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Indiana County Formation up to 1816

Thc following list gives the names of counties that were created from Northwest Territory and Indiana Territory before Indiana statehood in 1816 and their respective dates of formation:

St. Clair Co.
[now in Illinois)
27 Apr 1790
Knox Co.20 Jun 1790
Randolph Co.
[now in Illinois)
05 Oct. 1795
Wayne Co.
(now in Michigan)
15 Aug 1746
Clark Co.03 Feb 1801
Dearborn Co.07 Mar 1803
Harrison Co.11 Oct 1808
Jefferson Co.23 Nov 1810
Franklin Co.27 Nov. 1810
Wayne Co.27 Nov. 1810
Gibson Co.09 Mar 1813
Warrick Co.09 Mar 1813
Washington Co.21 Dec 1813
Perry Co.07 Sep 1814
Posey Co.07 Sep 1814
Switzerland Co.07 Sep 1814
Jackson Co.18 Dec 1815
Orange Co.26 Dec 1815

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