 1, Newport1847Rhode Island
{Family 7}
Perry G Newport Ward 2, Newport1819Massachusetts 446B
Mary Newport Ward 2, Newport1820 Rhode Island
Philip H Newport Ward 2, Newport1833Massachusetts
M Nellie Newport Ward 2, Newport1841Connecticut
P Henry Newport Ward 2, Newport 1852Massachusetts
{Family 8}
Anthony East Providence, Providence1825Rhode Island 205
Martha A East Providence, Providence1848Rhode Island
Anthony East Providence, Providence1870Rhode Island
Carrie BEast Providence, Providence1856Rhode Island
{Family 9}
George W East Providence, Providence1836Massachusetts 205
Emily HEast Providence, Providence1840 Rhode Island
Ida M East Providence, Providence1858Rhode Island
Lucy A East Providence, Providence1860 Rhode Island
George WEast Providence, Providence1862Rhode Island
{Family 10}
Samuel O East Providence, Providence 1808 Massachusetts 177B
Sarah East Providence, Providence 1808Massachusetts
Nathan H East Providence, Providence1837Massachusetts
James G East Providence, Providence1848Massachusetts
Emma MEast Providence, Providence1849Massachusetts
{Family 11}
William Pawtucket, Providence1826Rhode Island 76B
Adelia Pawtucket, Providence1831Rhode Island
Emma F Pawtucket, Providence1848Rhode Island
William Pawtucket, Providence1854Rhode Island
Dora Pawtucket, Providence1867Rhode Island
{Family 12}
Joseph Providence Ward 11838 Rhode Island 230B
{Family 13}
William Providence Ward 11821 Rhode Island 152B
{Family 14}
Nathan C Providence Ward 3, Providence1815Massachusetts 392
Sarah Providence Ward 3, Providence1818 Canada
Dudley W Providence Ward 3, Providence1841 Rhode Island
Susan E Providence Ward 3, Providence1851 Rhode Island
{Family 15}
Philip Providence Ward 4, Providence1810 Connecticut 423
Philip Providence Ward 4, Providence 1848 Rhode Island
Annie Providence Ward 4, Providence1830 New Hampshire
{Family 16}
Edwin S Providence Ward 6, Providence1828Rhode Island 158
Della E Providence Ward 6, Providence1837 Rhode Island
Luella A Providence Ward 6, Providence1863Rhode Island
Alice W Providence Ward 6, Providence1867Rhode Island
{Family 17}
Irving T Providence Ward 8, Providence1839New Hampshire 335
Martha Providence Ward 8, Providence1838New Hampshire
Martha S Providence Ward 8, Providence1867Rhode Island
Lucy E Providence Ward 8, Providence1869Rhode Island
{Family 18}
Allen G Providence Ward 9, Providence1803Massachusetts 391
Roby AProvidence Ward 9, Providence1802Massachusetts
{Family 19}
Ruth SProvidence Ward 9, Providence1821Rhode Island 443B
John EProvidence Ward 9, Providence1852Rhode Island
Mary FProvidence Ward 9, Providence1859Rhode Island
{Family 20}
George S Smithfield Districts 1 and 4, Providence1813Massachusetts684
Almira F Smithfield Districts 1 and 4, Providence1818Massachusetts
{Family 21}
Josuah P North Kingstown, Washington1852Rhode Island 260B
{Family 22}
Maria South Kingstown, Washington1798Rhode Island 312

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