Birds of a Feather

Add a hummer mousetrail to your page.

I'm glad you dropped by, wouldn't you like to sit out back with me and watch the hummingbirds? I find these little critters fascinating! Did I hear you say you would like to have HUMMERS at your place? Look! There is one over there on your right....isn't he a little darlin'? All it takes is flowers to attract them. No room for flowers you say? No problem, you can hang feeders filled with sugar water from a tree or even a plant hanger hook on your wall.

Provide Housing for your Hummers with The Hummingbird House*

Bluebirds. Almost extinct once....

...but on the rise now, thanks to dedicated bird enthusiasts who have built nesting boxes, nest trails, etc.

I love watching the bluebird parents each season. The first nesting produces 5 babies, and these 5 young birds in turn help feed the 2nd batch of babies. Then the 1st and 2nd batch help feed the 3rd batch! The young bluebirds light on the feeder I made, and look around with this confused air about them. The parent bluebirds are very protective of their nest box and the young birds. They will dive bomb birds 5 times their size!

Make Birds and Blooms' heated bird bath!

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