CASE Families living in Oregon in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Samuel Subdivision 5, Benton1831Maine 72B
Mary Subdivision 5, Benton1848Oregon
NellieSubdivision 5, Benton1869Oregon
{Family 2}
J WAstoria, Clatsop1832Indiana 183
May AAstoria, Clatsop1838New York
Gertrude A Astoria, Clatsop1859Oregon
Dasey MAstoria, Clatsop1864New York
{Family 3}
Wm MButterville, Marion1820 Indiana 68
Sarah A Butterville, Marion1822New Jersey
Annie Butterville, Marion1857Oregon
Ellen MButterville, Marion1861Oregon
EmmaButterville, Marion1861Oregon
Geo WButterville, Marion1861Oregon
Ida L Butterville, Marion1864Oregon
{Family 4}
B F Not Stated, Multnomah1835Maine 161B
{Family 5}
LabanNot Stated, Polk1819New York 327
Eliza Not Stated, Polk1824New York
JosieNot Stated, Polk1850 Iowa
JennieNot Stated, Polk1852Iowa
Chalmer Not Stated, Polk1854Iowa
George Not Stated, Polk1858Oregon
Cassius Not Stated, Polk1861Oregon
Saml Not Stated, Polk1864Oregon
Earnest Not Stated, Polk1867Oregon

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