The Kentucky Standard Dec 15 1900 Vol 1 Number 1 - Page 2
Ground at Nazareth

Rev. David Russell, who recently died at Nazareth, had been chaplain of that institution for 23 years, having succeedded Father Chambize, who died in 1877. Father Russell was a very popular man. He was an able minister and widely known. He was 72 years old at the time of his death and was a native of Marion county. He received a portion of his education at St. Thomas, near here, and had been a member of the priesthood for forty years. Father Russell's death resulted from pneumonia and his interment occured in the community burial ground at Nazareth.

This burial ground is a noted place and is situated to the right as one approaches the entrance gate of the establishment, and is but a few hundred yards from the convent chapel. Within the enclosure is the oratory in which the sisters are in the habit of repairing to offer up prayers for themselves and the dead.

Besides Father Russell the following members of the Catholic clergy of Kentucky are buried there.

Rt. Rev. John H. David, coadjutor bishop of Bardstown - died July 12, 1841.

Rev. George A. M. Elder, first president of St. Joseph's college - died Sept. 28, 1838

Rev. William E. Clark - died at St. Mary's college, March 5, 1850.

Rev. Joseph Hazeltine, ecclesiastical superior of the institution - died Feb. 13, 1862.

Rev. Joseph Elder - died at Raywick, KY. Jan 29, 1868.

Rev. F. H. D'Hoop, S.J., died in Louisville March 23, 1853.

Rev. F. O'Loghlin, S.J., died at Bardstown July 20, 1862.

Rev. J. Graves, S. J., died in Louisville Aug. 21, 1868.

Rev. M. M. Coghlin, president of St. Joseph's college, died at Bardstown March 11, 1877.

Very Rev. Francis Chambize ecclesiastical superior of the institution - died at Nazareth Dec., 30, 1877.

Handwritten at the top pf the article:
Father O'Connell died April 2, 1920

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