The Kentucky Standard Dec 15 1900 Vol 1 Number 1 - Page 3
Notable Burying Ground

There are a number of noteworthy old family burying grounds in the country surrounding Bardstown. One of the most interesting of these is located on the old Bryan Neal farm, near the tollgate on the Gilky Run pike. Within its precinct slumber some of the first pioneers of Nelson county, notably Bryan Neal and his wife, who came to Kentucky while it was still a part of Virginia. The graves of this couple are not marked by any stone, and the dates of their deaths cannot be ascertained but it is known they were very aged when they died. Others who are buried there and are directly connected with the Neal family are; Susan Heavenhill, born in 1783; died 1871, Elizabeth Price, born 1793; died 1865, Sarah Patterson, born 1786; died 1847. James Coleman, born 1805; died 1845. With the exception of the latter the above named were the children of Bryan Neal, Mr. Coleman, being his grandson. Besides these Wm. Heavenhill is buried there, together with his two children, Mrs. Anne Prunty and Miss Jane Heavenhill. These two ladies were far advanced in years, Miss Heavenhill being 81 years old.

Wm. Heavenhill was born under a cliff near Bardstown in 1783 and died in 1870. James Patterson, Thomas Price and John Prunty are interred in the old burial lot. James Patterson was accidentally drowned in 1847. Mrs. Isabel Coleman, is also buried there. She died in 1898, aged 90 years.

Right across the pike, on the Coleman farm, is the Langly burying ground. Some aged people are also buried there, among them Thomas Langly and wife and George Holtshouser and wife, and other members of the Holtshouser family, and Mrs. Pennebaker. The graves of Thomas Langly and wife are surrounded by a high brick wall, and the whole grave yard is covered by honey suckle and other shrubbery.

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