James Girdler, Born 1751, Died January 15, 1842 at Pulaski County, Kentucky, Married June 4, 1785 Nelson County Marriage Book 1, G, page 117 and/or Book 1785-1800, page 43.

Melinda Miles (Linney), Born about 1765, Died February 25, 1831 at Pulaski County, Kentucky. Daughter of Issac Miles of Nelson County, Kentucky.

Their Children:
John Girdler (later Girdley in War of 1812), Born about 1786 at Nelson County, Kentucky,
Joseph Girdler (later Girdley War 1812 returned to Girdler), Born February 8, 1788 at Nelson County, KY
James Girdler (later Girdley War of 1812) Born about 1790
Mary Girdler, Born January 21, 1796
Nancy Girdler, Born about 1798
Thomas hayden Girdler (never changed..too young for War of 1812)

John W. Girdler, Sr (changed from Girdler to Girdley), Born 1815 at Pulaski County, Kentucky, Buried at Cedar Creek Cemetery,
Married April 7, 1847 Nelson County Marriage Book # 1, Page 82

Mary Elizabeth Elliott, Born December 12, 1824 at Nelson County, Kentucky, Died 1880.

Their Children:
Margaret Girdley Born about 1847
John W. Girdley, Born about 1848
Melinda Jane Girdley, Born about 1850
James Girdley, Born 1858
William Beverly Girdley, Born June 1861
Roxie Girdley, Born about 1879

Parents of William Russell Girdley:
John W. Girdley, JR.,Born about 1848 at Nelson County, Kentucky, Died November 26, 1924, Buried Cedar Creek Baptist (church) Cemetery, Married October 21, 1875 Washington County, KY Marriage Book # 1792-1878, page 63.

Mildred Ann James, Born 1851 at Nelson County, KY, Died February 12, 1922, Buried at same cemetery.

Their Children:
William Russell Girdley
Mattie Girdley
Ann Girdley

William Russell Girdley, Born January 18, 1895 at Nelson County, Kentucky, Died July 30, 1920 at Nelson County, KY, Married February 2, 1907 Nelson County Marriage Book # 2, Page 177.

Nellie Maude Case, Born February 4, 1884 at Nelson County. Kentucky, Died April 11, 1968, Both buried at Cedar Creek Cemetery.

Their Children:
Ethel Marie Girdley, Born March 7, 1911
Marhie Ann Girdley, Born February 4, 1914
William Raymond Girdley, Born March 20, 1916
Chester Lee Girdley, Born March 27, 1920

This information is from Harry W. Girdley