The Kentucky Standard Dec 15 1900 Vol 1 Number 1 - Page 2
County Court
Business Disposed of at the
Regular Session Last Monday.

[text missing] were granted licenses [missing word] retail liquors at Balltown.

Sale bills of the personal estates of Sue O'Bryan and Austin Summers ordered to record.

The following guardian settlements were continued one month for exceptions; Mrs. Elizabeth Vittitow for Ruth Vittitow; John S. Kelley for Bertha Roseham; A.V. McKay for Coleman Bukey and Leo Newton; Mary E. Sweazy for Ellen J. and Annie L. Sweazy; A.M. Greenwell for Mary M. Greenwell. A.V. McKay, administrator for Nancy Hall; John W. Pash, administrator for Mrs. Elizabeth Pash; settlement continued. James M. Abell, executor of George M. Abell; settlements continued. Samuel R. and Thomas A. Shircliffe, executors of Mrs. Caroline Shircliffe, deceased; settlement ordered to record.

Morgan Yewell, guardian for Mattie Beam; George W. Drake, guardian for Walter Drake; settlements ordered to record.

W.D. Wilkinson, administrator of S.F. Wilkinson, deceased; settlement ordered to record.

Will of Miss Jane Heavenhill ordered to probate. Wills of S.D. Humphrey, Mrs. Jennie Shader and Father Russell were also ordered to record. Miss Sue Prunty qualified as administratrix of estate of Jennie Shader and Rev. C.J. O'Connell qualified as administrator of Father Russell's estate.

Thomas Porter qualified as Deputy County Clerk, at Bloomfield, vice Thomas Whitesides, deceased.

E.M. Mattingly qualified as Police Judge of the town of New Hope.

Frank Coomes qualified as guardian of Ola and Susie Coomes, daughters of Bowman Coomes, deceased. Frank Coomes appointed administrator of estate of Bowman Coomes, deceased.

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