Case Family Time line beginning with Matthias Curwin
compiled by Anne Thompson Goddard

1634Matthias Currin/CurwinGranted 2 acres next to his house in Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay ColonyThe Commoner's Record, Corwin History p.xviii
21 Oct 1640Rev. John YoungsRev. John Youngs & part of his congregation go to Southold and Matthias Corwin is one of the principal men.Corwin History p. xxiii & p. xxiv
11 Dec 1656Matthias CorwinAppointed a Selectman in SoutholdWhitaker's Southold, Craven edition, p.86
1st 1/2 1658Matthias CorwinGiven house lot in Southold. "N. Second lot east of Horton's Lane.Whitaker's Southold, Craven edition, p.95
1658Matthias CurwinMatthias Curwin died the..Southold Town Records Vol. 1, p.116
Nov 1658Henry Case & Martha CurwinMarried in the last week of NovemberSouthold Town Records Vol. 1, p.464
15 Dec 1658Henry CaseGranted a lott at the town meeting - providing he live there 3 years. Probably never lived there since he bought a house & barn on 14 April, 1659Southold Town Records Vol I, p.206, p. 74 "Page 31"
14 April 1659Henry CaseThomas Mapes sold to Henry Case the dwelling house, barn.paid in shoesCase & Allied Families p. 8
5 Sept 1659Henry Case, JuniorHenry Case Junior is born (1st born son)Southold Town Records Vol. 1, p. 117
1661Henry CaseGranted a lot in the 1st Aquabogue (Occabauck) Division. There were 38 lots in Occabauck (250-300 acres) taken by 19 owners. These magnificent lots, extending from Sound to Bay with their 40 rod width, very liberally measured, were lightly held by their most of their owners and changed hands constantly for small consideration. (see 1696 entry for Theophilus Case)Whitaker's Southold pages 131 & 133
1661Theophilus Caseis bornno solid source
1664Henry CaseHenry Case dies (as a young man)Case & Allied Families p.9
30 Nov 1664New Haven Colony/New YorkLong Island is taken from Connecticut and given to the Duke of York, King Charles II's brother, and becomes part of NEW YORK.Whitaker's Southold p. 106-7
early 1660sThomas HutchisonThomas Hutchison came to Southold from Lynn, MassachusettsWhitaker's Southold p. 133
11 Jan 1665Martha Corwin CaseMarries 2nd husband, Thomas HutchisonSouthold Town Records Appendex p.525
11 Jan 1665Martha Corwin Caseand they live in the same house where Martha and Henry Case had resided.Southold Town Records Vol. 1, p.119
16 Nov 1665Martha Corwin CaseBecomes administrator of her late husband Henry Case's estate.Southold Town Records p.244-5, her Will
15 Nov 1666Thomas HutchisonThomas Hutchison & Martha have son, Thomas. Southold Town Records Vol. 1, p.119
28 July 1673The Dutch GovernmentThe Dutch fleet of armed vessels come inside Sandy Hook & 2 days thereafter sail up to New York and take possession of the place without the firing of a gun to resist them.Whitaker's Southold p.113
14 Aug 1673Thomas HutchisonIs one of 2 Southold delegates to the Dutch Gov. with the list of 10 requests from the English LI settlersWhitaker's Southold p.114
8 Sept 1673Thomas HutchisonThomas Hutchison and Thomas Moore chosen as Southold Town Magistrates under the Dutch.Whitaker's Southold p.116
10 Nov 1674Dutch out/English inDutch formally yield up their NY possessions (LI English settlers have been unenthusiastic about their rule from the 1st).Whitaker's Southold p.123
1675Thomas HutchisonOfficial list of taxpayers showing 82 names. "Mr. Tho. Hucisson 176 10"Whitaker's Southold p. 167
before Mar 1676Thomas Hutchisondies 
March 1676Martha Corwin Case HutchisonIs sole exectrix of her late 2nd husband, Thomas Hutchison. Signed: "Martha M Hutchison her mark"Southold Town Records p.244-5, her Will
after Dec 1676Martha Corwin Case HutchisonGranted a lot in the 2nd division of Aquabogue, which lots were 60 rods wide, very liberally measured and were often called "the great lots". In this division there were 44 lots and 24 owners. The land mass covered the site of the village of Riverhead and the land westward almost to the Wading River.Whitaker's Southold p.133
March 1676Martha Corwin Case HutchisonLeaves her 1st son, Henry Case Junior the house lott, etc. to have after her decease. (At this date Henry would have been 19 and Theophilus 16/17).Southold Town Records p.244-5, her Will
1 Nov 1683Suffold CountySuffolk County was organizedWhitaker's Southold p.155
1683Henry Case & Theophilus CaseTax list of 1683 containing 98 names includes "Henry Case 35 00" and "Theophilus Case 179 00"Whitaker's Southold p. 169-170
1684Theophilus Case JuniorTheophilus Case Junior is born. Eventually has 5 sons.Cleveland Case Family History in file at Southold Town Historian's office.
27 Feb 1687/8Theophilus CaseTheophilus Case purchases of James Reevs Pekens Island in Tom's Creek. (2001: now named Mill Creek)Southold Town Records Vol. I, p.15
27 Feb 1687/8Theophilus CaseJames Reeves purchases from Theophilus Cse, by way of exchange, 25 acres of land west of town. (2001: now probably in Cutchoug)Southold Town Records Vol. I, p.13
20 Jan 1692Theophilus CaseTheophilus Case and Mary Yongs exchange lands - and void the transacton 29 Feb 1692Southold Town Records P. 268
1694Matthias HutchisonSon of Martha Corwin Case Hutchison and Thomas Hutchison. Buys family home from Henry Case, Junior: .Southold Town Records Vol.II, p.311 & Appendix p. 528.
6 Nov 1694Henry Case, JuniorReceived a krickthatch lot from Constant Sylvester of Shelter IslandSouthold Town Records p. 246
25 Feb 1696/7Theophilus CaseTheophilus Case, Husbandman, sells to Benjamin Youngs a first lott & meadow in Acquaboag.. Signed:" X mark of Theophilus Case"Southold Town Records Vol II. p.301
17 Feb 1698/9Henry Case, JuniorHenry Case, Southold weaver, buys land to the west of town from Samuel YongsSouthold Town Records p. 246
5 Feb 1703/4Theophilus CaseTheophilus Case, Carpenter, buys land from Peter Simons - in AccobackSouthold Town Records p. 268
26 Oct 1716Theophilus CasediesSalmon Records
16 Apr 1720Henry CasediesSalmon Records
1732/3Theophilus Case, JuniorTheophilus Case gave 2 acres on NW corner of Farm in Aqueboague to "Ye owners of ye westermost Metin Hous in Southold" This appears to be th beginning of the Jamesport cemetery..per Barbara Rollins notes taken at Southold Town Historian's office from Case file folders. Also Whitaker's Southold p.165
1735Theophilus Case, JuniorMoved to Morris County, NJper Barbara Rollins notes taken at Southold Town Historian's office from Case file folders
30 March 1740Henry Case (who is this?)Henry Case "burned to death".Salmon Records, Deaths 1696-1811
1741Theophilus Case, Junior Elected Surveyor of Highways in Roxbury, NJ. Also organized a Congregational Church in N.J.Excerpt from letter to Mrs. Strange located in Case Institute, Cleveland, Ohio.
1765Theophilus Case, JuniorDies in Roxbury, New Jersey 
1792SoutholdTown of Riverhead set off from Town of Southold (Aquaboag becomes part of Riverhead)