CASE Families living in New Hampshire in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Lawrence B Center Harbor, Belknap1864Texas 65
{Family 2}
Rufus Jaffrey, Cheshire1811New Hampshire 561
Elvira F Jaffrey, Cheshire1813New Hampshire
{Family 3}
Chas J Keene, Chesire1858Illinois 611
{Family 4}
Hannah Keene, Cheshire1832New York 614
{Family 5}
Saprina Lancaster, Coostd>1820 New Hampshire 112
{Family 6}
Laura Antrim, Hillsborough1854New Hampshire 22B
{Family 7}
Frances M Bennington, Hillsborough1830 New Hampshire 51B
Mary Bennington, Hillsborough1856New Hampshire
John B Bennington, Hillsborough1858New Hampshire
Huldah Bennington, Hillsborough1786New Hampshire
{Family 8}
George H Deering, Hillsborough1855New Hampshire 68B
{Family 9}
Julia Nashua, Hillsborough1797Vermont 171B
Austin Nashua, Hillsborough1795Connecticut
{Family 10}
LeviNashua, Hillsborough1824Vermont 168
Margaret Nashua, Hillsborough1834New Hampshire
Mary A Nashua, Hillsborough1854New Hampshire
Julia M Nashua, Hillsborough1859New Hampshire
MargaretNashua, Hillsborough1861New Hampshire
Hattie T Nashua, Hillsborough1863New Hampshire
Elizabeth M Nashua, Hillsborough1865New Hampshire
{Family 11}
John M Peterborough, Hillsborough1857New Hampshire 264
{Family 12}
Herman Portsmouth, Rockingham1848Maine 391
{Family 13}
Nathan Dover, Strafford1840 Massachusetts 122
{Family 14}
John Somersworth, Strafford1837Canada 351
Ellen M Somersworth, Strafford1841Massachusetts
Louis Somersworth, Strafford1865New Hampshire
John A Somersworth, Strafford1868New Hampshire
Mary E Somersworth, Strafford1869New Hampshire
{Family 15}
Almira Claremont, Sullivan1813New Hampshire 442B
Mary Claremont, Sullivan1846New Hampshire
Harrison Claremont, Sullivan1847New Hampshire
Horace Claremont, Sullivan1848New Hampshire
Melissa Claremont, Sullivan1850 New Hampshire
{Family 16}
Harvey Claremont, Sullivan1835New Hampshire431
Ann Claremont, Sullivan1839New Hampshire
William Claremont, Sullivan1858New Hampshire
Eva Claremont, Sullivan1860 New Hampshire
Ella Claremont, Sullivan1864New Hampshire
Robert E Claremont, Sullivan1867New Hampshire
{Family 17}
Jennette Newport, Sullivan1812New Hampshire 563B
Rufus Newport, Sullivan1850 New Hampshire 564
{Family 18}
William H Plainfield, Sullivan1841Vermont 580
Emily Plainfield, Sullivan1841New Hampshire
NelliePlainfield, Sullivan1864New Hampshire
William F Plainfield, Sullivan1866New Hampshire
Robert A Plainfield, Sullivan1868New Hampshire

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