CASE Families living in Delaware in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Rachel Milford Hundred, Kent1856Delaware 56
Samuel Milford Hundred, Kent1857Delaware
Catharine Milford Hundred, Kent1860 Delaware
Sallie T Milford Hundred, Kent1862Delaware
Rozanna Milford Hundred, Kent1864Delaware
Thomas I Milford Hundred, Kent1866Delaware
{Family 2}
Elizabeth Milford Hundred, Kent1854Delaware 55
{Family 3}
John Milford Hundred, Kent1817Delaware 55B
Sallie Milford Hundred, Kent1824Delaware
Charles W Milford Hundred, Kent1849Delaware
Emily Milford Hundred, Kent1852Delaware
{Family 4}
William T Mispillion Hundred, Kent1839Delaware 15
Hellena Mispillion Hundred, Kent1844New York
{Family 5}
John Mispillion Hundred, Kent1844Delaware 16
Lydia H Mispillion Hundred, Kent1850 Delaware
{Family 6}
William J North Murderkill Hundred, Kent1843Delaware 166B
Mary E North Murderkill Hundred, Kent1847Delaware
Powell North Murderkill Hundred, Kent1868Delaware
Robert North Murderkill Hundred, Kent1869Delaware
{Family 7}
Charles C South Muderkill, Kent1836Delaware 115B
Emily South Muderkill, Kent1848Delaware
Wm C South Muderkill, Kent1859Delaware
Virginia South Muderkill, Kent1860 Delaware
Henry R South Muderkill, Kent1861Delaware
Joseph C South Muderkill, Kent1864Delaware
{Family 8}
Wm South Muderkill, Kent1807Delaware 115B
Rebecca South Muderkill, Kent1814Delaware
Naomi South Muderkill, Kent1854Delaware
Louisa South Muderkill, Kent1855Delaware
Joseph S South Muderkill, Kent1857Delaware
Louisa South Muderkill, Kent1806Delaware
{Family 9}
Mary E South Muderkill, Kent1848Delaware 112B

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