The Kentucky Standard Dec 15 1900 Vol 1 Number 1 - Page 3
Three Wills Probated in the
County Court Monday

Three wills were probated in the County Court last Monday, namely: Miss Jane Heavenhill, Mrs. Jennie Shader and Rev. Father Russell.

The will of Miss Jane Heavenhill is the briefest document of its kind ever filed in the Nelson County Clerk's office. Aside from the signature it consists of thirteen words, as follows: "I give to Mary and Sue Prunty, at my death, all I possess."

Mrs. Jennie Shader bequeaths to Mrs. Bendette Stuart her farm near Hunter's Depot; to Alphonsus Shader she devises house and lot on Arch street, Bardstown, with the proviso that he pay testatrix's mother $15 per month during her life. At her death he is to pay the Shader heirs $180. She bequeaths to Alexander Shader $40, to her nephew and niece, Dick and Bean Taylor and to her niece, Lula Bream, she bequeaths all money and notes in hand at death of testatrix. To Bendette Stuart is devised all personal property on farm, out of which funeral expenses, etc. are to be paid. $25 is set aside for masses. Will is dated August 1, 1900, and is witnessed by Maggie McEhrich and Miss Rose Mannix.

Father Russell disposes of his estate as follows: $100 is set aside for masses to be offered for the repose of his own soul and those of his father and mother; to Nazareth Academy he bequeaths his library, household effects, workshop and tools, and his collection of specimens of every sort. To each of his brothers and sisters $100; his silver watch and charm to his brother Michael Russell; gold watch and chain to his brother, Nicholas Russell; horse and buggy to his sister, Julia Ann; the residue of his property he devises to his brother Michael and sister Julia Ann. He directs that a monument not to exceed in price $100 be placed over his grave. The document bears date of Sept.29, 1899, and is witnessed by M.F. Melody and C. J. O'Connell.

S. B. Humphrey wills his entire estate, after his debts and funeral expenses are paid, to his wife, Elizabeth Humphrey as long as she remains a widow. At her death it is to be divided equally between his children. The will was written by testator May 30, 1896.

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