The Kentucky Standard Dec 15 1900 Vol 1 Number 1 - Page 2
Moonshine Raid in Nelson

Deputy Collector W. T. Hawkins and a posse of revenue men made a successful moonshine raid in Nelson County, about nine miles south of New Hope, last Saturday night. They destroyed a flue copper still of 100 gallons capacity, together with 150 gallons of singlings, a quantity of meal, malt, and everything necessary in a well-eqipped moonshine distillery. Deputy Collector Hawkins reports it as the best eqipped moonshine still he has ever destroyed. No one was at the still at the time the raid was made, but the fire was burning in the furnace and a pair of overalls, a jacket, a pair of socks, a tin bucket filled with potatoes, eggs pickles, and bread were found, indicating that the night man heard the officers approaching, escaped in his night clothes, and left his lunch.

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