CASE Families living in Vermont in 1940.
NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Norman RBurlington, Chittenden1864VermontHead7b
Harriet E1866VermontWife
{Family 2}
ArthurCastleton, Rutland1891VermontHead58b
{Family 3}
WalterCastleton, Rutland1902VermontSon65
{Family 4}
James RCharlotte, Chittenden1890BurmaHead402
Bonnie M1897Lomel MassWife
Allbert R1930RandolphSon
Lucy A1935BurlingtonDaughter
{Family 5}
FredFair Haven, Rutland1868VermontBrother-in-law133b
{Family 6}
Edward WilsonManchester, Bennington1901New YorkHead231
Dorothy William1909VermontWife
{Family 7}
Harold EMiddlebury, Addison1891New YorkHead116b
Agnes T1891Wife
Warren E1925MarylandSon
{Family 8}
GeorgeNewport, Orleans1900New YorkHead223b

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