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List of some cemetery locations in Nelson County.

Nelson County KY microfilmed newspapers

Heaven Hill
Jim Beam
An estimated ninety-five percent of the bourbon made in the world is made in Kentucky.
The area in and around Bardstown was once the location of 32 operating distilleries with distilling records dating back to 1776, therefore earning the distinction of Bourbon Capital of the World.

Members of the Jesse James Gang - the last picture of the gang... the Jesse James gang was cornered in a 3 story rock house, located on Stone House Rd, in Nelson County. They eluded their captors, by climbing down through a tunnel next to the chimney, moving through the underground tunnel, and emerging 1 mile away in a cave. (Note: My Uncle and Aunt rented this house for awhile, and showed us the cave and the tunnel opening in the attic. Web Chatelaine)
Samuel's [ Depot ] is close to Rooster Run.

Articles from The Kentucky Standard are from old papers that are on microfilm. Text has been transcribed exactly as it is found in the article. Articles are historical/genealogical in nature, and pertain to Nelson County.


Cedar Creek Baptist Church
The 2nd church in the state of Kentucky.

John Fitch builds the first steamboat,
not Robert Fulton.Click the boat to read an article

The Life of John Fitch by Thompson Westcott

Some Bardstown movie celebrities

Note of Interest: From the Toph Papers, Ripley County IN, page 2397: Coomes Mrs Laura B. (Richardson) died Aug 14, 1904. Burial was at Bethel Cemetery in Shelby Tp. Ripley Co., Ind. Mrs Coomes was the daughter of Isaac Richardson of Benville, Ind. She married Dr. M. Joseph Coomes of Bardstown, KY. in 1904 She left her husband, one son Dale, and one daughter Ruth.

Nelson County, KY Census records. I will do lookups for people living in the county, for all years. I must have a full name, and spouse/children if at all possible. Contact me .


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