CASE Families living in Nebraska in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
David Plattsmouth, Cass1842New York 85
{Family 2}
Laura Plattsmouth, Cass1842Indiana 97
{Family 3}
James Fremont, Dodge1840 Connecticut 316B
Nelley Fremont, Dodge1847Maine
{Family 4}
Adam Not Stated, Douglas1828Bavaria / Bayern 586B
Anna Not Stated, Douglas1826Luxembourg
George Not Stated, Douglas1859Illinois
Josephine Not Stated, Douglas1858Illinois
Adam Not Stated, Douglas1863Illinois
Lena Not Stated, Douglas1865Illinois
Anna Not Stated, Douglas1868Nebraska
{Family 5}
Alfred Omaha, Douglas1835New York 493
Caroline M Omaha, Douglas1837New York
{Family 6}
H B Omaha, Douglas1823Connecticut 538B
Annie Omaha, Douglas1838Massachusetts
SOmaha, Douglas1851Connecticut
{Family 7}
John Omaha, Douglas1847Ireland 471
{Family 8}
GeorgeOmaha, Douglas1848Ohio 544B
{Family 9}
William Not Stated, Fillmore1843Missouri 620
Margaret Not Stated, Fillmore1845Indiana
Elmer E Not Stated, Fillmore1866Iowa
Shereman (Sherman)Not Stated, Fillmore1868Iowa
{Family 10}
M Nebraska City, Otoe1813New York 427B
S C Nebraska City, Otoe 1843 New York
{Family 11}
Thomas M Township 1, Pawnee1836Ohio 20B
Lovina J Township 1, Pawnee1850 Illinois
Charles W Township 1, Pawnee1868 Nebraska
Ellen Township 1, Pawnee1860 Nebraska
Matilda Township 1, Pawnee1808Ohio
Sarah M Township 1, Pawnee1856Illinois
{Family 12}
Frank Township 2, Pawnee1851Iowa 54
{Family 13}
Lemuel A Not Stated, Sarpy1824Connecticut 266B
MaryNot Stated, Sarpy1822New York
Mary Not Stated, Sarpy1852Ohio
Edgar Not Stated, Sarpy1857Ohio
Lily Not Stated, Sarpy1867Nebraska
{Family 14}
Jacob Ashland, Saunders1842Indiana 348
{Family 15}
Lewis Township 14, Saunders1830 Pennsylvania 320B
Gilchrist Township 14, Saunders1834New Hampshire
{Family 16}
Daniel W De Soto, Washington1837New York 450
Sarah ADe Soto, Washington1842England
AlsinaDe Soto, Washington1861Nebraska
Jessie De Soto, Washington1867Nebraska
Cora De Soto, Washington1868Nebraska

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