CASE Families living in Maine in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Mary E Livermore, Androscoggin1822Maine 354B
Mary D Livermore, Androscoggin1850 Maine
Sarah L Livermore, Androscoggin1857Maine
Julia E Livermore, Androscoggin1857Maine
{Family 2}
Charles Bancroft, Aroostook1834New Brunswick 16
Josephine Bancroft, Aroostook1835Maine
Lizzie Bancroft, Aroostook1860 Maine
Annetta Bancroft, Aroostook1869Maine
{Family 3}
Lucinda Maysville, Aroostook1852Maine 290
{Family 4}
Sarah Westbrook, Cumberland1850 Maine 441B
Angia Westbrook, Cumberland1852Maine
{Family 5}
Elmira Farmington, Franklin1806Maine 55
Rosa A Farmington, Franklin1851Maine
Mary Farmington, Franklin1783Massachusetts
{Family 6}
Mary D Farmington, Franklin1851Maine 73B
{Family 7}
Chauncy Mariaville, Hancock1813New York 591B
Margaret Mariaville, Hancock1813New York
Augusta Mariaville, Hancock1842New York
Hattie Mariaville, Hancock1850 Maine
{Family 8}
Henry A Augusta, Kennebec1836Maine 73B
Julia Augusta, Kennebec1846Maine
Nellie F Augusta, Kennebec1864Maine
Harry Augusta, Kennebec1865Maine
Fred Augusta, Kennebec1867Maine
Hattie Augusta, Kennebec1869Maine
{Family 9}
Elisha S Readfield, Kennebec1810 Maine 440
Joannah H Readfield, Kennebec1818Maine
Elisabeth Readfield, Kennebec1853Maine
Louisa Readfield, Kennebec1854Maine
Mary Readfield, Kennebec1856Maine
Harriet Readfield, Kennebec1858Maine
{Family 10}
Carolin Sidney, Kennebec1826Maine 483
Estelle L Sidney, Kennebec1862Maine
{Family 11}
John S Rockland, Knox1824Maine 160
Lucy C Rockland, Knox1834Maine
Emily W Rockland, Knox1856Maine
William W Rockland, Knox1861Maine 160B
{Family 12}
Andrew Norway, Oxford1809Maine 265
Betsey Norway, Oxford1807Maine
{Family 13}
Eliza Bangor, Penobscot1813Maine 126B
Mary M Bangor, Penobscot1848Maine
{Family 14}
Samuel Bangor, Penobscot1842Maine 43B
Lydia Bangor, Penobscot1840 Maine
Annie Bangor, Penobscot1869Maine
{Family 15}
Pamelia A Kenduskeag, Penobscot1831Maine 129
Nellie A Kenduskeag, Penobscot1854Maine
Isaac M Kenduskeag, Penobscot1857Maine
{Family 16}
Oliver Cornville, Somerset1846Maine 106B
Amanda Cornville, Somerset1838Maine
{Family 17}
Silas H Saint Albans, Somerset1812Maine 448B
Hannah R Saint Albans, Somerset1810 Maine
{Family 18}
Edward Calais Ward 2, Washington1831Canada 55
Malilda Calais Ward 2, Washington1847Canada
Margaret Calais Ward 2, Washington1861Canada
Hannah E Calais Ward 2, Washington1864Canada
William E Calais Ward 2, Washington1866Maine
{Family 19}
Geo A Lubec, Washington1819Maine 330
Almeda Lubec, Washington1833Maine
Philena Lubec, Washington1851Maine
Geo A Lubec, Washington1858Maine 330B
{Family 20}
Melissa Lubec, Washington1844Maine 330B
{Family 21}
Thos H Lubec, Washington1822Maine 317
Julia A Lubec, Washington1835Maine
Thomas Lubec, Washington1850 Maine
Calvin Lubec, Washington1852Maine
Andrew Lubec, Washington1855Maine
{Family 22}
Lorena A Lubec, Washington1836Maine 323B
Solomon Lubec, Washington1834Maine
Irvin Lubec, Washington1866Maine
Mary E Lubec, Washington1868Maine
{Family 23}
Meribah Lubec, Washington1807Maine 329
Mary R Lubec, Washington1844Maine
{Family 24}
Joseph Lubec, Washington1850 Maine 342B

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