The Kentucky Standard March 1, 1901 Vol 1 Number II - Page 3
Mr.J. T.Harris has been appointed postmaster at Solitude, vice J. B. Deacon, resigned.

Mr. Clint Davis died at Harrodsburg Wednesday, of heart trouble. He was well known and popular, and was a brother of Mrs. W. B.Grigsby, of Bardstown.

A boy was born to the wife of Mr. John Blaine, of near Botland, on the 18th of February. Mr. Blaine, and wife have been married seventeen years, and seven sons in succession have been born to them.

At the sale of horses of Woodard and Shanklin, which closed last Saturday at Lexington, KY. Mr. J. L. Druien, of Bardstown, bought the bay mare, "My May", by Aleantra, dam Lucia, for $510. Mr. Druien also purchased Onward Silver, 2:11 1/4 for $3,500.

Commissioners to the Pan American Exposition were appointed by Gov. Beckham last Saturday Hickman as follows: Mrs. W. B. Carothers, Bardstown; Mrs. William Cromwell, Frankfort; Chas. M. Lewis, Shelbyville; and W. H. Sprigg, Shepherdsville. Mrs. Carothers, we are informed, has declined the honor conferred upon her by the Governor.

Marshal Grace, of Springfield, arrested and brought to Bardstown, Tuesday, Charlie Crume, a young man charged with assaulting Wm. Crume, of the Woodlawn neighborhood. He was taken before Judge Daugherty and released after a promise that he would make no further trouble.

Mr. Champion opened a subscription school at the Neale school-house, near Maud, last Monday, with a large attendance. Although the Neale school has been in existence over twenty years, Mr. Champion has the distinction of being the first male teacher who has ever been in charge there.

The STANDARD is in receipt of a communication from a little girl friend who lives in the St. Thomas neighborhood. She chronicles the death of Mr. John A. Wimsatt, a well known citizen; the illness of Mr. Martin Roberts and the return of Father Ryan, the good pastor of St. Thomas, from a visit to one of his sick parishioners near the knobs. Our little friend expresses herself as highly pleased with THE STANDARD, and like everybody else, extends her best wishes for our success. We appreciate her letter very much and hope to hear from her again.

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