CASE Families living in Kansas in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Nancy Monroe, Anderson1840 England 105
{Family 2}
Frank Atchison Ward 1, Atchison1847Delaware 179
{Family 3}
Frank Atchison Ward 1, Atchison1853Illinois 175
{Family 4}
Henry F J Atchison Ward 1, Atchison1853Indiana 176
{Family 5}
Edward E Spring Valley, Cherokee1831Vermont 147B
Betsey Spring Valley, Cherokee1835Ohio
Edward B Spring Valley, Cherokee1859Illinois
William Spring Valley, Cherokee1861Illinois
{Family 6}
Jacob Shirley, Cloud1836Indiana 231
Amaltha E Shirley, Cloud1847Indiana
Rhoda E Shirley, Cloud1859Iowa
{Family 7}
George Burlington, Coffey1848New York 261
Nancy Burlington, Coffey1847Ohio
William Burlington, Coffey1861Kansas
{Family 8}
Venus Burlington, Coffey1819New York 261
Harriet Burlington, Coffey1818New York 261
Elizabeth Burlington, Coffey1860Michigan 261
{Family 9}
Porter Lawrence Ward 4, Douglas1864Kansas 362
{Family 10}
Henry Lawrence Ward 6, Douglas1835Pennsylvania 379
{Family 11}
Ch. M Camp Stinges, Ellis1846West Virginia 6
{Family 12}
William Fort Dodge, Ford1840 Virginia 45B
{Family 13}
Charles Kentucky, Jefferson1836Illinois 408
Luvina Kentucky, Jefferson1837Michigan
Harry Kentucky, Jefferson1868Kansas
{Family 14}
Roxana Oskaloosa, Jefferson1858Iowa 439
A Captona (Captoria?)Oskaloosa, Jefferson1860 Kansas
{Family 15}
Charles Aubry, Johnson1835Kentucky 523B
Ann Aubry, Johnson1840 Kentucky
Eentopa Aubry, Johnson1858Missouri
Evaline Aubry, Johnson1861Kansas
Harriet Aubry, Johnson1864Kansas
Marcus Aubry, Johnson1866Kansas
Margaret Aubry, Johnson1868Kansas
Louisa (Louiza)Aubry, Johnson1869 Kansas
{Family 16}
Frederick Olathe, Johnson1827New York 605B
Elmie Olathe, Johnson1838Ohio
Hattie Olathe, Johnson1863Kansas
Harry Olathe, Johnson1866Kansas
Sheldon Olathe, Johnson1868Kansas
{Family 17}
John Mount Pleasant, Labette1809Pennsylvania 48B
Cynthia Mount Pleasant, Labette1816New York
Sillick(?) Mount Pleasant, Labette1846Pennsylvania
{Family 18}
Elwin Mount Pleasant, Labette1849Pennsylvania 48B
{Family 19}
Andrew Richland, Labette1843New York 108B
Sophronia Richland, Labette1846New York
{Family 20}
William Fort Leavenworth Reservation, Leavenworth1825Pennsylvania 203
Cathrine Fort Leavenworth Reservation, Leavenworth1838Pennsylvania 203B
Ellenor J Fort Leavenworth Reservation, Leavenworth1857Pennsylvania
Joseph W Fort Leavenworth Reservation, Leavenworth1858Pennsylvania
May Ann Fort Leavenworth Reservation, Leavenworth1861Kansas
William H Fort Leavenworth Reservation, Leavenworth1864Kansas
Matilda S Fort Leavenworth Reservation, Leavenworth1864Kansas
Andrew Milda Fort Leavenworth Reservation, Leavenworth1866Kansas
John Metta Fort Leavenworth Reservation, Leavenworth1868Kansas
{Family 21}
George W Kickapoo, Leavenworth1854Illinois 254B
Mary E Kickapoo, Leavenworth1858Kansas
Ruben F Kickapoo, Leavenworth1863Kansas
{Family 22}
Abbe E Leavenworth Ward 4, Leavenworth1840 Ohio 456B
{Family 23}
Ransome Centerville, Linn1830 Indiana 20
Ann Centerville, Linn1835New York
Eva Centerville, Linn1857Iowa
Samuel Centerville, Linn1858Iowa
Chester Centerville, Linn1861Iowa
Emma Centerville, Linn1863Iowa
Antoniette Centerville, Linn1869Iowa
{Family 24}
Therese Valley, Linn1809New York 165B
{Family 25}
O J Emporia Ward 1, Lyon1823Ohio 208B
R J Emporia Ward 1, Lyon1830 Ohio
Ella A Emporia Ward 1, Lyon1856Ohio
Eli G Emporia Ward 1, Lyon1863Ohio
Willie S Emporia Ward 1, Lyon1866Ohio
{Family 26}
Alex E Center, Marion1838Pennsylvania 282
Mary M Center, Marion1849New Jersey
{Family 27}
Daniel (questionable surname)Vermillion, Marshall1853Kansas 352
{Family 28}
T H Westralia, Montgomery1848India 671B
{Family 29}
Gilbert Clarks Creek, Morris1815New York 680B
Ernest Clarks Creek, Morris1855New York
Albert Clarks Creek, Morris1848New York
Adelbert Clarks Creek, Morris1853New York
{Family 30}
Stephen G Home, Nemaha1848New York 32
{Family 31}
Cyrus Agency, Osage1840 Maine 245
Festina MAgency, Osage1846 Maine
Arthur Agency, Osage1870Kansas 245B
{Family 32}
H M Ridgeway, Osage1832Vermont 288
{Family 33}
Wm Concord, Ottawa1849Illinois 343B
{Family 34}
Charles B Sheridan, Ottawa1835Massachusetts 356B
Pheba Sheridan, Ottawa1838New York
Wm B Sheridan, Ottawa1862Ohio
Edmond Sheridan, Ottawa1869Michigan
{Family 35}
Wm Trippville, Ottawa1841Indiana 363B
Rosilea H Trippville, Ottawa1846Massachusetts
W S Trippville, Ottawa1866Kansas
Lilla M Trippville, Ottawa1868Kansas
{Family 36}
Charles Louisville, Pottawatomie1829New York 382
{Family 37}
Andrew J Shannon, Pottawatomie1842Indiana 430B
Lucinda Shannon, Pottawatomie1850 Michigan
Sarah A Shannon, Pottawatomie1867Kansas
{Family 38}
Asa N Spring Creek, Saline1839Connecticut 31
Hannah Spring Creek, Saline1848Ohio
Charles Spring Creek, Saline1844Connecticut 31B
{Family 39}
George Dover, Shawnee1834Pennsylvania 89
Sarah Dover, Shawnee1844Ohio
Henry Dover, Shawnee1865Kansas
John Dover, Shawnee1867Kansas
{Family 40}
A H Topeka Ward 1, Shawnee1828Pennsylvania 166B
Daniel Topeka Ward 1, Shawnee1864Kansas
{Family 41}
M H Topeka Ward 3, Shawnee1827Pennsylvania 225B
Francis A Topeka Ward 3, Shawnee1838Pennsylvania
Hartie (Hustie?) H Topeka Ward 3, Shawnee1861Pennsylvania
{Family 42}
W Center, Wilson1848Missouri 374B
{Family 43}
Robert W Owl Creek, Woodson1836Ohio 487B
Almira Owl Creek, Woodson1846New Hampshire
Bertha Owl Creek, Woodson1868Kansas 488

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