The Kentucky Standard Dec 15 1900 Vol 1 Number 1 - Page
Court Day Sales

Last Monday was county court day and a fair crowd was in town, and the merchants did a large business.

Auctioneer Arnold reports the following sales: one bay mare $101: one sorrel mare, $98; one old gray horse $24.25; one old gray mare $10; one cart $9; one cart $1.75. Mr Arnold also made the following sales for Master Commissioner Spalding.

The house and lot owned by Mr. E. H. Wiggington for $3250. This property was sold about a year ago to Mrs. A. R. Carothers, for about $5000, but owing to some defect in the sale had to be sold again. The recent sale will have to be confirmed by Circuit Court before Mr. Wiggington can get possession of the property.

A lot in Barrdstown to Belle Clements for $107.62.

A lot in Bardstown belonging to Charles Clements was sold to A. V. McKay for $45.

A house and lot in New Hope was sold to the executors of T. J. Miller for $335.

A tract of land near Samuel's Depot sold to W. E. Riley for $735.

Auctioneer Eddleman reports the following sales: 8 yearling steers $21-?? per head; 7 steer calves at $11.25 per head; a number of plug horses were offered, but not sold. Some farming implements belonging to Jas. O'Bryan were sold.

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