How to button pants with 1 hand
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step 01.jpg
Lay down on a bed if pants are tight. Suck in the gut if needed.
step 02.jpg
Start the zipping process.
step 03.jpg
Zipping right along!
step 04.jpg
Zip up as much as you can to make the button to hole distance as small as possible.
step 05.jpg
Start by putting your index finger through the button hole (from out side towards inside) about 1/2 way up the nail. If your index finger is too big you can use a little finger but it takes more practice.
step 06.jpg
Thumb goes against the far edge of the button.
step 07.jpg
Pull button past tip of finger and exchange finger tip position for thumb postion on the far edge of the button. (still through the hole)
step 08.jpg
Now the edge of the button should be aimed up towards the largest part of the button hole at an angle.
step 09.jpg
Work thumb behind waist band behind the low edge of the button and push the button aginst the finger tip till you push your finger out of the hole with the button.
step 10.jpg

Pictures courtesy of Tom.